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What was the identity of the emperor the other day?

Heaven’s pro-emperor has a heavenly position, and status is more important than dignity. Even if people don’t want to, they should accompany them to finish the play.
Ren Huang has this qualification.
But what is Xuanqing’s identity?
Is it everyone’s nephew or their junior?
In this case, Xuanqing is qualified to let everyone play a game of surrender with him?
Xuanqing drama has just been performed in the middle.
I was forcibly interrupted by the people who were not resistant to rice.
"It’s getting late, and I should leave."
"Heaven’s friends are afraid that they are not all anxious."
Without waiting for Xuanqing’s reply, a group of great magical powers flew him to heaven.
Xuanqing has been in a state of compulsion.
Is this play finished correctly?
Shouldn’t it be that he refused to invite everyone again, and then he refused again and again before he said "difficult" to agree?
Grass (noun a plant! )
How to explain this situation?
It’s really impressive.
Being forced to go to heaven, he is afraid that the history of the wild is the most wronged God!
Heaven has never been so wronged!
Xuanqing is not never thought of resistance.
But he didn’t approve of the post-Saint practice, and even if he could exert the quasi-Saint dzogchen power by magic weapon, it was a half-step mixed power.
But what he has to face is a group of top magical powers with half a step mixed level.
If we really want to fight, unless he can burst into power comparable to the mixed yuan Luo Jinxian, otherwise the words can be honestly suppressed by all.
The strength gap is too big.
that’s it
Xuanqing people "coerced" to become the first emperor of the universe! (Di Jun Haotian Wufang Tiandi)
After Xuanqing ascended the throne, a number of great magical powers announced that they could not get out of the mountain gate, which made Xuanqing want to get revenge and hate his roots, but there was nothing he could do about them.
"But I didn’t expect things to turn around. It’s a pleasant surprise to be a empress."
"I didn’t expect it to have such an unexpected effect, which can be said to have helped me a lot."
"What a fate!"
After learning that everything happened in the universe, the wind Zichen said with no regrets
He really didn’t expect that Houdi would recommend Emperor Xuanqing.
To tell the truth, Zichen has long forgotten the cause and effect wind.
After all, when he first went to the blood sea, he did it with the idea of rubbing merits. How can he have the face to please people after he got such merits?