There are more than a dozen horse thieves in the field, and they are timid and dare not make moves against Yan Yan again.

Arihiko didn’t attack them.
Chen Yan’s heart beats faster, and his physical strength is almost exhausted. Now it is a spent force.
Took two deep breaths and calmed down a heartbeat. Alex calmly said to the head of the horse thief, "Let’s call it a day. I’m afraid I can’t stop my hand and beat them alive."
The horse thief applauded and said, "It’s worthy to be the first strong man in Zhao State. Mr. Chen’s martial arts has really entered a superb Pepe."
The horse thief has some martial arts and martial arts level standards to measure him. At least he is at a dark level. His eyesight still has the unfathomable artistic conception when he makes moves, which is beyond his reach.
Good doing "hand mercy", otherwise his brothers will definitely suffer heavy casualties.
Horse thief head heart andao "famous virtual scholar David chan this Zhao first is definitely a real name to return good I didn’t offend him, otherwise the whole cottage is not enough for him to slaughter".
Chen Yan said, "Can this crop style in Chen Mou still be seen by everyone?"
The horse thief said, "Mr. Chen, what is this?" Your martial arts are unfathomable. Where are we qualified to comment that the beauty of the Wu family is Mr. Chen? "
Chapter 374 Lian Jin broke his word and became a fat man.
Whether the identity of Chen Yan is the first strong horse thief in Zhao has not yet been determined, but he can be sure that Chen Yan is indeed an unfathomable strong man
When you see Lian Jin in the true identity of Ulrich, you will know when you ask.
The head of the horse thief and the six o people are more and more polite and respectful to Ulrich.
The strong can be respected everywhere.
The four of them finally settled down.
After eating and drinking enough, Ulrich went back to his room. He didn’t have the time and energy to play with those horse thieves. When he left the hall, he took Wu Tingfang away.
Doing away from Yuan Zong and being kind and gentle, they naturally won’t stay longer, and they all go back to the guest room to rest.
Six ate a mouthful of meat and drank a bowl of wine and said gloomily, "Eldest brother, we shouldn’t test Mr. Chen. He is the strongest man in Zhao, and now his brothers have injured 70 people. Good Mr. Chen has a superior demeanor and doesn’t have our general knowledge. If he does it hard, we will all die."
Think of just your body out of control by doing almost broke his neck, six o some concerned.
The horse thief nodded and said, "Yes, Mr. Chen is a strong man, but how can we determine his number if we don’t test him?" Now it seems that Chen Yanzhen didn’t intend to meddle with us. "
It’s inscrutable for a superior person to act. Who knows what Chen Yan really thinks? So the horse thief simply didn’t want to.
Six asked, "Big Brother, what shall we do if we take it?"
The horse thief was silent for a while and said, "Tonight, let Mr. Chen and the beautiful Wu family prepare a big gift to send Mr. Chen to their mountain early in the morning."
Since Chen Yan is really strong, it is the safest and wisest way to send them away.
The horse thief knows in his head that he thinks these "brothers" are all Ukrainian United States, so it’s ok for them to rob and intercept the caravan and fight the real strong? Soon the birds and animals will be scattered
be unreliable
Ah Liu also doesn’t like Chen Yan living in the cottage.
He quickly said, "Big Brother Ying Chen, a strong man like that, will send him away. It is best to stay with them. I am always uneasy."
No one will feel at ease around a strong man who can take his life at any time.
Will make them off the shanzhai will be my day again.
Take Wu Tingfang back to her room, and Ulrich cut the rope that tied her hands and feet.
"Don’t think that you can’t run away because there are horse thieves outside," said Chen Yan gently.
Wu Tingfang back a few steps avenue "you don’t come, I tell you if you dare to behave in such a way to me … even if you are the first strong Zhao, my dad will not let you go".
Doing shook his head and said, "Miss Wu Da, you are really a beauty, but I have seen many more beautiful women than you. I won’t mess around with them, and I won’t worry about you. You are very safe in this room."
Say that finish doing repose.