"Now you know it hurts!" Just then the sound suddenly sounded.

Lan’s feet are still too big for you. Squat down to help Xiaojie treat his foot injury and say, "You don’t need to do this just now."
"Ha ha" Xiaojie giggled and scratched his head.
It took a long time to get up and warn, "If you mess around again, it will hurt you for a few days."
Looking at the departure, Kulapika said to Xiaojie, "Did Raytheon teach you those tricks just now?"
No, Xiaojie laughed. "My brother taught me this."
Why didn’t the former spaceship see you make a miracle? "If you make it, we might get the ball of President Nietro!" "
Although I am a brother, I can’t understand it before. Xiaojie explained, "It’s only after the guidance of Raytheon’s brother these days that I learned that Raytheon’s brother is really amazing. I told him these principles and he could make them out as soon as he could."
What’s so strange about this? It’s so strange that he looks relaxed. "His strange eyes have the ability to copy everything. If he sees them once, he can learn his moves."
So powerful, Xiaojie turned to look at Cool Lapidu and asked, "Does Cool Lapidu have a special ability to turn your eyes red?"
Special abilities? Kulapika recalled, "Does everything you see turn red count?"
All "…"
Chapter sixty-one Before leaving
Lei Ouli looked at Xiaojie. "Anyway, Xiaojie, your brother is simply omnipotent!"
Xiaojie scratched his head "hehe"
Outside the hotel, the sparse figures are talking orthogonally.
"Rinrin Bell" A sudden bell came from me.
I couldn’t help frowning when I took out my cell phone. It was his brother Lei Ming who called. I haven’t seen him for a long time and I don’t know what happened.
"The teacher stormed him … he died." When I picked up the words, I heard thunder and my voice was hoarse.
One leng "dead?"
At this time, Lei Ouli and others also looked at me, and I looked at you. Obviously, they also heard the sound in the words.
"Where’s the body!" React and ask questions urgently.
"It was sealed by the third teacher younger brother" Lei Ming choked.
I was relieved to hear the body. "Where are you now?"
"Tian Arena"
"I’m going over there now. Don’t touch his body." Then I hung up.
After hanging up, he turned and said, "Jacko, I’ll see you next time."
"Is something wrong?" Xiaojie asked
Nothing cool way "is that an apprentice fell asleep and I went back to wake him up." With that, at the moment of one-handed printing, everyone felt that the flash figure had disappeared in front of them, and they saw dozens of leaves floating in the original position.
"Sleep? I remember the sound in the words just now as if someone had died! " Kulapika said
Who knows! Qi Shen put his hands on his head and looked leisurely. "Isn’t he a great doctor? Maybe it can really bring people back to life. "
Looking at the disappearance of Xiaojie, he worried, "Brother Raytheon is leaving the hunter test now. What should I do here? He hasn’t got the hunter license card yet!"
"Who knows! But he should be a hunter by now! After all, he has passed the final test. "
When everyone was talking about it, they had already come out in a psychic pterosaur and ran away along the location of the arena.
In a blink of an eye, the twilight has come, and a figure in the boundless curtain color has fallen firmly to the top of the arena in the next day. This man is none other than our protagonist, Fu Lishi.
There is an instant figure quickly ran away.
The bearer was none other than thunder, but at this time he looked particularly haggard
Uh-huh, then calmly said, "lead the way!"
Is thunder should be a turned and ran back to the floor.
"Step, step" walked into the 251st floor hall of the Arena, when a man who was taller than him and had a knife around his waist came running and leaned down and said,
"There you are, teacher."
This man is none other than his other brother, Raytheon Aytak.
Yes, my mind has increased a lot. Looking at him, I praised "Where is the storm body!"
"Here," Aytak handed a scroll with a seal on it respectfully.
Well, I took the scroll and walked towards the leather sofa in front of the French window, with handprints on my hands.
"Bang" as the sound falls, there is an extra person on the sofa. This person is his brother Storm.
At this time, I noticed that there was no scar. Storm couldn’t help frowning and said, "How did he die?"
"The storm killed the teacher by poisoning," Aytak explained. "All the toxins in his body have been extracted by my medical endurance."
Even my Jiedu Dan didn’t work. It must be unknown and highly toxic! As he spoke, he put his hand on the natural tooth handle and "sou" it for a moment. When the two brothers reacted, the blade had been inserted into the storm body.
Teacher, you …
"Watch and you will know" indifferently.
At this time, the white light overflowed from the blade, and soon the whole room was illuminated with light, which lasted for a whole minute before it slowly converged and disappeared.
"Live … alive" Aytak looked at the storm with a face of shock, and the ups and downs were not even shocking in his chest.
"Bang" put the knife back to its sheath and lift its feet instantly.
"ah!" The shrill scream suddenly sounded.
Woke up by the pain, the figure showed yoshimitsu. "Who hit me to sleep?"
I said, "What’s your problem?"
Are you looking for …
Looking at the stuttering storm and laughing, "Do you want to die?"
No, no,no. The storm stuttered and changed the subject. "Teacher, why are you here?"
"Can you still be here without me?"
Ah! The storm called "I remember. Am I not dead?"
"You are dead but alive."
"Whew" at this moment a figure jumped towards the storm.
"It’s good that you’re not dead." Lei Ming even cried and laughed.
"What are you doing?"
What did I see just now? At this time, I feel that the thunder is rolling. "Aytak, did your big brother kiss your second brother just now?"
Really? Aytak looked at eye dew yoshimitsu four eyes way "I didn’t see anything go" say that finish see his hand knot whew disappeared.
Teacher, don’t get me wrong! Lei Ming explained, "I was so happy just now"
Don’t talk. I want to be quiet. Don’t ask who is quiet. I’ll go to her now and walk to my room as I speak.
The world is terrible. He’d better go back to his room.