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Although I want to resist the black cat, the black cat will always come up with rewards that make it difficult for him to accept punishment and refuse, and his appearance is getting more and more handsome. Although his temperament may be a little girly, it seems to Lin Jin that he has been more handsome than before in getting along with the black cat for more than a month.

At least his thin and meatless face has become plump, and with a little hair style, he will be as handsome as Han Meteor.
Although he didn’t like Korean stars before, he always felt too girly.
"What is it?" Chen Shi poked her finger at Lin Jin’s arm and her face flushed a little. "If you want to associate with me, I’m fine with it, but you should at least tell me your true gender and not hide it from me, right?"
Lin Jin leng, he is not stupid. As soon as he hears Chen Shi’s words, he knows that Chen Shi seems to be really interested in him.
Why don’t you just give up dating Chen Shi after you know it?
And tell Chen Shi about the black cat? Let her help me resist black cats?
But the black cat is so incredible that even if you put the black cat in front of Chen Shi, Chen Shi will think it is a spoof synthetic video.
"That …" Lin Jin hesitated for a long time and still didn’t make up his mind to speak out about the black cat.
"What’s the matter?"
"Forget it …" Jin gave a wry smile and got up. "I’m going back."
Chapter 147 144 Choose to give up?
Lin Jin still likes rabbit Chen’s poems very much
Although he doesn’t know what his feelings for Chen Shi are, he knows that when he and Chen Shi are alone, he can feel his heart beating faster and his face blushing slightly, and he can also feel his heart full of happiness.
Originally, he had planned to have a vigorous love affair with Chen Shi as a girl, but Chen Shi knew that he was a male. Although Lin Jin, a male, was in love with Chen Shi, he did not reject it and looked forward to it more, but Lin Jin suddenly realized one thing.
If a girl is in love with Chen Shi, isn’t that lily? Isn’t it gay? Don’t say whether Lily will be accepted by the world. Chen Shi himself won’t accept it, will he? Even if Chen Shi accepts it, what will happen in the future? Will Chen Shi never get married? Let Chen Shi fall out with her family?
If you are a boy … A black cat will become a real girl no matter how much Lin Jin rejects it.
For the first time, Lin Jin felt extremely disgusted and rejected for black cats.
If it weren’t for a black cat, maybe he would have accepted Chen Shi’s suggestion and left the playground with her to have a romantic supper in a secluded shop.
How should we get rid of black cats?
If you don’t do it, it’s impossible to see that guy who just received temporary punishment and grew D big breasts all day.
Lie in the trough! No matter what you think, it’s hard to accept, okay? Don’t say that he still lives in the boys’ dormitory, don’t say that he is still a man, at most, he is a little girly. Even if he is a younger sister, his chest will suddenly become D, he will feel extremely distressed, okay?
Black cats just like this disgusting person. Punishment makes him have to finish it.
In the past two weeks, every week, he was asked to choose a younger sister to make her feel good about him at 7 o’clock, so Lin Jin would contact Chen Shi as a girl, and this thing was already a couple at 7 o’clock to reach the number, so Lin Jin would want to be a girl and fall in love with Chen Shi …
And this weekly punishment is to choose a roommate to be slapped.
If you accept Chen Shi, it may be a generation of harm to Chen Shi. She may lose Lin Jin’s relationship with her family, and she may really become a homosexual because of Lin Jin …
If you choose not to finish …
No matter what you think, it’s terrible!
Being bullied by my roommate! How can such a thing be accepted!
Lin Jin thinks she should be a big man. Isn’t that being PY? Isn’t it just being slapped by my roommate? Pulled out a shock gun and "pa" the man overnight.
"Jin Lin? Lin Wei? "
Lin Jin suddenly turned around and found Wu Min’s hand patting his shoulder. "What’s the matter?"
"I see you have a face ready to give your life to blow up the bunker." Wu Min saw Lin Jin coming back to God and leaned his shoulder against Lin Jin’s wardrobe door and asked Lin Jinxin, "What can make you show this expression? Is it a confession by a man? "
"No" Lin Jin’s lack of interest pushed the desk notebook away and lay on the table "just a little unhappy"
"Your girlfriend blew it?" Wenxuan looked back and smiled. "What’s the future of Lily? Don’t you have to get married in the end? So you still honestly find a boyfriend. "
"I think Wu Min and I are great. Look at me! Handsome and rich, the point is to be willing to spend money! Look at Wu Min. He is not as handsome as me, but a little taller than me, and his family is quite rich. "Wenxuan began to habitually talk about address unknown again." Why do you want to hook up with women when you have two roommates in Gao Fushuai? Do you choose one of us to marry? "
Lying on the table, Lin Jin’s mouth twitched and she felt as uncomfortable as eating si.
Was Wenxuan said such a thing … Choose a roommate to marry? p! Even if you get slapped for punishment, you won’t get married, okay?
Lin Jin is even more uncomfortable, frowning a bitter gourd face, looking up at Wenxuan, and then smashing a bottle of mineral water bottle full of water towards Wenxuan.
Wenxuan jumped out of the chair to avoid the mineral water bottle. The water bottle passed over his nose and hit the wardrobe. He was so scared that he almost got a headshot from the water bottle. Just when he was lucky, he found himself avoiding it and his center of gravity was unstable. Then Lin Jin reached out and grabbed his wrist and pulled it maliciously.
"Lie trough! It hurts! " Wenxuan fell on his back and rolled his head in pain.
"batting practice" Lin Jin glanced at Wu Min while watching the play.
Wu Min immediately shook his head and waved his hand to show that he didn’t want to do anything else, and he didn’t want to take care of Wenxuan’s fall into the well. "He just deserved to play well!"
"Slice" Lin Jin sighed. He has returned to his position, but at least there is a bitter gourd face that has now turned into a facial expression.
"What’s the matter?" Wu Min was puzzled by Lin Jin’s expression. "What can we say to solve it? We have helped you solve it for more than ten years. What is there to say?"
"It hasn’t been four months since September. How come it’s been more than ten years?" Lin Jin resisted saying his thoughts, but he raised his head and looked at Wu Min’s sincere eyes and finally chose to believe in his roommate.
"Do you think lilies are really good?" It’s hard for Lin Jin to ask with one hand on her chin. "I always feel that it’s not good to turn others into lilies."
"Of course not." Wenxuan has sat up from the ground. He raised his head and said to Lin Jin, "If you are a lily, don’t drag on other normal people, and your lily may have a small family burden. After all, your family treats you as a boy and lets you live in a male dormitory. If others are lily, there must be a lot of pressure at home."
"How dare you say such a thing?" Lin Jin looked surprised and tried to hide his embarrassment with this expression.
"Don’t interrupt and get down to business," Wu Min continued, holding his chest in his hands. "I wonder if you came out of some mountain area and the preference for boys was so serious that you lived in a boys’ dormitory."
"And Lily’s words are really not like Wenxuan’s saying that you may have no problem, and your family may agree with you with both hands, but what about your family?" Wu Min shrugged his shoulders and seriously said to Lin Jin, "There is a real solution."
"Huh?" Lin Jin’s eyes lit up and looked forward to looking at Wu Min.
"Find a good man to marry."
That’s … not good, is it?
Chapter 14 Teacher 145 Do you know how to seduce a man?
Now that you have decided to give up the poem of Chen Liao, Lin Jin will concentrate on finishing the one that makes ten men lose their manners.
Wenxuan has been gaffed once. Although Lin Jin doesn’t know what the reason is, there are at least two ways to make men gaffed. The first is, of course, the most straightforward. Beauty attracts men’s eyes and makes them stare, and then they will bump into something and finish it.
However, even if Lin Jin wears a delicate makeup, it can’t be compared with those stars. At most, it can make people think that this girl is beautiful. According to Lin Jin’s long history, men will generally attract men for a second or so, and their eyes will move away. At most, they will say something like "I just passed a pretty girl" to their companions.
Lin Jin may not be able to finish it even if he wanders around 24 hours a day in this way. Lin Jin needs a second way to attract people’s attention.
But fancy clothes are super breasts, but they are a special temperament.
Eh, I’m so upset
List three kinds of Lin Jin, none of them!
"Does Lin Jin want to go to the PE teacher to thank him?" Chen Xinya came to Lin Jin and asked him, "My choreography, your singing skills and makeup before the stage are all helped by the PE teacher."
"That bad teacher?" Lin Jin feels headache when he thinks of the PE teacher who looks good but has a bad personality. He pokes his temples with his hands, but he can nod. "Then it’s better to go to her office and thank you."
Speaking of which, since the beauty has been an old woman for more than 20 years in the sports exam, she should know how to attract men’s attention, right?
But this kind of thing with a sister teacher always feels a bit strange.
"Then let’s go during class." Chen Xinya cocked her head and held Lin Jin’s desk with her hands. She danced all the year round, making her waist look very flexible and powerful, and her eyes couldn’t move away.
"The PE teacher is really good at yoga, dancing and singing, and she can teach English classes with good English." Her face is full of worship and her eyes are almost shining. "I want to be as good as her later."
"Are you an animation major?" Lin Jin woke up. "Did you learn those?"
"Animation major is not unable to do other things after graduation." Chen Xinya waved her fist at Lin Jin. "I’ve decided! I’m going to take the teacher’s certificate! "
"You work hard and I support you mentally."
Chen Xinya has always been full of vitality and has a good figure. Except for her mediocre appearance, she seems to have no shortcomings at all. If Lin Jin is not restrained by a black cat, having such a sister around her will definitely think about some messy things every day.
However, the black cat is still in the phone.
During this period, Feng Jing finally stopped making trouble. Although there are still some people talking about her rumors today, it is obvious that she has kept a lot of quiet, but her face and expression have always remained iceberg-like, and she was very angry with Lin Jin and Wu Min.
Although it is forced by the black cat to attend class on time at one o’clock every day, it is not required to listen to the class carefully. Therefore, Lin Jin is now accustomed to mobile phones, some cartoons, movies, etc. When the class is over, it is mainly because the black cat thinks it is too chatty to ask Lin Jin to order something. The mobile phone gives it a late pastime and says that the cat is Nocturnal Animals.