After a few seconds, the strong light disappeared.

Everything is calm again.
However, the original position of the troops has left a deep pit tens of meters deep and thousands of meters wide, and people are no longer seen.
"It’s a pity that our brave man is dead again.
Dear audience, I’ll see you in the live broadcast in a few hours ~ "
The live broadcast in Olga dialect came to an abrupt end.
Chapter 326 Angels
Twenty days later
Olga Tower of Confusion has been successfully established in dozens of countries.
And the position of a mind and body also develops with success.
It is similar to recessive hypnosis or brainwashing.
The recognition of Olga will gradually increase in the hearts of all residents in this area.
It is equivalent to accelerating the adaptation process that took years and decades to complete, so that they can quickly get used to Olga’s rule.
And [confusing tower] Olga’s various actions will be beautified in the eyes of those residents, and special effects will automatically make them think in the right direction.
In addition, it also has the energy node Olga energy transformation environment.
Can make the strength of the planet Olga increase exponentially.
When the number of confusing towers reaches a certain level, his position as ruler will be completely established and no one needs to admit it.
All unruly people who are dissatisfied and try to rebel in secret will gradually become good citizens with the power of confusing the heart tower.
St Peter’s Cathedral, the world’s largest cathedral.
With a wave, Olga suddenly appeared in the square in front of the church.
And dozens of clean white beams of light automatically emerged from the top of the central pillar of the church, and the cross was shot out of the icon.
Trying to strangle him!
For those light beams, Olga didn’t look at them, and the golden light wheel behind him automatically released a golden barrier, which would offset them.
And then a second
Those crosses and sacred statues automatically ignited a raging fire.
For thousands of years, it has been attached to exorcism and sacred blessing. In the face of this fierce fire, there is nothing to say.
At the speed visible to the naked eye, those sacred objects slowly turned into pools of pus.
By this time, the tourists around us were slow to react because of the believers.
Face panic than look at Olga.
There is no need to repeat it.
Seeing him instantly, everyone confirmed his identity.
After these days, the notoriety of Olga is unknown.
And looking at those spontaneous combustion things, everyone knows that he is furious.
So tourists or shallow believers have fled.
Trying to avoid being caught in the crossfire.
After all, none of the guys who dared to block Olga in the previous live broadcast were still alive.
For those truly devout believers, crazy believers are desperate to rush towards Olga and try to stop him from taking action.
Of course, what they did was nothing.
In the face of their death, Olga will not have any idea of mercy
Or bullying the weak and beating the old, the weak and the sick is his professional ability.
It was only after they had a satisfying experience of the burning of Joan of Arc that Olga turned his attention to the church.
It’s more than ten seconds
There are already a large number of nuns and priests there.
At the forefront of the procession, an old man dressed in a red ceremony shouted, "Ahriman! This is not your collar … "
For a moment, before the words were finished, the priests around him watched a flame and his center ignited.
Those unspoken words directly turned into sad cries.
Facing this situation, others around you are immediately more frightened than trying to help.
But …
Whether it’s exorcism or therapeutic drugs, there are ways to deal with those raging fires.
Olga created his own power body [spell method rotation]. His doppelganger has now reached the 59th turn.
Don’t finish the energy level first. It can be said that you have entered the level of "a demon"
And the intensity of those fierce fires has also changed several times.
It has long been unusual to remove it.