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Xuan Yang Da Tian Zun Qing Nan Yi

Chaos Avenue belongs to the most powerful and difficult one among the three thousand avenues.
Few people have tried to cultivate this avenue in these years.
Even if there is a way to practice, it is still unknown.
If the avenue is untouchable
Then the chaotic road is even more difficult to touch, understand and understand.
Three Thousand Avenue is like a jackal road. If the jackal people practice to a certain level, they can understand it.
Moreover, due to various reasons of blood and soul memory, it will be easier to understand and feel more real.
For example, many sword repairs in kendo can also be realized through the secret book of kendo, sword meaning and sword heart.
Like waterways, there are rivers, lakes, seas, frost, rain and snow to help monks realize.
Whether it is the sun, the moon, the stars or the mountains and rivers, there are always some references.
But Chaos Avenue has no reference object comparison method.
The evolution of the universe has long since got rid of chaos.
Chaos Avenue is powerful, but if the realm stops, you can regret it for life.
Shining golden Buddha said, "This man’s ambition is not small, but he chose to practice Chaos Avenue."
Xuanyang Da Tianzun sneered slightly, "Not to mention how far this person can go on Chaos Avenue, even if he has unparalleled talent, he can stop at the Imperial Road for the rest of his life. There is absolutely no possibility of uniting and sanctifying."
"This is?"
Shining golden Buddha asked
Xuanyang Da Tianzun sighed, "I once heard that the stronger the Tao is, the more dangerous it will be in the future!"
"Throughout the ages, I don’t know how many tianjiao died because they couldn’t bear the self-eating power of the avenue."
"How many genies stop at the Imperial Road and never dare to take the last step!"
Shining golden Buddha nodded.
He has not been exposed to too much information about the imperial realm, and he knows even less about the sacred realm.
In fact, Su Mo’s ability to cultivate Chaos Avenue to this level is also due to the fusion of natural violet and industrial red violet, and the memory brought by the two lotus flowers.
"It turned out to be Chaos Avenue"
"No wonder Su Daoyou once said that Chaos Palace is predestined friends."
Xu Rui and others glances recall that Su Mo was brought back and he once said a word.
The war continues.
And the half-scene also made the monsters in Wanshouling look full of shock.
An honorable person who condenses the Tao and realizes that the Tao is a great Buddha, and it is hard to shake and fight against the wind!
More than that, because the Da Tian Zun of the Jackal family just broke through the realm, the Yuan God was influenced by the Taoist seal of Su Mo Yuan God, and his combat power was reduced.
The moment of the two men’s war turned out to be Su Mo’s steady occupation of the wind and offensive, such as the storm, which completely suppressed the momentum of the big Buddha of the Lao family!
It was not until this moment that the people in Chaos Palace realized that Su Mo dared to come to Beasts Ridge.
So calm in the hall of beasts
Seeing the Buddha is very big, the Buddha and the strong are sitting on the mountain.
It is his greatest confidence to have the power to fight against the great Buddha!
But even so, the hearts of people in Chaos Palace are still hanging high.
You know, there are two big Buddha beside you.
Once these two great deities make moves, they will definitely rewrite the war situation!
And beast ridge and hundreds of thousands of monster beast are gathered around ma.
It was because the demons were attracted by the war that they didn’t move.
If the big Buddha of the jackal clan makes a group of demons embrace without releasing any means, more than 3,000 of them will be trampled to pieces!
Actually, Xuan Yang Da Tian Zun and Jin Jia Da Tian Zun just secretly communicated with each other.
Eye situation two people don’t have to rush.
You can let Sumo and the Tathagata of the Jackal clan kill each other. It’s better to have a lose-lose situation so that they can reap the benefits of the fishermen.
Even if one of them wins, it must be a terrible victory.
Their combined strength can be easily suppressed!
"Xuanyang and shining armor, are you going to stand by and watch?"
In the face of the more and more brave Vietnam War, the pressure on the great Buddha of Sumo jackals is getting bigger and bigger, and finally I can’t help but drink a way.
Xuan Yang Da Tian Zun smiled without saying a word, and said in his heart, "The eyes need to sit quietly and watch the tigers fight, so they can annex the Beasts Ridge without bloodshed."
Shining golden Buddha also hey hey smile didn’t mean to.
The big Buddha of the jackal family just spoke with a floating breath, and the world behind him became wobbly and almost defeated by Su Mo!
Da Tianzun, a jackal, realized that he would continue to fight, and he also born to die.
With a sudden change of mind, the great Buddha has made a decision in his heart and gnashed his teeth and said, "I beg the two great buddhas to help me and never betray me from now on!"
The big Buddha of the jackal family said this, which means that he chose Xuanyangling, the minister.