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"What are you waiting for? Since father Zhan Lu Mountain, shall we go straight there? " Gou Jian said

The minister in red shook his head and said, "It’s too bad you can’t go to Zhan Lu Mountain. It’s closed at the moment. If you have a sword array arranged by Ou Ye, you will hurt yourself!"
Talk only to see a sword light in the distance shooting at Zhan Lu Mountain. A white sword repair has a haughty look in his eyes.
Suddenly, a golden sword appeared in front of the white sword repair.
White Jian Xiu’s face changed, and his hand was cut off with a sword.
Everything is a little late. The golden sword is too fast. The white sword is cut in half in an instant.
The quartet was still stirring, and the sword repairers were all too stiff to trespass at the moment.
"Shoushan Grand Array?" Zheng Dan frown way
"Well, let’s take a break and wait for my father!" Goujian sink a way
They arranged quickly, but Jiang Tai insisted on going out.
"Mr. Wen, could you tell me about Qiutan?" Jiang Tai asked.
"Do you see it over there?" Wen Zi pointed to a place like a small pond not far away.
"Jiang Tai what are you doing? Do you also ask? " Gou Jian laughed
"No, I’m just looking around!" Jiang tai laughed
Take the little witch Jiang Tai and leave for the pool.
In the right hand, the word’ swastika’ rotates faster and faster, but more and more things are absorbed into the underworld. It is just like drinking water to absorb the dead, which does not make the word’ swastika’ grow. At this moment, Jiang Tai can feel that the flesh-and-blood word’ swastika’ is slowly growing.
Getting stronger?
Jiang Tai came to the pool with surprise.
The whole valley was stationed by an army, so there were no people around except soldiers.
The pool is not as big as ten feet, and the water surface is extremely calm. A stone tablet next to it seems to have gone through many vicissitudes, and there are only two handwriting left.
I can’t read the last word clearly, but the penultimate word is a vague’ pregnancy’!
"Jiang Tai, what’s wrong with you?" Little witch curious way
"I feel this pool may be abnormal! I feel that I will tell you later! "
Jiang Tai carefully felt the strange forces pouring into his left palm. Jiang Tai gradually felt as if a force had been drawn, but this force corresponded to the Gao Shanfeng around him.
"Huh?" Jiang Tai gave me a little surprise.
Fast Jiang Tai climbed a mountain with the little witch.
Jiang Tai, the mountain peak, look at the left palm and look around at the mountain peaks.
"Little witch, do you think this mountain peak is arranged like a hexagram?" Jiang tai frown way
"Gee, it seems really like it. It’s not like it. It’s just that you see that there is a strong wind blowing away from the mountain peak, and the sunshine is more intense." The little witch was surprised
"I understand the word’ swastika’ to absorb the power from the divinatory symbols!" Jiang tai look move way
"Divine power?" Little witch seems to understand.
Jiang Tai stared at Fang Qiutan and looked at the surrounding peaks. Suddenly, he closed his eyes and remembered for a while. "Does this peak look like Tai Hao Mountain?"
"Ah?" Little witch surprised way
"Is to narrow the Tai Hao Mountain? Mount Tai Hao? "
"It’s really narrow Tai Hao mountain taihao Fuxi hexagrams? This may be Fuxi Liu! " Jiang tai gave me a vacant way
Looking at Fang Qiu Tan Jiangtai, he was silent for a while and said, "What is this mountain and this Qiu Tan maybe suppressed by Fuxi?"
"ah? Will it? " Little witch surprised way
"Yes!" Jiang tai eyes with a hint of excitement way
Jiang Tai, the detective, attached the gold symbol of’ swastika’ to the mountain peak.
"Boom!" Rolling force towards the’ swastika’ word Jin Fu crazy chung.
But Fang Qiutan has a surge in one direction.
The surge area of Qiutan is very small, and the edge is covered by aquatic plants, so most people can’t see the roots clearly.
No matter what Jiang Tai seals, it is constantly absorbing the metaphysical power of hexagrams, and the word’ swastika’ can grow. This is what Jiang Tai needs most from Fang, and it is beyond his control.
Chapter 26 Ground Furnace
Two days later.