Li Chu put his bowl and dish in the sink and asked curiously.

"Come on, let the advanced room say why it’s not cold in the courtyard.
Just entering the room, Xu Damao saw Li Chu’s clothes hanger uniform. Huang Cancan’s epaulettes almost flashed to his eyes. Ding Qiunan’s military epaulettes were two red bars and four silver stars.
"Gee, Brother Chu, don’t say that this army’s epaulettes are beautiful, especially Huang Doudou."
"Don’t be poor. Tell me what happened to the rain column.
"The news is that he bought 20 cents from the south and brought it back. He just came back today and went to my place for dinner with some friends."
"Alas ~ Wenxuan when will you come back? "See give yourself water wen-xuan li Xu Damao asked some surprise.
"Uncle Mao and Aunt Xiao E, I just got back at noon today."
"It’s a small trip. It’s a lot darker and looks much stronger. Yesterday, Xu Yang was still chanting when you will come back."
"I’ll go to Xu Yang when I’m free these days."
"Yangyang is off duty now. The hotel will help me. You can go directly to his home."
"ah? Xu Yang quit his job? 」
"Well, he and Pingping both took unpaid leave and didn’t make much money. It’s better to come back and help at home and I’ll pay them."
Xu Damao doesn’t like the money earned in the factory at all now, but it is true that restaurants have to taste better in recent years, which is almost no different from collecting money.
What business makes money these days? One is restaurants, the other is churning out new clothes from the south and those messy gadgets such as watches, hair cards and tapes.
"Da Mao said what you just said before saying goodbye." Ding Qiunan was still waiting to eat melons, so we talked goodbye here.
"Hey, hey, sister-in-law, I’ll say it."
"Ahem, two hairs said that he was there these days with a few people who came from our side to make a living there. They said that Qinhuai was beaten by several women for collecting junk across the border and didn’t pay the money to others. It was quite cruel to say that he wouldn’t let her continue collecting junk there again.
As a result, Yuzhu ran to find someone to reason with. Let’s be honest, those people are reasonable. I cleaned him up in minutes, but he was not as lucky as Qinhuai. If a woman hits Qinhuai, he is all men with big arms and round waist, so he is hospitalized.
After hearing this, Ermao found out about his acquaintance with Yuzhu here, and the hospital also went to see a nice guy. That’s not hospitalization. It’s almost the end of life. There is no good way for Ermao to see his fellow villagers. He can leave Qinhuai for ten dollars and leave. "
After listening to Li Chu, there is no special reaction. It is almost inevitable to make a living there in recent years. Anyone who goes to the south in recent years is a large group of fellow villagers, that is, everyone is holding a group together.
But in the house, he didn’t recognize Li Qin like this, and he felt that it was incredible that this happened. "The police don’t care if people are like that?" 」
"Elder sister, of course the police are in charge, but it is not certain whether the perpetrators can be caught because there are too many floating people in the south."
Li Qin immediately understood what it meant when he heard Xu Damao say this. He shook his head and didn’t do it again.
"Big mau when did this happen? 」
"Er Mao just came back this morning, which happened three days ago before he left. Maybe the rain column is still alive now. Anyway, according to Er Mao, he thinks the situation is quite serious, saying that a rib has been inserted into the lung tube."
No matter how contemptuous you are, this is a living person after all. We used to be neighbors for decades, and now we are suddenly fierce. When we hear this news, our hearts are heavy.
"Alas, there is a good day, but who is this hatred? "Ding Qiunan muttered in his mouth while holding the tea table cup to LouXiaoE’s hand and motioned for her to drink water.
"Brother Chu, you say"
"You’d better find a rain water to tell her about it-after all, her own brother broke the bone and attached it to the tendon."
If you don’t know about it, just know it. If you don’t tell your sister, it’s a bit outrageous. Everyone still has contacts on weekdays.
"I’ll go to her office myself when I know that Brother Chu came back from buying vegetables."
"When it comes to buying food, I just remembered that the newspaper didn’t publish it, saying that the Dafa van made in Tianjin has been online. Don’t you want to get one for you? It’s not cold riding your tricycle in winter. "
Life and death are too heavy. Li Chu simply changed the subject
When it comes to cars, Xu Damao comes to the spirit. He hey hey smiled and said, "That’s what I wanted to tell you. Forget about the big bread. I asked someone to ask about it, and I couldn’t get in front of it. I couldn’t even buy it if I wanted to."
However, I found someone to show me a Roman jeep, and other units eliminated it to clean it up. In a few years, there is no problem. I wonder if I can get it. "
Xu Damao has long been drooling over Li Chu’s two jeeps for children. When he heard that he could give the license plate in the name of the hotel, he asked someone to help him find out where there were cars to sell.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine The past
"How much is that car? 」
"One or two thousand, and it won’t cost much to repair the car."
Listen to this. Thousands are not much!
After all, you are making money. You talk with deep pockets.
"Then buy it," said Li Chu, who was also very surprised.