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"Uncle, what do you want to tell me?"

Wu Shu left him a look and was silent for half a day before he said leisurely, "The question of your treatment should have been discussed by now."
Is lying down so exciting?
After being mentioned by Wu Shu, Li Chu felt that he had become a character. His business could be discussed even though he didn’t know which level it was.
"Uncle, are you kidding me?"
"Can this kind of thing be used as a joke?" Master turned and stared his one eye.
"Er … I put my foot in my mouth. I just can’t believe it."
"Li Xiaoruguo, after the meeting passed by you, you should also be equipped with full-time guards. Your driver can’t do it alone."
Chapter six hundred and thirteen Before the festival
Master’s words hit Li Chu on the head.
What’s with the guards?
The first picture that popped up in his head turned out to be a rich man with fresh clothes and angry horses, who paraded through the city with a group of thugs at home and molested a small wife.
Gee ~ at the thought of that, he felt his hair stand on end and shook his head to throw those pictures out of his mind.
"Uncle, I am strong enough to deserve any guards? Besides, I’m either a hospital or you old comrades’ residence every day, and you won’t go to those other places to match me. It’s just a wave. "
"Is it a wave? That’s not a question you should consider. You said you wouldn’t go to other places?"
"Ah, I have those points every day!"
"How can I hear others say that you went to Liulichang alone two days ago?"
Who’s so talkative?
Li Chu smiled awkwardly. "Uncle, I only go there once in a while and I don’t go there often."
"Tell me what good things you bought?"
"Didn’t the man tell you?"
"What do you mean? Are you being followed? Bullshit! Why do you have nothing to do and send someone to follow you? "
"Hey hey …"
"You are young!" Master stretched out his hand and pointed to him.
"It was Xiao Li who happened to see you when Rong Baozhai went shopping that day. He didn’t bother you when he saw that you were concentrating on those stalls."
"Xiao Li? Li Mi? " It’s really an inch. It’s hard to go out for a walk and let an acquaintance bump into it.
"Well, his father-in-law celebrated his birthday and he went to Rong Baozhai to buy a painting as a birthday present."
"Uncle, go back. It’s almost the same when you go back! You can’t walk too long. "
Master was very cooperative this time and turned around without saying anything.
"I was idle when I went there that day, so I bought a few beers."
"After all, it’s better to go to these mixed places less. Even if you want to go around, you’d better take two people."
"I know uncle!"
Wanted to think Li Chu some embarrassed smiled and asked "uncle that you just said that my treatment problem …"
"Ha ha, I really don’t care if I return it. Lao Shen communicated with me last night. He said that he pushed it for you this time."
When he said this, his master kept his eyes on Li Chu to see what his reaction was when he heard the news.
And this nephew didn’t let him down. After hearing the news, his face showed a look of relief.
"That’s good. I told Shen Shu about it on Wenxuan’s wedding day."
"Well, he also told me," Wu Shu nodded and patted him on the back. "Li Xiao, do a good job. It’s you sooner or later! We old guys know. "
On the contrary, this made Li Chu feel a little confused.
What, you’re the only ones? What should be me?
I wanted to ask, but after thinking about it, he gave up.
What these old comrades love to do most is to give you a big shot through the cloud mountain fog cover and make you dizzy when you wake up! Really didn’t say anything.
Back to his place of residence, Li Chu personally massaged Wu Shu’s leg muscles and accompanied him to lunch before leaving during his lunch break.
After a while, everything seemed to be calm, and the weather gradually cooled down.
During the period before the National Day, one piece of good news followed by another was published in newspapers.
First, the second phase of the subway project was officially opened for operation, which made it more convenient for the people in the 49 cities to go out.
Then followed by Huaxia and the English Union, a press conference was held on the Hong Kong Island issue. After 22 rounds of negotiations, the two sides finally ended, and the agreement was initialled.
Then, on the 20th, Sijiucheng successfully won the hosting of the 9th Asian Games.
A succession of good news seems to be a gift for the coming National Day.
It’s almost time for class in the clinic hall. Li Chu took something out of his pocket and handed it to Duan Jianing and Liu Ziqiang.
"This is for you two. Remember to bring your ID cards and student ID cards when you go."
"What is this, teacher?"
Two people were puzzled and just glanced at it, and they both screamed in unison.
"Ah …"
Looking at two people jumping and jumping, Li Chu said with a smile, "It’s okay, it’s still in the clinic. Pay attention to the influence."
"Teacher teacher I didn’t read wrong? Is this really for us? "
"Isn’t there a name on the side of the nonsense?"
"Yeah ~ I can watch the military parade!" This time Duan Jianing finally lowered his voice.
Liu Ziqiang didn’t shout again, but his red face could show how excited his heart was.
Yes, how can we get together to watch the military parade on National Day without making them excited?
"Remember to go there early and put on your military uniform and bring your documents."
"Knowing the teacher, we are going to see the flag-raising early that day."
"Come on, go home and take a day off."
"Goodbye, teacher!" The two men gave Li Chujing a gift and ran out with joy.
"Dad, what’s the matter with those two people? So happy? "
Go out to the health Wenxuan, lift the curtain and come in.
"I gave them the pass to see the parade."
"No wonder, Dad, I’m going to pick us up every month. We’ll go back there tonight to stay with her mother. When we come back, we’ll go to the auditorium to watch the party."
"Ok, then you can go now."
After Wenxuan left, he locked the consulting room door and walked to the back administration building.