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Reyes didn’t fall badly. He quickly got up from the ground and the fighting spirit didn’t disappear from his eyes.

Rondo looked at him with calm eyes. If Reyes’ eyes are fighting spirit, then Rondo’s eyes are ice that can freeze all flames.
The Hertha right-back has made up his mind to win the team and give his all.
In order to live up to the head coach’s letter, even if he is asked to be a villain, he also called it.
The game will be resumed soon.
The kick did not pose any threat to Hertha’s goal.
But it wasn’t long before Reyes made a comeback.
This time Rondo didn’t talk nonsense with him, and didn’t give Reyes a chance to make a false move and stab him. He directly ended Reyes’ attack with a flying shovel!
The referee’s whistle was particularly sharp this time.
"Rondo fouled again! It seems that Reyes has made him a little flustered! " Crespo obviously doesn’t know what happened in Changsheng and Longduo.
Reyes rolled around on the floor, but Rondo didn’t say hello-he sat up and first turned his attention to the coach Chang Sheng on the sidelines.
He nodded when he saw Changsheng give him a thumbs-up sign.
Then he saw the referee running towards him with a yellow card in his hand.
At this time, he can’t finish these details.
He knew that he had lived up to the trust and trust of the head coach.
Even if it is a red card, he thinks it is worth it.
The Seville team doctor ran to the stadium with the stretcher to see if Reyes was badly injured. At least he could stick to the game.
Cappagli growled angrily at the fourth official, "He should be a red card! Red card! Damn it! This butcher! This is premeditated murder! "
The fourth official is warning him, "Watch your words, Mr. Cappagli!"
Ever-victorious on the sidelines looked blankly at this chaotic scene in front of him.
He doesn’t know if this happened when Reyes was sixteen. Maybe he has changed history.
Reyes can’t hold on to this game. It’s certainly not a good thing for him to get injured, but I hope he can turn a good thing into a bad thing.
I hope this injury will make him be more cruel to himself and others.
It is impossible for a little boy who will never grow up and cry to become a world-class star.
This is the only way for men. Don’t wave. You have little talent.
Looking at being finally carried on a stretcher, Reyes always wins and says in his heart
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five crocodile tears
Reyes was carried to the sidelines, and after some inspection and treatment, the Seville team doctor finally came to a conclusion that Reyes would stick to the game and he had to be replaced!
Reyes played for 20 minutes from being replaced at half-time to now.
Cappagli was furious.
He has decided to lash out at Hertha, the damn head coach, after the game. He always wins.
He even thought about the reason-
This is destroying the career of a talented player!
Chang Sheng was relieved to see Reyes finally replaced.
Now that the most threatening player has played, Hertha is one step closer to winning the game.
He doesn’t care whether he can win the game beautifully now. It’s better to win than the scene … It doesn’t matter, even if the game is called an ugly victory, he still calls it.
In that case, the big deal is to win five more games from scratch …
Rondo was much more honest after shoveling Reyes, but obviously he has left a very bad impression on Seville fans.
If you want him to hold the ball stand, it will ring and shh at him.
But Rondo was not affected by this hiss.
He behaved much more calmly than before.
Perhaps it was because he didn’t hesitate to shovel Reyes that the offensive in Seville was much smaller, and his pressure was also reduced a lot.
Reyes is the most active side in Seville. After he played, Seville’s attack suddenly lost its momentum.
Especially after seeing Hertha players really dare to hurt you, many Seville players have to weigh whether they can resist the rude defense of the other side when facing Hertha defenders …
So the game took the initiative to return to Hertha’s side
Although Seville is still attacking, the quality of their attack is not as good as Reyes’.
It is Hertha’s defensive counterattack that is more popular.