Uncle Guo said otherwise, "It deserved their bad luck to avoid themselves before seeing Yang Changlai. After all, Yang Changlai is the grandparent of Tianxuan, how can others compare with him!"

The surname of Tianxuan’s surname is Yang, and he is still an elder. He should be alone. Yang Xiu couldn’t help listening more carefully when he thought of this.
A friar asked, "But Yi said that it was because Yang Changlai took the lead in escaping that those people followed suit. Therefore, I heard that many predecessors expressed dissatisfaction with Elder Yang, and Grandfather Tianxuan also took care to stabilize the morale of the army and asked Elder Yang if this was true."
Uncle Guo said, "There should be a possibility. After all, there is smoke without fire, and many people will certainly not be angry if they let Elder Yang go so easily."
Brother Jin said to himself, "I don’t know what Grandfather Tian Xuan will do with Elder Yang, even if he will be demoted to mortals, right? Otherwise, how can you get public anger! "
Yang Xiu heard here immediately didn’t almost thugs, vomiting blood.
Then I secretly eavesdropped for a while and finally got a white face. What the hell is going on?
Hitman, unity is more supportive.)
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Yingying
Fairy field Chapter two hundred and fourteen Yingying
I’m sure it didn’t go well after Yang Xiu was sent to Lin ‘an City from Nanling to exchange materials … So the school and Jianmen fought fiercely because of Lingkuang.
Other monks in the sect saw that Yang Xiu was so coincidental that it was like knowing that he was going to fight and deliberately avoiding it. Therefore, some monks learned to be like this and that, trying to escape from the war.
If there are few people, it will pass. After all, some aristocratic brothers can find excuses to escape the war, and they still have a lot of connections.
However, I didn’t expect the monks in the sects to see that this time and Jianmen were serious, so they couldn’t help but retreat after killing and injuring many students.
In this way, other monks are not in the mood to fight, and those who complain often go out of work and don’t contribute.
Therefore, the result can be imagined. Although it is not a terrible loss to fight against Jianmen at the most time, it must be very passive.
In the end, things were picked up in the ears of Taizu Tianxuan, and Taizu Zhongtianxuan was immediately moved. He dealt with several monks who fled the war in one breath, and they were all directly abolished and repaired without leaving any feelings.
This drastic measure immediately put other monks who also have this idea on the spot and never dared anyone to commit another crime.
And Yang Xiu, who is regarded as the leader of this matter, of course, will not be gossiped by others. Some people even say that they should be proud to follow suit.
Although Taizu Tianxuan has not made a definite statement now, even if he doesn’t give a specific statement, he can’t calm the public anger!
After listening to all the stories, Yang Xiu was really in distress situation. I didn’t expect to be so lucky at the beginning and really let him catch up with this kind of thing, even it’s hard to say clearly.
So it’s better to go back and find a way to remedy it. It’s important to think that the battle is not over yet, and it should not be too late to go back now.
Whether to send Yang Xiu back to Nanling flashed the idea and gave up.
If you don’t send the Nanling faction now, you will never be able to go back when the battle is over, and he will take this "escape from the war" responsibility seriously.
Let’s not say whether Master Tianxuan will hold him accountable at that time. Even if we don’t pursue it, it’s a good thing not to go out, but it’s a bad thing. If this matter is known by other sects in the fix-true world, I’m afraid no one can accept a person who "puts the sects in danger and ignores them"!
If he can’t join the sect, then he will have to do a loose repair, so the underground abode of fairies and immortals is hard to give up. After all, the underground abode of fairies and immortals is under the noses of others. What will happen if he often goes in and out?
There is another important reason, that is, it’s hard to pay homage to the master in his infancy. It’s impossible to finish it like this. He hasn’t received any advice yet.
And fix true pay attention to "wealth couple method.
"Companion" means seeking the Tao with one heart, but you can understand how important a famous teacher of a sect is to a monk by confusing and teaching fellow monks.
Therefore, it is not possible to practice hard behind closed doors. Look at how many scattered practices in the field of repair have reached the level of integration, and you will know whether a sect is important or not.
Of course, the most important thing is that he will not really treat him if he goes back to Yaoxuan when the battle is not over.
First, after all, he was true and didn’t know it beforehand.
The second monk in the middle of Jiedan still wouldn’t say that it would be useless. After all, this kind of repair is still very helpful to this war. Besides, according to these people, the battle is already urgent and the manpower is tight. I think Master Tianxuan will not weaken his strength at this time.
Third, this is also the most important point, that is, Taizu Tianxuan did not really say that he would not punish Yang Xiu. This is a signal that his apprentice came to Yang Xiu. If Yang Xiuzhen avoided the war because he knew the curtain before, it is not that Taizu Tianxuan told Yang Xiu himself. Does this mean that Grandfather Tianxuan knew in advance? Of course he wouldn’t hit himself in the face like this.
After thinking about it so much, he thinks that he can’t escape this time. Instead, he should take the initiative and prove his shame once or twice, so that he won’t discredit Master Tianxuan. If Master Tianxuan’s face shines, he’s not the only one in charge!
Read this, he no longer hesitated, and even flashed back to Nanling School immediately.
After returning to Nanling School, he did not immediately return to his own abode of fairies and immortals, but immediately rushed to the head of Mu Yi.
Why didn’t Yu go directly to pay homage to Master Tianxuan’s Cave House? That’s because he learned that Grandfather Tianxuan is now personally directing the warring factions in Huilong Temple and guarding the Mu Yi leader.
The man who has never seen the tail of the dragon has never heard from the ancestor except that Yang Xiuwang came out once when he entered the door because of the "fall of the monk in Yuan Baby", and he doesn’t know if he is in Nanling Sect.
I met many monks all the way to the main hall. Everyone saw that Yang Xiu was Zheng, and then there was a shock.
Although these people didn’t say anything, Yang Xiu still saw something inexplicable in their eyes, including envy, resentment, schadenfreude and so-called wanting to come. These people thought of his "escape from the war."
Yang Xiu hasn’t thought of learning more about him in Nanshun. After all, he seldom deals with outsiders.
Fortunately, these people felt that he was practicing, so no one dared to say anything.
And those who feel that he is now a monk are even more surprised. Suddenly, they turn up the waves in the sky. "I heard that he succeeded in Dan only four days ago and worshipped in Tianxuan’s ancestral gate. Why is it the middle of Dan now?" Even the seven-spirit-root clock can never reach the degree of cultivation so fast! Did he make a mistake when he said it? "
Yang Xiu, who came to the front of the main hall, typed a message to it. In a short time, he saw Ge Muduo coming out of the hall.
Ge Muduo saw that the calling message operator was Yang Xiu and one leng; And then see Yang Xiuxiu suddenly stay.
He is very clear about the history of Yang Xiu’s cultivation, knowing that the other party didn’t know Dan for long, and he didn’t know how to be promoted to the middle stage of Dan so quickly. Did you eat some elixir?
When Yang Xiu saw Ge Muduo’s absence, he couldn’t help saying, "Brother Ge, I have finished going out on business to eliminate the record of leaving the school."
"It turned out to be Uncle Yang’s faux pas." Ge Muduo immediately returned to his absolute being and smiled awkwardly. "I can’t believe that Uncle Yang has reached the middle stage of Jiedan so soon, and the promotion will be shocking even in the whole fix-up world."
Ge Muduo often stays with the head of Mu Yi and should know a lot about Nanling Sect, so Yang Xiu also took the opportunity to look at each other to see what he thought of this "escape incident"
However, I didn’t see anything in his eyes except envy and shock, and I didn’t know whether it was good or bad.
Yang Xiu said modestly, "I’m just lucky. I don’t know if the head of Mu Yi is here. I still have something to tell him."
Ge Muduo, after all, often deals with big and small matters and is well informed. Now he has returned to normal. "I’ll take Uncle Yang in with the head in the hall."
Then he sighed and tried to test the thugs. "He’s a little overwhelmed by the war with Jianmen these days."