The canopy shouted with joy: "Good is that the soldiers of the Lei Department will transport the thunder and make it linger for a long time. This brother is neat."

Seeing that the poison was gone, he ordered all the soldiers to surround him and pick a nail palladium alone to go to the demon cave.
Lei Guang’s bursts scared a hole of demons.
"Your Majesty, a god has called in!"
The old demon rushed out to check with a group of goblins with a black iron bar.
"Which way Mao Shen is so bold? Lead to death before! "
The old demon shouted with an iron bar that the canopy was coming to raise palladium. "I’m afraid you don’t know that I’m the commander-in-chief of Tianhe Water Army!"
"What marshal that pustule and watch me beat your limbs into knots!"
"Don’t be crazy, the demon will cast your brains and burst!"
The two men took up arms and used their magical powers to jump up and get a good kill.
Sticks come and go as if supporting Tianzhu and palladium come and go as if exploring dragons’ claws.
Two puffing clouds are better than magic wands, playing palladium, fighting martial arts, the name of the great power, marshal, the old demon, the Lord of the cave.
This is the legacy of the year, and that is the old enemy, new hatred and old hatred. It is absolutely impossible to win or lose at the moment.
Here, the heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals are encirclement and suppression of a group of small demons. On weapons and equipment, these small demons don’t even have a pair of armor, so how can they practice the Tianhe water army every day?
Among them, there are also more than a dozen powerful big demons, demon kings and so on, which are being locked in a stalemate for many days.
There are many, but there are no.
Most of the demon kings who can make a knot in Dan or Du Jie walk alone, and Wang Xiaoyao rarely bows his head to be small.
There are also some fierce demon soldiers in that cave.
Jump out of a monster and look at it from a distance, but look at it from all sides.
Kill several heavenly soldiers with a crescent shovel Xiafei stopper and defeat several heavenly generals.
"Someone in that cloud made the thunder break the mountain and poisoned it. I’ll kill that hairy god!"
A long drink makes two wings fly through the nine circles.
Blink of an eye and fly into the cloud to see Wu Mingzheng thundering and immediately make crescent shovel play.
"Spit blame-"
If Taoist priests were killed by that monster and released poison, wouldn’t they fail?
This is to think that Wu Ming is not a Taoist who knows how to meditate and fix the truth.
Pick out the halberd and raise the frame to meet him.
Wu’s famous spurge is dense, which makes the magic thunder and the monster very powerful. He can spray poisonous fire in his mouth and shovel with one hand, and the two fights are in full swing.
In a few days, they will come to the left and right to kill and attack.
At that time, the monster couldn’t resist the halberd, so he rolled away from the sword and jumped up to show his image.
What a monster!
Hairy feather spreads brocade ball, and Fiona Fang’s feet are as long as catfish’s, and his feet are as sharp as hooks, and nine heads are saved in one place.
A few days will be frightened by it, so he will bite two wings and stretch his claws to catch Wu Ming.
So it’s nine head worm!
Wu Mingting tried his best with a halberd. According to his head, nine heads came together, which forced him to stop.
Next to the rise of these two killers, Meng Jia, bound by Wu’s dragon tendon, also looked happy.
"Ugly, peck him, peck him … stupid, claw him …"
Gradually, nine head worm couldn’t resist Wu Ming, and he saw that the four-mile heavenly generals were killers, and the cave master also roared from time to time.
"That old guy must be afraid of being planted this time. If I don’t walk and get caught by the mountain soldiers, I’ll lose my head and go to take a break. Is it because I’m not there?"
Want to "nine head worm several head qi qi spewed poisonous fire poisonous water stop Wu Mingtong several days will take the opportunity to spread your wings and rush into the sky.
A few days later, I drove all the way, but I felt that it was inconvenient to chase, and I also quit, and the small demons who were left immediately suffered.
Wu Ming saw that the overall situation was settled, and he took Ji and dragged him to the front of Meng Jia.
"I still lack a riding mount. What do you think?"
I met nine head worm, Wu Ming, and I thought of Niu Mowang, and I thought of Niu Mowang, and I thought of the iron fan, er, the golden crystal beast that didn’t avoid water.
Although the tortoise is not as good as the mount of Kirin, Hei Hu and Lion White Elephant, it is a means of transportation.
This is called noodles.
"No way, no way. I’m a Xu from the Dragon Palace Seven Rat Countries. Can I be your mount?"
Wu Ming squinted. This guy’s got backbone, right?
Then there is the sky full of Lei Guang mixed with wailing and roaring for a moment.
"Well, I’m going to find some elixirs in Beiju Luzhou, and I’ll grab them at once, but you’ll be my mount during this period, or I’ll chop you up with a halberd now."
I thought about riding a dragon turtle, but there was no arrangement. Wouldn’t it be ugly if everyone else rode a tiger and an elephant in the future?
Meng Jiaxin struggled. I wonder if my father sent someone to rescue him?
When the time comes, maybe you can kill this fellow from inside and get the Dragon Ball back, which is also the revenge.
"Good promise to let me go if you find a mount or leave Luzhou in the north?"
"Of course, show your true colors!"
Two booked a verbal agreement Meng Jia then rest assured to Wu Ming also received the dragon tendon.
Seeing that he shook himself, Wu Ming jumped on the turtle’s back one step at a time and made the dragon tendon a reins to cover Meng Jia’s neck.
Intentionally kill this fellow, but there are also some considerations to keep it as a means of transportation.
Just at this time, Marshal Tianpeng and the old demon also identified the outcome.
Chapter 67 Tian Peng Hui Jie Wu Ming You Bei Zhou
After all, the old devil was defeated by Marshal Tianpeng, and he was afraid to fight again when he was built with a hand made of treasure, gold and palladium.
Make an avatar roll with black sand and poisonous smoke, throw a hole in his belongings and the little demon take advantage of the chaos to go.
The canopy won and waved palladium, and all the heavenly soldiers will kill all the small demons in a hole.
This just went into the cave, took nine Karen Yeh fairy grasses, and set a fire to burn the cave.
Retreat and jump into the middle school
"Brother, thanks to your thunder help!"
Wu Ming praised him for his high strength, but thanks to the marshal, the demon dared not take credit.
The canopy laughed again and felt like meeting a sincere person.
He was holding a fairy grass in his hand, and Wu Ming saw that it had nine leaves, each of which was like ganoderma lucidum and had a faint scent halo, which was really wonderful
"Marshal, to tell you the truth, the trail is about to forge a furnace of elixir, but there are still a few flavors of elixir. This nine-leaf ganoderma lucidum is blindly."
"Ah, this … this is Wang’s mother’s brother, but I dare not."
Wu Ming shook his head. Naturally, he couldn’t want a whole canopy, and he wouldn’t agree.
"Marshal misunderstood that I need a leaf."
The canopy was relieved and a leaf was easy to say.
"Since it’s a leaf, I can be the Lord. I’ll give it to you."
Tianpeng took a leaf of Ganoderma lucidum and handed it to Wu Ming.
Reach out and pick it up and put it in the sleeve