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"Hehe, you used to look like that, okay?"

"How can it be too soon when my father is not excited for the first time? I feel that it was not long ago that Wen Hui and Wen Xuan learned the language, and it turned out that one of them has become a father and the other is a mother-to-be."
Come side by side Ding Qiunan suddenly turned around and hugged his man without saying a word.
A few blankets and a circle of sleeping dogs seemed to smell the sour smell in the air, and looked up at the host and hostess at the door.
Then he moved uniformly and ran to the kennel near the heating, and each of them got into his own nest, and he did not forget to bury his head on his paw as if he had not looked at the owner.
They also attracted the attention of two people. Li Chu picked Ding Qiunan up and walked into the bath. It was late to wash and sleep.
The next day will be resumed. Today is also the last day of this five-day meeting.
Li Chu, several of them invited to the meeting were all in the first row today. There was no way to miss the meeting. Just after the meeting, everything seemed to be light in Dou Yun. When the dean of a medical college spoke, it was unscientific to cancel the specialty of Chinese medicine and recognize the roots of Chinese medicine. It was a wave of limited educational resources and funds, and the whole atmosphere at the meeting suddenly became tense.
Li Chu sat there listening to another speaker waving flags behind him, but he couldn’t help rolling his eyes.
These people are really persistent. Aren’t you tired of shouting and saying every year? They didn’t say they were tired of listening to him. After three or four western medicine people spoke in succession, several Chinese medicine people were tit for tat.
In his heart, Li Chu also felt that he really couldn’t learn much in the school of traditional Chinese medicine. After studying for several years, besides memorizing several aspects and mastering some theoretical things, several of them were able to see the doctor.
Even the pulse conditions such as virtual pulse, real pulse, floating pulse and sinking pulse are unclear.
But he can’t say these words. On the contrary, he has to cheer. Only with education can this industry flourish.
In the future, he also planned to act as a spectator at this meeting without speaking, but I didn’t expect that the host of the meeting didn’t know whether he was inspired by the leader or how to let the workers pull the microphone for him.
Looking at the microphone in front of him, Li Chu was dumbfounded, and those people sitting behind him were more stupid than him.
This is too different, isn’t it? Others have to raise their hands when they speak, and then the host points to you and you go to the stage to speak.
But what about this man? Just pull the microphone over and sit in your seat and say that the spectrum is really big! "Ah, dean liu who is that? 」
"The troops didn’t see through the military uniform."
"I know that, but aren’t all the deans in the military hospital sitting there?" The man motioned to the other side of the conference room, where dozens of people were sitting in military uniforms.
"I don’t know, but they all know each other. Yesterday at noon, I saw these soldiers all sitting together for dinner. That should be the last row of cats in the four nine cities two days ago. I don’t know how to get to the first row today."
"It seems that the first two rows are all invited experts and scholars."
"Experts are so young now? Gee, it’s really talented people from all walks of life! "That irony can be seen every two miles.
At this time, the host of the conference spoke.
"Please welcome Li Chu Li, chairman of the General Logistics Department Health Care Committee."
This is a direct roll call. If you don’t say something, it will be a bit ugly. Li Chu can clear his throat
Taiwan was suddenly silent.
Everyone wants to hear what he can say.
Especially those who attended the pre-conference meeting. These people know who Li Chu is so well that they want to see if he is coming as usual.
"Ahem, just now, after listening to several experts’ speeches, everyone is still a cliche. Almost every year, we have to ask the same question. It is a new era that Chinese medicine is unscientific. We should abandon dross and develop western medicine.
Ha ha! What is it if you can’t explain something and say it’s unscientific? Exclude dissidents? "Kuang is a big hat, and those people’s faces have changed!
"Ha ha Lao du, we haven’t seen this Li for two years or haven’t changed a bit! 」
"That can’t make a person’s personality so changeable. Lao Li has only rarely appeared in the past two years." "Hey, Lao Du, you often contact him. Is this master Li’s medical skill really so magical? 」
"So tell you what, former premier liu, you know? "I know, he was not with his lover in May."
"Yes, because Premier Liu had some unfinished business at that time, he asked Lao Li to help his lover continue his life." "What did you say? 」
"You didn’t hear me wrong. Premier Liu’s lover has long been dying. Those monitoring equipment have been lost several times, and they have all been saved by Lao Li. It just dragged on for nearly a month. At the end of the day, Lao Li let his lover speak again! 」
"I darling this or people? 」
"Isn’t he sitting there talking? Do you think he’s human?"
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three The whole heart
I’ll give you an example. Let’s take Danggui as a return and say that everyone should know it, right? The efficacy of herbal medicine is mainly to enrich blood, but different parts of Danggui play different roles when it is actually used as medicine.
Angelica sinensis’s head is used to draw blood, promote blood circulation, Angelica sinensis’s body is used to nourish blood, and angelica tail’s blood is used to break blood. Different parts have different effects on life, but if you want to explain scientifically, take this Angelica sinensis and test its effective components.
Just because comrades are hard to explain doesn’t mean it won’t.
I have another example here. I met an incident when I was studying with my master 30 years ago.
Floating wheat I believe many people should know what is the easiest way to distinguish floating wheat. Grab a handful of wheat and throw it into the water. The floating surface is floating wheat.
There is a way to get to the floating wheat. I thought about what this skinny thing could give to the patient. When I took the initiative, I removed the floating wheat. After the patient drank it, it didn’t have any effect. I added the results. As effective as a drum
Later, it took me a long time to understand that the main reason for adding floating wheat in that side is that floating wheat rises and floats. Tell me, can this science explain it? If you study this thing in your research room for a generation, you may be able to steam out a few pots of black steamed bread, which is still a little stinging. "
"Oh … ha ha ha …"
When he said this, everyone was amused, and several people sitting on the rostrum shook their heads.
There are just a few people who lashed out at Chinese medicine for being unscientific.
"Ahem … let’s talk about sulfur and cinnabar. In the eyes of Chinese medicine, these two things can cure diseases and can also be used, but in the eyes of western medicine and some chemical researchers, these things are so toxic that they can’t be used.
Comrades, western medicine and science explain that Chinese medicine is a false proposition. Chinese medicine is a unified medicine, and it pays attention to the ups and downs of the four seasons and five flavors. We Chinese medicine often use scraping, acupuncture, cupping and massage, which are not explained by science at all.
What makes me feel a little sorry is that there are many people in our real life today. Chinese medicine is criticizing and questioning, but it shows love and worship for western medicine from the bones.
With a history of 5,000 years, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been playing a permanent role in ignoring the life and health of the Chinese people.
Our nation’s own things need our own support and love more. Let’s take another 10 thousand steps to say that you don’t like it. If you are sick, just see a western doctor. But is it necessary to vilify it? Is this good for you?
As far as I know, several pharmaceutical companies invested by foreign companies have been buying our prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine in recent years and then taking them back for research, but they have little effect. All they can buy are some bad street classic prescriptions, but they can’t find them.
And someone slanders Chinese medicine at this time. I don’t understand that some people have collected money and are here to wave flags and shout for their Lord. "
This is very heavy, and some people who are sitting behind are stunned.
His words finally revealed another meaning, that is, you are shouting Chinese medicine every day, which is not good, which is not good, which is unscientific and which is deceptive. Then why do those foreigners buy prescriptions? Interesting.
"Editor liu this … this can be published? "Chen Yuan looked at his shorthand just now to express some trepidation.
"It’s up to you to worry about whether it can be published or not. Just remember it and leave the rest to the leaders to consider."
"Comrade Chen, do you know what people don’t give interviews easily? If these people don’t talk about it, they won’t talk about it. Just wait and see if someone dances too happily! 」
At this time, the host knocked on two microphones to attract the attention of the audience. After that, he said something else as if nothing had happened just now.
But did nothing really happen? Different people have different opinions.
I don’t know how many people have been like ants in hot bricks.
The meeting will be completely over by noon, and there will be a dinner and drinks at noon, but it is estimated that there will be a few people who have no appetite.
"Lao Li, you haven’t changed anything in recent years except your age and temper."
When leaving after the meeting, several acquaintances came over and teased Li Chu one after another.
"I don’t know. Come on, let’s have fun, don’t interfere with each other, or support each other and make progress together, because this thing comes from you, me and you. Why do you have to divide things so clearly? If we have to fight to the death, it’s nothing to find something. "
His seemingly nai expression makes people want to punch him in the face.
"Come on, Lao Li, don’t take advantage of it and go for a walk to eat." On the other side, Dean Du and they also came over and greeted Li Chu to go to the restaurant on the second floor.
"Yo, where’s the door of Lao Li Oda? Go and see me. I guess you can’t eat."
Dean Du saw at a glance that the door was padded with feet and Tian Jun quickly took a Li Chu arm.
"I’m sure I can’t eat. Go ahead. I have something to do here. I have to go first, Lao Du. You can help me tell the health workers later."
"No problem, just go."