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Xiao Ya "…"

She is reluctant to follow them, and the thought of cooking and serving these two people later is very contradictory to her.
On the other hand, I heard several people talking through the headset. Zhang PD looked at Kang, the assistant director around him, "They are going to buy food."
Deputy Director Kang nodded. "I guessed so. It is said that Xiaoya’s cooking is still available in the kitchen of the hall."
"It’s not the point that it’s time to buy food." Zhang PD’s eyes faintly smelled the excitement of the explosion. "Has time to cook fish?"
Kang, the deputy director, "When I was filming in the former crew, one scene was to fry an egg. She didn’t fry it herself as body double did."
Zhang PD "What was the result?"
Kang’s deputy director’s facial expression "119 comes at the right time"
Zhang PD "…"
The vegetable shop is more than ten minutes away from here, and the three of them will arrive soon.
When Shinohara fish looked at the dazzling array of dishes, there was a strange excitement in her familiarity. She had not had a kitchen for a long time.
She roughly looked at the ingredients in a small shop and added them up slightly. "Can’t we eat more porridge at night?"
"porridge? Not bad, "Xiao Ya thought it was quite simple to cook porridge and walked to the place where the rice was said.
She was just about to take the bagged rice when Shinohara stopped her.
When Shinohara fish grabbed a handful of rice and smelled it, it stopped Xiaoya. "This rice is not good to cook porridge."
Xiao ya?
Chengmi? What the hell?
When she just looked at it, Shinohara grabbed a handful of fish and smelled it. Finally, she took a breath and pointed to the rice in front of her and said, "This is good. Let’s buy this."
Xiao Yaruo didn’t see Shinohara finally decided to buy that one, which was the most expensive. When he almost believed it, Shinohara really knew what these people who often cook would know.
They weigh that rice and looked at his ingredient.
Xiaoya thought it would be her first time to cook, but she couldn’t cook a pot of rice congee.
When I saw a small shop selling shrimp meat, I wanted to make seafood porridge. Seafood porridge was something she once learned to do consciously with a master. It was not bad. It was good to do it for the first time and left a good impression on the audience.
Thinking about this, she is full of expectations and plans to choose seafood.
Shinohara fish also saw the seafood stalls in the shop, and her eyes were slightly bright.
She didn’t expect that there could be seafood in such a small shop. Once, there was a special dish in her restaurant, seafood porridge.
It seems good to cook seafood porridge tonight.
When Shinohara fish thought so in her heart, her eyes were sparkling. She came to the seafood stall happily, but the pleasure in Shinohara fish’s eyes dimmed at the moment when the seafood tentacles were there.
The seafood here is not fresh.
If this kind of seafood porridge can’t boil the flavor of seafood porridge.
There are other options. It’s better not to do this.
She thought so, only to see that Xiaoya had picked up a bag to hold fresh shrimp.
Shinohara fish blurted out "Don’t want that"
Say that finish suddenly a little regret, she spoke too much again.
Sure enough, Xiao Ya felt a little emotional after being stopped for the second time.
"What don’t? This seafood porridge is not very good, "Xiao Ya said with a temper.
"Seafood porridge but this shrimp is a bit stale …" Shinohara fish explained.
This time, Xiaoya was almost laughing with anger. It’s not new. When she first bought rice, she was picky as if she really understood it.
In the end, isn’t it better to measure the price?
Now I’m pretending to be addicted
Xiaoya got emotional and went straight to the side with something of anger. "Then you choose."
Shinohara fish felt Xiaoya’s mood, but she was in a professional habit, and she didn’t allow herself to cook bad food.
At the moment, she can put Xiaoya’s mood aside for a while and quickly pick a handful of fresh mushrooms, a few fungus, a little crab mushroom, a handful of chives and a piece of chicken breast.
After choosing all this, Shinohara fish had an idea in his heart, "porridge with black mushrooms and shredded, drink this late to warm your stomach and relax."
Yu Xiaoya …
Cook carefully tonight as an apology to her.
Xiaoya used to be angry, but when she saw Xiao Yu, she regretted choosing these dishes.
She means to let Shinohara choose by herself, but Shinohara chooses to do it after she chooses.
At present, it is very complicated for Shinohara to choose these at first sight. Didn’t she dig a hole for herself?
Xiao Ya immediately said in the previous step, "What did you choose these dishes for?"
"Can’t porridge with black mushrooms and shredded?" Shinohara fish consciousness answer
Xiaoya turned a supercilious look in her heart "I won’t do it"
It’s better to admit it now than to overturn it later.
Shinohara fish was still worried that Xiaoya didn’t like to eat it, but she was relieved to hear Xiaoya say that she wouldn’t do it.
It turned out that she was worried about this.
Shinohara fish eyes suddenly raised a warm smile "nothing I’ll do"
Xiao Ya "…"
She looked at Shinohara fish well for a while, but her heart was a little disdainful. Can a child star debut her little princess cook porridge?
Xiao Ya frowned slightly. Although she thought that Shinohara fish could cook unreliable, maybe she specially prepared one hand before leaving and wanted to take this opportunity to show off.
If she does, it’s like she’s fooling around.
With this in mind, she also bought some carrots, green peppers and kelp silk to prepare a cold mixed three-silk dish, which is very simple and won’t miss.
After buying the ingredients, it took less than 3 yuan to settle the bill.
This is much cheaper than eating in a restaurant outside. If you cook it yourself later, it will be offset by the money before going to the hotel.
Xiao Ya felt that spending more money caused everyone to have a solution and suddenly relaxed a lot.
After the big deal, she will cook all these meals, which can also be regarded as making up for the losses caused by herself.
When two people choose food, they are outside Jingjiayuan’s silent shop.
He looked at the busy figure of the two men and sometimes argued about something, and sometimes the boss bargained and raised a smile unconsciously.
From the day he became an artist, he seemed to be far away from this life.
This time, I suddenly saw a faint warmth in my heart.
This trip seems to be better than expected.