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With that, there was a burst of laughter among the reporters.

These guys are Valencia journalists.
Perhaps this laughter stimulated the Barcelona reporter.
A reporter from World Sports News got up and accused Changsheng of being too arrogant.
"I can recognize your arrogant attitude, Mr. Chang? It’s an honor to actually be valued by Barcelona. You shouldn’t say that even if you don’t go … "
Before the reporter finished speaking, the ever-victorious universe broke out.
He interrupted the other person directly.
"Arrogance? Arrogance I’ll be honest with you. I can’t coach Barcelona. Is that arrogance? Are you wired in the wrong way? Do you think I should first say that I am honored to be valued by Barcelona? Is that polite? But I’m sorry that it’s really an honor for you as a reporter to be taken care of by Barcelona, but I think Barcelona’s brain is broken. I’m not a Barcelona fan. I don’t think it’s a good honor to be valued by Barcelona. I’m valued by a champion team and a team that almost relegated. Tell me what’s the honor? "
Ever-victorious stared at each other and asked aggressive questions.
"A team that can’t even win the UEFA Cup really doesn’t know what qualifications are so superior in front of me!"
He gave vent to all the bad feelings accumulated in the past two days.
"You can’t say that you are the first in football …" The reporter of World Sports News also felt uncomfortable.
Winning again interrupted him "can’t say what? Football is a hero. What about it? Who has a more graceful posture than when diving? Scream higher? Look down on the first place. Don’t fight for the first place if you have something to do! Then what kind of chairman will you change? For what coach? You don’t take the usual road. You don’t seek victory and pursue failure. You don’t talk about success or failure … What are you forcing in front of me? "
This is direct scolding.
The reporter was scolded speechless. He may not have won in vain until now. Why is there such a big fire?
Ever-victorious, from cruyff to laporta to today, these Barcelona journalists all seem to be particularly awesome in front of themselves, showing their aristocratic style.
Mom is really a down-and-out aristocrat. Does she maintain aristocratic elegance even if she is down and out?
It’s the 21st century. Wake up!
"I said that if I don’t coach Barcelona, I won’t coach Barcelona. Is it worth asking me again and again? The provincial newspaper has already started a rumor, and you still come to ask me this kind of chat question, which may be very important in your eyes, but that’s all for me! I’m sorry that I’m not interested in Barcelona, and please go back and tell your presidential candidate, Mr. laporta, that I didn’t have personal contact with him before! Please ask him not to bring me to his campaign. I remember Mr. laporta said that if he was elected president of the club, he would bring Ronaldinho and Beckham to the team. Now he has pulled him into the water again. I wake up. Mr. laporta’s promise will be worth a lot because of the first check. He promised that Ronaldinho will be our Valencia player this season, and I will definitely not coach Barcelona. Now his three wishes have been dropped. I can tell you for sure that Beckham will not go to Barcelona, no matter where he will go! "
Tolla, a reporter from Provincial Daily, lamented in her heart that Chang Sheng was tearing down laporta TV!
He said that, and laporta’s image in the eyes of those Barcelona members will be greatly affected.
But …
What does this have to do with yourself?
Although Valencia and Guardiola are not too bad, they are not good enough to think of each other.
Always win. Torra will watch the show.
"So polish your eyes and think about it. Don’t make your decision yet. Be careful that the chairman you finally elected is a liar!"
Laporta threw away the newspaper when he saw Chang Sheng’s speech in the newspaper.
"This bastard! How could he say that? ! Call me a liar? Despicable shame! "
Rosell took one look and went on the rampage. laporta said in his heart that he had hit his own foot …
Then he got up to pick up the newspapers scattered all over the floor.
"Mad dog! Mad dog! What a mad dog! No wonder his tactics are also mad dog tactics because he is a mad dog! "
Laporta seems to be very grumpy. He goes around the office and scolds Russell for winning. He has picked up the newspaper and there are reasons why laporta is so rude.
The headline of the newspaper is "Keep your word? Laporta head check! " Next to it is a newly released opinion poll, which shows that laporta’s support rate has dropped from 60% to 45%, with a crazy drop of 15%.
He sighed.
This decline is really scary.
The only good news is that the vote will be held soon, and there will not be much time for the media to ferment this matter.
Otherwise, it’s hard to say what the election result will be …
Laporta’s competitors can seize this opportunity to launch a group attack on laporta and finally ruin laporta.
A day later, the president of Barcelona Club was elected as scheduled.
Laporta was the first to appear in a suit and a smile, and voted for himself. In front of the camera, he didn’t see that he was rude in his office yesterday. He was a mad dog …
After voting, he left the voting place and turned a blind eye to the reporters outside asking him.
The way out of the vote counting result that night.
Joan Laporta and Sandro Rosell formed a campaign team and finally defeated many opponents to become the new president of Barcelona Club.
But their victory was a narrow victory.
Compared with the tall 52% vote in history, laporta is much more pitiful now.
Their final vote was 30%, only 100% more than the second place.
However, the victory banquet was not easy.
Everyone is staring at laporta to see if he can really fulfill his promise to bring Beckham to Barcelona.
This has brought great pressure to the newly elected club president laporta.
Now he feels very upset. It’s all a constant victory!
He put the blame on the mad dog.
But he never thought about who started it first.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Focus campaign
Laporta became the new president of Barcelona club by running for office.
He was in his office on June 15th.
Someone came in and directed the workers to move everything in this office. Gaspar had something.
"Move this and this … and that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that! That’s it … move the department here and replace the tables and chairs! "
Laporta and his assistant Russell are gradually coming to the office.
When Gaspar bought something, it was disappearing from here one by one.
This means that the humiliation brought to Barcelona by the terrible chairman will disappear with these things that have been removed.
Barcelona’s history as a laughing stock will be turned into the past.
Laporta looked around the office in high spirits and looked at the Nou Camp stadium square at the office window.
"From today, Barcelona Club will welcome a new life!" Laporta said to Russell around him, "Barcelona will regain the respect of the world, and the era when anyone can criticize Barcelona will pass forever and never reappear!"
Russell smiled and didn’t respond.
He is a doer, and now he is planning what work needs to be done to build a new Barcelona and what talents to introduce.
"We must work together to make Barcelona the best club in the world! Remember what we said, Sandro? Barcelona … "
Rosell followed him and said, "… it’s not a club!"