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Lin chongzheng wondered.

Suddenly, the three brothers laughed together and said, "Life is high! You will die today! "
Speaking, two of the three brothers, Lin Chongjue, exploded into powder.
Their statue of honour is like a thousand streams returning to the motherland, and they are going to fly to the third one.
Then only the third big-mouth whale swallowing potential will make the four honor stones inhale into a six-star convergence potential and get a six-fold honor position …
"Stupid" high cold hum
Then the four honorifics will be fixed for half.
Mastering a history is composed of all the possibilities of the present moment and the past. Among these many elements, high can be changed at will. What is it that it is not stupid to want to play tricks in front of high?
"I can’t raise the original evil barrier" Gao said again
I didn’t do anything. The only Ding Jia brother left, I don’t know which one, and his body has faded, like being erased by an eraser inch by inch, disappearing into life.
Gao Gou went to Ding Jia brothers.
The Ding Jia brothers are in extreme fear, and the horse spits out another red leaf.
After the red leaves were spit out, they hung like an umbrella on the top of Ding Jia brothers’ heads, and the disappearance of Ding Jia brothers was found back from history.
More than that, the four honorific stones that were held high were not controlled by high, and they seemed to be thrown into the mouth of Ding Jia brothers.
Clash, clank, clank …
Six stone statues with honorific titles are six lights that light up, so that Ding Jia’s brothers spit out their splendor, and the splendor broke the gold chain of the jade book.
"Hum a small six heavy handle is your choice? You can protect this waste again, like … "Since the method of high hook to Ding Jia brothers is waving branches to whip.
This branch waved like a breeze caressing the face and hitting the Ding Jia brothers, but it was like ten heavy mountains hitting the Ding Jia brothers with a tragic cry and falling into the ground and hitting the personal pit.
Gao also wants to do it again, and suddenly the Ding Jia brothers are so phantom that two gods jump out.
Obviously, the handle of "Tibetan soldier" is hidden, and now your title will be released again.
The two gods are all red leaves covering their heads to protect their own history. One holds a rake and the other holds a pipe. As soon as Fang Fang appeared, he joined forces to resist the high-waving branches.
Two gods, Bai Yu, and seven days, Zhu Gang!
One, two, three … Lin Chong counted the number. There are four shadows in Zhenyuan, and three have already appeared. Is the last one Li Boyang or romantic? One of these two people was not instigated by Zhenyuan?
But now Lin Chong sent a notice to the earth and then sneaked into the back hall.
But as soon as Lin Chong stepped, he felt that the situation was wrong.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-nine Several betrayals
Just take a step
Lin chong suddenly found out
The scene suddenly changed.
I actually arrived at the beginning of my life that day.
He sat in front of all the gods with the first futon.
Seventeen gods are arranged in turn behind them.
He stepped like a student sitting in the first row in the classroom who wanted to skip class, and was stared at by everyone in order.