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And the energy and effort required for training will be more than the gain.

Generally, the phantom grass is a life-saving weapon in one generation.
It’s broken. Then just grow another one according to the original template.
However, for a single weapon that has already obtained Suolongcheng Sword Dance Grass, it obviously cannot exert its power perfectly.
Sauron’s template is powerful because its three-knife flow is the back nine-knife flow
The more weapons, the stronger the sword dance grass can exert its combat power.
Swordgrass quickly made a decision after obtaining Sauron template.
That is to practice fencing hard and cultivate the second and third life weapons at the same time.
Although it takes a lot of hard work to do so.
But the thought of my future being able to kill the quartet with three weapons like Thrawn in memory.
Sword dancing grass heart can not but get excited.
One knife flow … Where there is three knife flow handsome!
Chop! Give me a hard chop!
Think of this sword dance grass what all don’t need to let Liu Yuan’ chicken soup to inspire’ just run to the side and start hard training.
Looking at such a self-disciplined sword dance, I was moved by tears.
It’s not easy. It’s not easy!
After three pet beasts, I finally met one who could practice the pet beast spontaneously without coaxing.
Little guy, I, Lu Yuan beast, watch you!
Add a new employee to the Lushi Planetary Royal Animal Corps here.
Sauron template sword dance grass ginseng!
Because their pet animals have their own templates, they are not too concerned about practicing Lu Yuan in the short term, so let them practice separately first.
On the contrary, Lu Yuan himself felt that he needed to sort out his current abilities as he gained more and more abilities.
Land source
"Grade bronze five-star"
[Template Master Liu Angxing (95%), Rose Destroying Blade, Jiguoyuanyi (92%)]
【 Poisonous Frog (Template Jiraiya), Light Mouse (Template Kprusoian), Sword Dance Grass (Template Sauron) 】
[Ability shadow doppelganger, Chinese recipes, super taste, taste memory, taste image deduction, speaking fencing talent, daily breathing method, seeing and hearing color domineering (intermediate), special overlord color domineering and magnificent]
In Liu maosin and the country, the ability of a template, Liu Yuan, is almost clear
Without the template of Liu maosin, it is impossible for Luyuan Imperial Animal Cuisine to reach the level of being almost magical in such a short time.
It can be said that the simple cooking technology of Luyuan has reached the limit that ordinary people can reach.
But now, the real restriction of Luyuan cuisine technology is that it is unfamiliar with high-grade fierce animal ingredients.
For example, up to now, Zhiyuan has not been exposed to gold-grade fierce animal ingredients.
Although he has seen gold-level fierce beasts such as Shen Yanlie’s fire orangutans.
But Lu Yuan can’t say, Mr. Shen, you cut the flesh of your fire orangutan and let me study it.
Liu Yuan has no doubt that if he really says such a thing.
The fire orangutan will teach him to be a man directly without Shen Yan’s hands.
It is also because I have not been exposed to the gold-grade fierce beast ingredients. Lu Yuan can’t say what is the difference between the gold-grade fierce beast ingredients and the silver-grade fierce beast ingredients.
You know, the gap between gold and silver may be bigger than that between silver and black iron.
So Liu Yuan thinks that if he wants to further improve his cooking skills,
Gold-level fierce beast ingredients just can’t get around themselves.
But it’s not easy to get the gold-grade ingredients of fierce beasts. Don’t think about it in the short term.
And Liu Yuan’s attention to the ingredients of gold-level fierce beasts is due to Lu Yuan’s discovery that the’ breathing method’ has become more and more weak for his physical ascension.
Body breathing is to stimulate human potential.
Instead of letting people exceed their potential limits.
And Lu Yuanqian was able to raise the breathing method to a moderate level in such a short time.
First, because of the national fate, a template brought him a terrible talent.
Another reason is that Lu Yuan has developed a silver-grade royal animal food, fierce animal viscera porridge.
Silver-grade gruel can greatly strengthen the organs such as Lu Yuan’s lungs.
Let Lu Yuan’s body bear more breathing methods.
When the physical quality reaches the standard, it will naturally become easy to master the breathing method.
However, this kind of gruel has a strengthening effect when it is drunk several times before.
If you drink later, you can also restore your physical condition.
This is also the reason why Lu Yuanyou did it several times at first and never did it again.
However, although the silver-grade gruel has no effect on itself, what about the gold-grade gruel?
Almost without thinking about Lu yuan, you can determine that the gold-grade gruel is not only effective for yourself, but also very amazing.
Although the energy level of eye land source is bronze five-star, the physical level of land source feels that he has a silver one-star level.
Otherwise, he is like easily slaying those low-star silver fierce beasts?
Really when I Liu Yuan beast nickname is white!
The false animal bender hides behind the pet animal and is only Nuo Nuo.
The real animal bender takes the lead in charging!
And Liu Yuan beast, of course, is not satisfied with his existing silver fighting capacity.
Just as every pet beast yearns for a higher level of strength, Lu Yuan beast also has high requirements for himself.
Don’t say, set a small goal first