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"Yes, yes."

Li Yi walked out of the room and went to the front of the dining table and said, "Mom, although we don’t study at night now, the Education Bureau hasn’t stipulated the amount of work for our teachers. Let’s not neglect ourselves and leave a lot of work after school. I’m afraid I can’t finish my work. Then I’ll take some food for myself and eat in my room."
"If you are too tired to study, take a break and then study" Li Yi’s mother advised.
If you say that you are too tired to study, you should not study, Li Yi thought.
Li Yi put a little in each dish and took two pairs of chopsticks to go back to her room.
"What are you doing with so many chopsticks?" Li Yi’s mother can’t think for a moment.
"I …" Li Yi tried to think of something to make up.
"I’m afraid that any pens and water will touch chopsticks again, so I don’t have to take another pair of chopsticks!" Li Yi wiped her head with cold sweat.
Fortunately, I made up this reason with my wit, or I was exposed.
"Oh, so that’s it. It’s okay. Go eat quickly. It won’t taste good when it gets cold for a while," said Li Yi’s mother.
Li Yiduan came to the room with food.
"It’s time to eat," Li Yixiao said.
"good! Ok! But Li Yi, why did you take a bowl of rice? " Li Lu don’t understand.
"What’s the matter?" Li Yi hasn’t reacted yet.
"Li Yi, there are two of us, but you took a bowl of rice," said Li Lu.
"What’s wrong with a bowl of rice?" Li Yi hasn’t reacted yet.
Li Lu patted his head and didn’t know what else to say.
Li Yi looked at herself and then at Li Lu as if she had thought of something. Yes, she took a bowl of rice by herself, but how can two people divide it?
"Li Lu, why don’t you eat first?" Li Yi smiled apologetically.
"God, earth, he is finally white." Li Lu shouted
Suddenly Li Lu’s mouth was covered. Li Lu’s mouth was impressively Li Yi.
"Hush, my mother is still eating! Listen to not hear hear just say a "Li Yi said.
Li Yi looked at the door to see if mom could come, but Li Luyi didn’t speak.
"Don’t talk so loudly after you hear it. Say a word when you hear it."
Still nothing happened.
"ah!" Li Yi loosened her hand on Li Lu’s mouth.
"Why did you bite me?" Li yiwen
"Didn’t you say let me hear you and say something? But I can’t speak when you cover my mouth, but I want you to know that I can do it," said Li Lunai.
Li Yi can’t say anything because she covered her mouth and let her talk. She can eat a dumb loss.
"What’s the matter? Is everything all right? " Li Yi’s mother’s voice floated in from outside the room.
"Nothing is nothing. It’s just that I’m a little surprised that my career is twice that of yesterday," said Li Yida.
"Nothing is good."
Li Yi breathed a sigh of relief. "Why don’t you eat this bowl of rice first?"
"What about you?" Li Lu asked
"I’ll take a bowl of rice after you’ve finished eating, but you have to leave me some food." Li Yixiao said.
"Okay, that’s it."
When Li Lu finished eating and Li Yi took another bowl, Li Yi was thinking about a question. Is this a kiss?
Hey, whatever, let’s fill our stomachs first.
Li Yi ate all the leftovers and rice.
How can I tell my mother when I walk to the kitchen door with a plate? If I can’t eat so much myself, how much trouble it would be to have one more person. If I had known, I wouldn’t have let her come. Who makes her my future woman?
Walking into the kitchen, watching my mother washing dishes, Li Yi put her hand on the side.
"Son, I remember that you didn’t eat a lot before. Why can’t your stomach stand eating so much today?"
Li Yi really wants to say that today’s appetite is the same as before, because there are more people in my room and more mouths.
But Li Yi dare not say that. If so, I don’t know what kind of huge trouble it will cause.
"Well, physical education class is a little tired today, so eat more late." Li Yi is a little self-respecting, and she is getting stronger and stronger in making up lies. It seems that the ability to fix the truth is really high!
"Smelly little don’t rely on fix true everything. Your ability to make up lies is whether you have it or not." The extreme sound appeared in Li Yi’s ear again.
"Well, it’s not the credit for fixing the truth." Li Yi admitted sadly.
What should I do when I go back to my room and watch Li Lu practice? A question came out.
Writing? Who can write? I’ll write for you when I don’t have so much time. If I don’t hand in my homework, I’ll be punished by the teacher. Anyway, I don’t attend classes myself.
It’s a bit confusing for students not to finish their studies and live to fix the truth, but to practice and live. This is really a wonderful work. When students don’t write their studies and fix the truth, they don’t know what to say.
What should we do now? Why don’t you watch beauty practice? A dream comes out from the depths of Li Yi’s mind.
Li Yi just lay in bed and looked at Li Lu sitting in the science of uniting and had a special flavor.
"Li Yi, what are you doing?" Li Lu made Li Yi look a little confused about what to do.
"Look at the beauty?" Li Yi casually said.
"What?" Li Lugang didn’t hear clearly after practicing.
"ah? Oh, it’s nothing to have a rest, "Li Yixiao said.
"You can rest if you rest. See what I’m doing. Am I still practicing wrong? I don’t know what to do." Li Lu complained.
"How beautiful women won’t let you see what you can do when you are young?" The extreme sound appeared in Li Yi’s ear again.
"What do you think I can do?" Li Yi asked.