The emperor is cold, the emperor is terrible, and a kind of burial soil makes kings feel unstable. Their strength was born from the origin of ancient artifacts, so it can be said that life and death are the thoughts of the emperor.

Although a powerful man like Emperor Cang wants to kill them, there is no origin for the manipulation of ancient artifacts, but this kind of physical strength is restricted by the source, which makes them feel very bad.
Because of the practice environment and the unified burial people are more Buddhist, they also admire the strong, but they also have their own pride. They respect the burial master, the creator of the burial ground, but they don’t recognize that they are going to worship the owner of the ancient artifacts.
Different from foreign countries, they have different attitudes towards the ancient artifacts of origin. Although some burial kings are interested in the ancient artifacts of origin, they are more afraid that they will not dare to touch the unknown things for the second time in this life.
Spiritual leaders like the buried master are the objects they worship and respect.
After the burial master broke through that realm, they firmly believed that all people would jump out and become real free beings one day without being shackled by the ancient artifacts of their origin.
The ancient artifacts originated from their creators, but they were also shackles that enslaved them. They were born in the burial ground before they died, and they thought they were new life and had their own freedom!
They sleep all the year round, but they also have emotions and feelings, and they don’t want those dark creatures to go along with each other and be the ultimate lackeys.
"I have broken away from my old body and cut off the source. How can I not know the origin of the ancient artifacts? The lack of strength makes people break into the emperor’s territory. There is a person who can walk in the same way. In other words …"
The long hair of the burial master floats in the breeze. "What makes you an emperor?"
The burial master’s words made Cang Di look gloomy. This doubt is a mockery and a denial, but it may also be true.
It is impossible to create a quasi-immortal emperor from ancient artifacts, and he knows it all too well.
Chapter one thousand six hundred Wu Shen can’t rob …
"How dare the worm talk about the sky …"
The staff in Cang Di Lengdao’s hand points to the burial ground. "The emperor of the new era really deserves to be punished!"
For a moment, all the fairy kings of the boundary sea fled everywhere, and the boundary sea boiled, while the burial in the distance was a sudden rise of air billow.
Was it that the burial ground was torn apart with one blow, or was it because the burial owner stopped the result at the same time?
"If you want to fight, fight!"
The undertaker responded that there were four words, one step to cross the border and kill the Emperor Cang.
The strong men who fled everywhere in the world were also shocked when they looked at this scene. "Does this mean that China … fought against the emperor?"
It’s hard to imagine that the fairy king couldn’t cross the vicissitudes of life, and the two emperors’ feet flew away, and the aftermath of the battle rolled up a thousand waves and the tsunami swept in all directions
"The burial master elder, can he … win?"
In reality, Lu Chen looked at this scene and asked about the fire shine around him.
She is very fond of helping the burial master in Shi Hao, not only worried about whether the burial master can win this battle, but also worried about whether there will be Shi Hao in some of the buried land that was scattered before.
Liu Chen stared at the shocking war at the other end of the long river. Others thought it was simply shocking, but Lu Chen looked really ordinary.
He can guess without looking back, and the undertaker will lose.
What all don’t need his quasi fairy emperor’s help, it is a matter of time when the emperor suppressed the burial master.
Similarly, the quasi-immortal emperor burial master can be regarded as a newcomer, but the realm of Cang Emperor has been unknown for many years. The comprehensive attribute is 317 points, so the burial master has 315 points
It’s not allowed to let him go to judge the outcome by single attribute, but it’s absolutely accurate to let the burial master and the emperor go.
Because if the talent and the level of warfare in the same environment are to be honest, the emperor and the burial master are half a catty, then naturally who has a higher realm and stronger strength.
From the initial blow, it can be seen that if the burial master is strong enough, part of the burial ground will not be destroyed.
When Liu Chen saw the direction of the burial ground nine days and ten places ago, he was still puzzled. He said that the burial ground would be destroyed when the owner of the burial ground was allowed to be immortal.
However, at that time, he didn’t feel at ease because the burial ground in the original work was collapsed, and the burial master was still sleeping. This is an old Buddhist monk, and it is normal not to make moves.
But when I really went to see the truth in the long river, Lu Chen understood the truth again. As a result, if the burial ground is buried, it will collapse because the burial ground will collapse in chaos, and if he does, it will attract the dark quasi-immortal emperor at the other end of the boundary sea.
On being buried can’t be saved.
This is from a normal point of view. If there is no external force, it is inevitable that the burial ground will be crushed and wrapped in Shi Hao, and the gold burial ground will be exiled in nine days and ten places.
Because Shi Haohui slept peacefully in this process, he finally woke up and met Zhang Bairen in nine days and ten places, that is, Zhang Bairen, a descendant of Zhang Linger, would cover the sky and meet himself to complete the causal closed loop.
This is a small link in many causal chains, but it becomes complicated and becomes a key link because it involves himself, Shi Hao and Ye Fan. No matter whether it is normal logical operation or something outrageous happens, the general trend of world operation will make the burial ground collapse.