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"Did you run away?"

The mind moves, the wind blows, and Zichen secretly uses the means to silently increase the magical power of Kunpeng bodhi old zu by more than ten times.
Feng Zichen secretly helped Kunpeng’s bodhi old zu’s magical power explode, and in the blink of an eye, hundreds of magical powers will be smashed, and then castration will not be reduced, and the demon god who is running away will be blasted.
"Not good!"
The changes in the rear naturally alarmed the demon gods who were fleeing from the front, but before they could react, they felt a terrorist force attack them and bombarded them.
Chapter four hundred and sixty-two Release the stars on Sunday
Bang! Bang! Bang …
A series of impacts sounded, but all the demon gods were blown into the worse gate and smashed the ground or wall.
"Damn it!"
"Oh …"
The top ten demon gods in this group are the strongest, so they run the fastest.
That’s why they were the least injured, only vomited one mouthful blood and got up from the ground quickly.
But those demon gods who ran slowly finally suffered this wave of attacks and were seriously injured on the spot.
Life is saved, but the flesh has been destroyed after years of polishing, and it is miserable to escape with only one innate immortal true spirit.
Is to reunite a body without a few million years of polishing.
Of course, except for them, the demon gods didn’t suffer much damage.
After all, their last major attack was blocked by them, and the remaining waves didn’t do much harm.
"Ma Lian demon teacher told him not to fight."
Just climb from the ground up Bai Ze nasty shouted.
The reason for this matter has been very clear. The demon master was tricked by the wind Zichen, and he didn’t know it. He moved the demon master’s avatar to the Galaxy Star to attack the demon family.
"This avenue is really extraordinary."
Want to white after these Bai Ze especially since sighed.
This time, if they were not close to the worse gate, the demon master would have to attack several people.
By then, the demon race will be famous if its territory is killed by its own avatar.
At the very least, it’s really going to happen. Kunpeng’s bodhi old zu is probably ashamed.
Boom Boom Boom
The demon gods gasped, and several magical powers blew up and beat the worse.
However, the Nantianmen is the gateway to heaven, not only blessed by Di Jun Taiyi Fuxi and others, but also blessed by heaven, which cannot be destroyed.
Kunpeng’s avatar hit the Nantianmen. He didn’t even shake it, so it was hard.
"You run fast."
See the method to break the worse defense wind zichen cold hum a direct transfer of the target will be moved to the stars on Sunday.
The stars on Sunday, but the foundation of the demon race is to dominate the wild and the resources are naturally heavy, not only with the innate law protection, but also with a statue of a powerful demon god sitting in the seat
On weekdays, of course, it is a safe ratio.
But today is an accident.
From time to time, there is an avatar in the nebula, aiming at the stars on Sunday.
The avatar is extremely powerful.
The first blow destroyed the demon race, guarding the stars on Sunday and laying innate array.
The second blow will be in Sunday, and the demon god of the stars will be seriously injured.
The third blow is even worse.
Directly to control the demon family Bora Sunday stars Zhou Tianxing complications to blown to pieces.
That is to say, the arrangement of the stars on Sunday will be destroyed by the three strikes demon family for several years.
"Really … what a jerk!"
Wait for a while, the demon god in heaven, looked at this scene and obviously couldn’t imagine what he saw in front of him. He froze for a moment to react, not only trembling with anger.
"Go to Lian Yao Shi quickly. We can’t let him fight again. If we fight again, the inheritance of the demon clan will be gone."
Bai Ze’s reaction is the fastest, and he wants to know the key in the blink of an eye.
This avatar is coming and going, and there are so many stars on Sunday that they don’t know which one the target is, and even if they know it, they can’t stop it.
This plan can only be eliminated from the root.
This avatar is the demon master Kun Peng. If he doesn’t make moves, the disaster will be over.
Without hesitation, all the demon gods cast the secret method of the demon clan together with the demon master Kun Peng.
This secret magic demon family will have no power, but there is only one place, that is, to unite the demon family to be holy.
All the demon gods who encounter problems can use this method to unite the demon race to be a saint. Obviously, they intend to unite Kun Peng to tell him what happened here through this method.
However, the secret method, which is usually unfavorable, seems to be completely lost today. With a number of demon gods, such as perception, it is linked to Kunpeng.
How can it be linked to the vicinity of Terran? Xu has long been blocked by Zichen, and no one can pass any information into it without his consent.
So delay for a while and a few Sunday stars were attacked.
"Change horses and inform Tianhou Niangniang"