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Then he added, "That’s the … Tian Yue …"

"Can you tell me if he is alpha or ega?"
Fu Fengning studied Shen An’s face and looked puzzled in his eyes, but out of fear, he didn’t dare to talk about it. He moved his lips slightly "ega…… …"
Fu Fengning said, "Well, I’m not interfering with your making friends. It’s your pheromone disorder. If I stay outside with alpha, I won’t rest assured. After all, I’m your name alpha. You’re only 18 years old and you live in my house. I have to be responsible for your safety."
Shen An look really relaxed to "then you … you promised!"
I don’t know if I’m under the illusion that Fu Fengning saw Shen Anxiao for a moment, but I saw that Fu Fengning was stunned. "It’s just an hour and a half from home to L Square, and I’ll take you there in half an hour."
"No … don’t bother Mr. Fu … I want to take a taxi myself …"
Fu Fengning leaned back. In the final analysis, he just didn’t want to see himself. He nai said, "Shen An, you have to know that taxi drivers also have alpha. You are an ega…… who just turned 18 … I agree to go out to play by yourself, but you have to reassure me."
Fu Fengning rubbed his eyebrows and said, "Let the driver take you later. What time will you be back?"
"Ten … ten o’clock … but …"
After the driver sent Shen An away, Fu Fengning looked at the new project planning case by hand for a while.
Watching the phone ring.
Remarks show that "Ye Fan" is a younger brother of Fu Fengning who studied in the Royal Business School of China.
It’s just because the two elders have some connections that Fu Fengning actually has little personal friendship with him.
But it is precisely because I have known Ye Fan since I was a child that I always called Fu Fengning in front of outsiders. He grew up and Fu Fengning was too lazy to care about whether these were before and didn’t care about it.
"Hello Fu Fengning heard that you are on vacation? Is the sun coming out in the west? "
"Tell me I’m busy if you have something to say."
"ah? I’m busy now … Really? Is my information wrong? I heard that there is an ega in your company headquarters? You also marked him in the office and stunned him? "
"Uh …"
"I depend! Why didn’t you deny it? "
The sound in the words was poking fun at suddenly serious to "elder brother ning, this can’t be true … you … have fun? Still serious? I depend on this special 10,000-year-old Cycas, can it be regarded as flowering? "
"Not my company"
"Don’t company? Whose company? So what kind of stunner did ega get into your eyes? What does he do? What is his name? Do I know? "
"Don’t try to label him," Fu Fengning said word for word. "Your questions are not important. You have to know-he is my ega."
"Uh …" The other end suddenly became quiet and then smiled strangely. "Brother Ning … are you kidding?"
"If you have something to say, it’s okay to hang up, and don’t make fun of him, like that rude remark just now."
You have something to say.
Chapter 7 Chapter 7
"Ning elder brother! Wait a minute! "
"I will return to China in two or three days. This call is mainly to tell Ning Ge to invite me to dinner when I arrive!"
"I haven’t recently."
"No, brother Ning, you just took a vacation. I heard that you were still on vacation when I went back for a week …"
"I’ll transfer money to you if I have something else on vacation. You can find someone else to eat and I’ll treat you."
"I depend on elder brother ning I sent the money? You … You’re being a little insulting … I’ll complain! I don’t care. I’ll go to your house to find you when I get back to China. Anyway, I’ll stick to this meal! "
"You are really idle." Fu Fengning hung up with a straight face.
After work, I had a meeting and looked at my watch. It was five o’clock. The driver sent a message saying that someone had arrived.
Fu Fengning opened Shen ‘an WeChat and looked at his head. In the end, nothing was sent.
Maeda in L Square waved to Shen An outside the music fountain "Here, here!"
Shen An smiled and stood up. He trotted over to "Tian Yue!"
Tian Yue patted him on the shoulder. "How did you lose weight?"
"Ah, is there?"
Tian Yue saw his eyes dodge. "What’s wrong with you these days? Your words are vague."
He just finished asking questions and suddenly froze. He picked his eyebrows and sniffed at Shen An. "How do you have a different taste … boy! Alpha pheromone? !”
Shen An hurriedly hand hold the barrier stick "I …"
Tian Yue seems to have discovered a new continent "Shen An! Honestly, did you find an alpha to spend the last few days in spring night? You have been marked! Oega has to be marked to leave an alpha flavor! This smell … it’s so high-end, it’s a little cold … it smells like money. Have you climbed any big money? "
"I didn’t … I was … there was something wrong with the fever a few days ago. This alpha helped me temporarily mark me …"
He omit some unnecessary words and got to that point.
After all, he is Fu Fengning’s "tool man". Even though Fu Fengning can be regarded as his alpha in the agreement, his feelings are not after all, and he has nothing with him after marrying.
Tian Yue obviously doesn’t believe in "Brother Zou, please rub a meal to make up for you"
"Thank you … shall we go to buy clothes first? I lost you outside. "
"Hey, it’s just a dress. Don’t take it to heart. If you have to buy it for me, you will be welcome!" Say that finish hook Shen An shoulder Shen An back two people deep one foot shallow one foot xi xi ha ha walked towards the commercial building after the square.
Fu Fengning’s driver hasn’t left yet. He hasn’t finished yet. He has to wait for Fu Fengning to send instructions to send Shen An home. He just found a parking space and smoked a cigarette with the window open.
Squinting when playing cigarette butts by the window, I saw Shen An and Tian reading the scene of shoulder to shoulder.
His eyebrows jumped and he quickly took a snapshot and sent it to Fu Fengning.
Fu Fengning didn’t have a second back this time, but waited for a moment and sent a follow-up look.
The driver quickly found out the sunglasses and hat, took off his gloves and coat, jumped out of the car and stamped out the cigarette butts. While walking, he pretended to see the scenery everywhere and kept a proper distance behind them.
Tian Yue insisted on not Shen Anyi Shen Anyi.
In his heart, he always felt that he owed Tian Yue and was going to compensate for this rice meal elsewhere. It was hypocritical to ask him to say that he would please him again.