That’s full of despair and madness.

Blood Dan continued to extract the blood power of the Bat Devil, but there was not much left after losing the blood core, and it was quickly extracted by Blood Dan.
The bat Lord is pale and has no trace of blood. He has reached the end of his life.
Finally, the obsession supported the Bat Lord’s unwillingness to die.
"Blood mosquitoes? True blood mosquitoes in this world? Is the mission of my bat family true? " The bat Lord was horrified in convulsions.
From birth, I have taken other people’s blood, but maybe it is retribution. When I was dying, my blood was actually taken clean by others.
"Karma Karma Karma!" The bat Lord convulsed and cried
"The bat family said that the birth of the bat family was to restrain mosquitoes. The mosquito family influenced the balance between heaven and earth, so they dug up the mosquito talent and gave it to the newborn bat to guard the mosquito family, so that they would never turn over and smell that the birth of the bloody mosquito would regain the talent and magical power of the alien bat and regain the mosquito’s own talent and magical power?" Bat thriller chanting
While the blood-red sphere is crashing into the mosquito head.
There was a loud noise, which was as huge as the chaos at the beginning of heaven and earth, and a huge one was suddenly created.
Mosquito head braved enchanting extremely lotus flower.
Lotus flower dyed the whole bat corpse sea red.
During the convulsion, the bat Lord’s eyes showed horror.
"The blood mosquito in the abdomen has a talent avatar, and it has regained its talent avatar!" The bat Lord screamed in horror
Jiang Tai’s consciousness also felt this Dantian monarch.
Blood-red sphere suddenly faded out of the blood, and the bleeding force was extracted by the blood department of Dantian.
While the rest is a black transparent sphere.
The black permeable sphere enters the mosquito abdomen.
It was dark in the abdomen like a poor black miasma.
Through the sphere crazy absorption miasma and then slowly rotating stopped abdomen is central.
Jiang Tai, a conscious body, instantly melts into one.
The black permeable sphere seems to have taken root, and Jiang Taidan Tian is integrated.
It’s as if this sphere is something from the abdomen. It was forcibly taken away by the Bat Lord and now it’s back again.
"How can it be so perfect?" Jiang tai surprised way
____ _w_w_w________
The black transparent sphere rotates around wildly, exhausting all black gas and entering the sphere. The abdomen is clear in an instant, leaving a black transparent sphere floating around the abdomen, forming a connection with mosquitoes everywhere.
The black transparent sphere is also changing. Melanin aggregation slowly seems to turn into a transparent sphere with a black flame beating in the center.
Mosquito body breath a folding head lotus flower disappeared is a little black light slightly.
Bloody striped mosquitoes emit black and enchanting light.
"Dantian has inherited the magical power of talent perfectly." The Bat Lord showed horror.
Jiang Tai once again became a human figure, and one foot will kill the bat demon king.
"Blood mosquitoes are not clever!" Bat Lord quivers in the middle way.
"What did you say?" Jiang tai don’t understand
"Blood mosquitoes are not clever, people are enemies, people are enemies …!"
At some point, the bat Lord closed his eyes in despair and swallowed his last breath.