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But in the middle of the trip, the other party made a move.

A statue of the acquired creatures stands in front of the terran million-strong army and wants to fight against the terran million-strong army by itself.
To tell the truth, it’s really embarrassing to take a shot at the low-level monk as a statue, but he has to.
Because if he doesn’t do it again, his elite will be killed and wounded.
This kind of loss is an unbearable price for the acquired creatures, which will make the race from prosperity to weakness.
Face is very important, but it seems a little insignificant compared with the rise and fall of races
Tao Zun’s hand can be earth-shaking
I saw that the day after tomorrow’s creatures were willing to shoot the Terran Million Army to death with one hand and one hand.
He has the confidence to destroy the terran million-strong army with one hand. He is so strong that people who can’t reach this realm will never understand this realm.
This strength is qualitative, far from being compensated by quantity.
Although the terran army of millions is strong, this statue of Luo Daozun is as weak as an ant in its eyes.
He is confident that he will never admit that he will fail.
However, reality often likes to say no to natural people, so that when you hold your own victory, you will be transformed.
Even if face to face with the millions of terran armies, they will arrange their formations in an orderly manner without any panic, and then they will open their mouths in order to drink a lot at the statue.
The word "Kill" resounded through the world and shocked the whole world.
Suddenly, qi and blood poured out of the Terran’s million-strong army in the middle of the river and swept away like a rolling wave towards the statue of Luo Daodao.
At the same time, in the long river of fate, the terran fate also vibrates wildly, and the terrorist forces tear the whole world apart, spreading out from the unknown and merging into the huge blood.
At this moment, the world is changing, and the shock of heaven and earth arouses the border situation.
I saw that the strength of the Terran Qi and blood suddenly rose to an extremely frightening level after it was integrated into the Terran Fate.
This force, the whole world, has become depressed, and the song "When you rush to the day after tomorrow, you will get a pulse, and you will get rid of it."
"Not good!"
"It’s Terran luck!"
"These soldiers can actually mobilize the Terran destiny!"
I feel that the powerful power contained in Terran Qi and blood is not a little scary even if it is a great Taoist statue.
Terran qi and blood may not be strong, but the strength of Terran destiny is absolutely beyond imagination, not to mention that it can be suppressed even when the quasi-saint comes.
After reading this, the day after tomorrow, the creature took a pulse and the Taoist statue turned around and fled, regardless of his body and face.
If you don’t run, he will die!
This is the only thought of the great Taoist statue at this moment
Terran’s vitality is too strong for him to compete with.
Da Luo Dao Zun is very sensitive to life and death. Since his intuition tells him that he will die if he doesn’t run, it must be true. If he wants to run, he must escape as quickly as possible.
If I had known that the Terran army could mobilize the Terran’s vitality, he would never have rushed to the front so foolishly, but would have taken a more prudent approach.
Well, if I had known, I wouldn’t have forced it.
At the moment, the heart of this statue is full of regret.
But it’s too late to say anything now because he’s going to die.
Jiang Hong, commander-in-chief of the Terran army, suddenly took out a flag when he saw that he was trying to escape.
I don’t know what he did, but he gently waved a flag in his hand, and then the great Taoist statue was put in place