Thought of here, Wang Xuan secretly played the Heaven Deduction Disk, and the progress of the new achievement method deduction was 49%. It is estimated that the deduction will be completed in the Qing Dynasty.

When the time comes, you can save enough information and ask the king of Bing to find the right spirit of heaven and earth, so that you can step into the thief-swallowing territory in one fell swoop.
Military monks gather to swallow thieves and evil spirits, and their physique is like a magic weapon. Their strength will suddenly increase, and then they will have the strength to suppress one side with the seal of the Dragon and Tiger Army.
The mysterious force that the real person of Ba Dou said made his heart finally shrouded in a haze.
Suddenly the eagle crowed at dawn.
Xiao Bai flapped his wings and fell to the ground, suddenly dusty, and then twisted his ass and came to him.
Now Xiaobai has condensed Shaqi Demon Dan’s body shape has not changed, but it is more fierce. Especially, Shenjun has absorbed the mysterious evil spirit of Wang Xuan Taiyin. Not only is his body like steel, but he can also hurt the enemy with the mysterious evil spirit. Those birds and demons are not rivals.
Took the small white bamboo tube Wang Xuan looked at the intelligence eyebrows slightly wrinkled at Mo Huai and made an expression of eyes. They immediately went to Mo Jia’s compound and found Mo Guanchao.
"YueZhang this is xiao’s trend"
Wang Xuan sink will hand information in the past.
He has told them the whole story. After all, there must be a reason for Mo’s family to stop looking for clues of soul art, and the virtual boat of Di Yuanmen Cen also needs to be sealed.
Of course, stopping looking for a kind of soul magic demon doesn’t mean doing it. They have also increased their intelligence search for the witchcraft inventory.
"Xiao home …"
Mo Guanchao shook his head slightly after watching it. "Xiao’s behavior that night is suspicious, but Bing Wang and Hongyuan can’t see that it’s just playing dumb. Xiao should be that force."
Said the eyes slightly cold way, "I think carefully these days that God is intertwined with various forces. There are many unsolved cases these years, and everyone suspects each other, but it also hides the real GREAT GHOST."
"However, according to the good husband, it should be a major event to calculate the time of Rou Er’s Chinese surgery."
"More than ten years ago, a meteorite smashed the ice and snow on the Great Wall and barbarians invaded the border army at the same time, causing heavy casualties. At that time, the old man had just entered the capital, and many things were busy, and the dead soldiers had not returned home for a long time. After this incident, Rou Er also sensed that it was then that he was assassinated."
"This reminds me of a rumor that an alien meteorite crashed that day and not only destroyed a section of the Great Wall of Ice and Snow, but also an ancient cave appeared. However, this rumor was quickly covered up and military personnel were forbidden to talk about it."
Wang Xuan eyebrows slightly wrinkled "YueZhang mean …"
Mo Guanchao’s eyes flashed a hint of murder. "The Ten Extinct Soul Art is an evil spirit. Where can there be an evil spirit? The only possibility is to bring it in from outside."
"And the forces that can do this are estimated to have penetrated into the border army …"
Mo Huai gasped, "Uncle, this … this is really shocking."
Mo Guanchao sighed faintly, "Maybe the old man is far-fetched. After all, the water in the place of Shendu is so deep that I dare not startle it by careful investigation."
Wang Xuan mused, "Yuezhang, rest assured that I have a good friendship with Tu Su, and this matter will be inquired by innuendo."
Say and look at the information in your hand. "It is believed that the Xiao family has found something since the Yuan Festival."
"But what on earth can make Xiao Jianqiu’s reputation as a member of the Xiao family so violent?"
Mo Guanchao shook his head slightly and looked to the southeast. "Don’t worry about it. Someone is more than us …"
Chapter two hundred and sixty Coach cloth dark-handed fairy Dojo show
Kowloon ridge, as the name suggests, Kowloon Meeting Place.
Middle-earth Long Mai’s topography originates from the Longshou Mountain in Tiandu. If nine Long Mai-like ribs spread out like dense mountains to divide the earth, then Jiulong Ridge is the dragon ridge winding across the Great Yannan Jin Dynasty.
Yu Jiulongling said that there are countless strange and bizarre nine Long Mai are generally the focus of this government army shortage
In Kowloon Ridge, the spring rain is continuous, and the green center is intermittent and towering, and the snow peaks are faintly connected in a line and meander south.
The mountains are densely forested and the grass is deep, and the mountains are criss-crossed. These strange rocks are not carved by people but washed by mountain torrents and streams, and the surface is smooth.
Whoosh whoosh!
More than a dozen figures, rocks and rocks crisscross, starting with Xiao Fenglou, an old man in white, and Hongyuan, a Taoist priest in Taiyi.
Xiao fenglou’s toes even touch the land, and his beards are flying and smiling at Hongyuan’s reality. "The reality is in front."
Hongyuan reality nodded slightly and looked calm, but he was wary.
The Xiao family got a mountain deity place after the famous score, because Xiao Jianqiu personally visited the request office and he had to decorate the mountain temple as required.
As Mo Guanchao said, Xiao Jiayuan acted strangely. On the real person of Bing Wang or Hongyuan, though he didn’t say anything, he secretly sent someone to find out.
Unfortunately, it was found that Xiao ordered Ning Fengfu army and a large number of troops to enter Kowloon Ridge, and then they were traced.
Now Xiao finally came to please.
They have been walking through the mountains for a day, and Hongyuan’s original curiosity has disappeared, and his heart is full of vigilance.
Bypassing a mountain, people are buzzing in front.
Hongyuan real people looked up and saw a hill with military camps and flags flying and smoke rising.
Not far from the hill, there is a sunken back, and the stone wall is densely covered with soldiers, Han and able-bodied men carrying and clearing stones, and a brand-new temple on the stone wall has been built.
Hongyuan real eyes flashed a trace of doubt.