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Say that finish Wu Tianyin directly hangs up the words.

Qin Yu, holding a mobile phone, said almost without thinking, "Lao Wu means what I mean."
"Qin Yu, I fuck your mother, you are too cloudy!" Xiao Teng turned red and turned to scold, "You just want to suppress Sixth Master through this thing. I don’t know."
"There’s nothing wrong with you. Can people touch you?" Zhan Nanyin coldly scolded, "You’re a good shit, and you’re allowed to stir it up like this."
"Qin Yu, can you talk to Wu Tianyin …?" Qiu Wu also wants to persuade two sentences because he knows that Xiao Teng and Liu Ye are not only drivers and bosses.
"Can’t" Qin Yu directly interrupted with a wave.
Shan Yang looked at Qin Yu’s attitude and said after a long time, "Since we are a family, there must be a saying, Old Six, what should we do?"
"Brother-in-law …!" Although Xiao Teng already knew his result in his heart, he still grabbed Lao Liu’s arm and said, "I have been with you for so many years, and I know it was wrong for you to cut me some slack!"
Sixth Master thumped a chair and waved his hand and said, "Not all my family are going out. I’ll make my own rules."
Yang Shanwen got up and shouted at Qin Yu and said, "Let’s go."
"Xiaoyu, you go around him once" got up and shouted "We will always owe you one!"
"No one wants it," said Liu Ye, motioning with his hand to stop the speech. He looked down at Xiao Teng and said, "The brothers who betrayed the company are three knives and six holes"
“……!” Xiao Teng is stupid.
"Blind you to do" six ye turned to say hello to a.
"Sixth Master!" Blind in situ shouted "Wu Tianyin didn’t die za …?"
"I told you to do this!" Six ye clap table shouted
They heard silence Qin Yu and others pushed the door and left the outer court of the warehouse.
The room was dimly lit, holding a knife blindly, shaking hands and looking at Teng.
"Ha ha ….. really want to kill me, old six? !” Xiaoteng sat nervously looking at old six corners of the mouth twitched and asked.
"Stop fucking talking!" Yell at one.
"I don’t fucking say anything?" Xiao Teng got up with red eyes and looked at Sixth Master pointing at his face and roared, "I told you that if Li Xian asked me to screw others, I might not do it, but he asked me to screw Qin Yu and my horse agreed. Do you know what?"
Six ye coldly looking at xiaoteng without saying anything.
"Qin Yu and Zhan Nan didn’t do this business with us. Before that, our company’s account had an average profit of nearly 10 million yuan a month, but they came in. Qin Yu took the maximum production quota and Zhan Nan divided our site outside the district. We may not have a net profit of 300 thousand every month in the future!" Xiao Teng went on the rampage, pointing to Jinshui and others, and said, "Do you ask if I am the only one in their company who is dissatisfied? ! I’m telling you, I don’t know how many people scold you privately. Do you still listen to Qiu Wu and have a good relationship with Qin Yu? ! You’re dreaming. When your market shrinks, your brothers can’t keep it. The first garrison will kick you out! "
Sixth master looked at him and still didn’t reply, while Jinshui Blind Three people had different expressions. Looking at Xiaoteng was very touched.
"Face brothers to recognize you as the eldest brother give you hard figure what? Isn’t a picture just a word of money? ! People will know who you are if they can’t make money. What personality charm do you have for an old man to make a bunch of gun dealers listen to you? " Xiao Teng glared at his eyes and shouted, "Do you know that I have to quit raising my brothers and want to quit? Do you still expect others to treat you like before? Is that possible? Do you still listen to Qiu Wu’s talk about long-term interests? Are you crazy? ! We’re mixing the ground. Today we eat rice, maybe we eat it tomorrow, but we play it. Who the fuck is doing this job and waiting for you to transport the company to the market? I tell you today, if you don’t feed everyone, you will run away. This is the reality! "
"I’m not a good person. I always recognize money and I have to support my family." Xiao Teng trembled and continued to curse at Sixth Master. "I earned 20 thousand or 50 thousand a month, so you are my boss; You let me earn 5 thousand this month. I can’t support myself. Are you still my boss? Huh? ! Think about it carefully, Lao Liu. If you weren’t my brother-in-law, would I have to take Li Xian’s money to do this? I have been running somewhere else for a long time! "
Sixth Master clenched his hands and closed his eyes and said, "Kill!"
Before taking a blind step, he grabbed Xiao Teng’s arm and whispered, "… you’re right."
The blade broke through the body and blood flowed all over the floor.
Xiao Teng was stabbed to death with three knives and six holes. When he fell down, he was convulsed. His eyes stared at the west side of the house and whispered, "Take care of my family …"
Shan Yang said softly next to Zhan Nan on his back, "Old Six is really old. Both of them are fiddling with it."
Zhan Nan didn’t answer the phone.
"If you want to do business, you can’t always have an accident," Shan Yang said again. "Do you think there is anyone here who is not communicating well with you?"
Qin Yu was stuck.
Zhan Nan thought for a long time and said "Qiu Wu" concisely.
"Qiu Wu …!" Shan Yang frown chanting the name behind his back and didn’t speak again.
About five hours later
Qin Yu received a message from Wu Tianyin at Buckingham Palace, "Hello?"
"I’m looking near the new life village," Wu Tianyin whispered. "There are six cars coming over and pulling over."
"Is it Li Xian?" Qin Yu immediately asked
"I can’t see the person in the car clearly." Wu Tianyin shook his head and asked, "Can’t you move him?"
Qin Yu was silent for a long time. "Is it a joint defense person?"
"It’s hard to tell whether they are all private cars," Wu Tianyin replied in a low voice. "Li Xian may or may not have come by car."
Chapter 73 Wu plan cancelled
Qin Yu listened to Wu Tianyin’s words and thought carefully for half a day. After that, he should say, "Forget it. If you are not sure that Li Xian is not in the car, then don’t move. The Li family is not far from you. They are likely to go to more than a few cars. Your appearance is very risky."
"Okay, I’m not moving." Wu Tianyin is also very clear that this is not Erlonggang’s own initiative, which is likely to be folded. "Then I’ll let Xiaobai go back first and then An Zai and I will do something."
"What is it?"
"That driver Teng is not the mastermind," Wu Tianyin said concisely. "I want to find the person who really wants to kill me."
"You come back first and we’ll study how to do it together." Qin Yu immediately shook his head and replied, "I’m not sure who is behind the Li family."
"I don’t know when I can’t wait that long when you’re sure," Wu Tianyin said domineering. "Since the people behind the Li family are hiding and not showing up, I’ll beat him out!"
"… Brother Yin, this is Jiangzhou, which is different from Erlonggang." Qin Yu frowned and said, "Don’t be too headstrong, or I really can’t get around once something happens."
"I just ran out of Songjiang after a narrow escape, and I won’t die when my head is hot." Wu Tianyin said with a smile, "You can rest assured that I know what I want to do …"
"Then what are you going to do?" Qin yuwen
"… you don’t ask me," Wu Tianyin said will hang up the phone.
"Hey, wait a minute!" Qin Yu shouted and said, "Since you have to do it, take Xiaobai with you."
"… come on, I can’t take care of your brother. I can’t explain anything." Wu Tianyin refused directly.
"Then you can take care of people for me!" Qin Yu tactfully replied, "My brother will never stop talking to you."
"Yes, I know." Wu Tianyin knew that Qin Yu wanted Xiao Bai to follow him because he wanted to restrict others’ behavior. After all, Xiao Bai was Qin Yuren, who followed Wu Tianyin to something, and the latter certainly couldn’t explain it.