"Oh, thank you so much. I like perfume." Gu Yan took the gift and turned to look at Qin Yu and asked, "Why did you buy so many men’s clothes after picking up money?"

"I didn’t buy it …" Qin Yu suddenly realized what was going on in the middle, and directly suppressed the second half sentence.
Gu Yan blinked at Qin Yu stepped over and snapped scold a way "you dog day mean to play me? She gave me a perfume and gave you a fucking car full of clothes. You told me she was asking me to do something? !”
"… you … I … you smell the perfume. It smells good." Qin Yu didn’t know what to say.
"Shall we go?" Jin Yu stopped next to the car and shouted
"I’ll tell Coco if you soak your dick in my house again and it stops raining!" Gu Yan bold blunt Qin Yu said 1.
"Nice perfume."
"Go away!" Gu Yan impatiently scolded 1.
Area to be planned
Wu Tianyin smoked outside the car and turned to look at An Zai and said, "Don’t stay in the hotel all the way, we will sleep in the car."
"No?" An Zai asked.
"Going south is not our own place, so it’s better to be safe." Wu Tianyin replied softly.
Chapter 713 Wonderful Wine Bureau
More minutes later, Gu Yan took Qin Yu Jin Yu to stop and went to a club called Lanting Club in Zhannan, his aunt.
This is not only the first time for Qin Yu and others to come, but also the first time for Gu Yan to come, because he listened to Zhan Nan and talked to him before, but he never had any chance to come here.
This Blue Water Lanting Club is a top-level route department, decorated with elegant charm, all of which are wooden buildings with ancient Chinese furniture, bridges, flowing water screens and terraces everywhere, and there are also private restaurants dedicated to business banquet boxes and teahouses.
Club floor 3
Zhan Nan led a beautiful girl and walked over to the crowd and said, "This is my nickname doll named Xu Man."
"Get out of here!" The doll stretched out his hand and lamented an exhibition. Nan smiled and waved at everyone and said, "Hello everyone."
"I won’t let her come, but she has to meet the big star, and I can’t stop it." Zhan Nan took off her coat and stopped at Jin Yu and said, "You have to sign her name for a while, so she can watch your shadow at home if she has nothing to do."
"Hello, hello, golden rain stops"
"wow! Your skin is well maintained. It’s just like the shadow. "
It is easy for two women with similar status and the same wealth to find a common topic when sitting together, and almost no one needs to help them get closer.
Beside Gu Yan very dissatisfied at exhibition nan low scold a way "are you stupid b? I have trained you for so many years, why are you so stupid? "
"… what’s wrong with me?" Exhibition nan a face puzzled.
"I called you here to mean that you gave me the whole slightly ambiguous place to bring Jin and me closer together." Gu Yan couldn’t wait to kill Zhan Nan and scolded, "What are you doing for your daughter-in-law? !”
"It’s not that my daughter-in-law is in your way. You should do whatever you want!" Zhan Nan impatiently replied, "I fucking invite you to such a high-end place, and you still scold me for a while and you pay for it yourself."
"Your daughter-in-law to the wine can’t drink more words can’t say too SAO that you let me do? I can’t fucking make it out. Can’t you understand? " Gu Yan was so angry that his eyes were red that he felt extremely uncomfortable.
"Don’t worry, I’ll create some opportunities for you later," replied Zhan Nan, scratching his nose.
When they were whispering, the door was suddenly pushed. A woman in her forties came in with a smile. "Nannan, are all your friends here?"
"Oh, aunt!" Exhibition nan immediately.
"I just got back and heard that there was a big star coming, so I immediately changed my clothes." Aunt Zhan Nan was dressed very fashionably and kept in shape just like a little girl. She wore tight jeans, a waist shirt and delicate and capable short hair, and at first glance she was a successful person with a certain value.
"Come on, young aunt, I’ll introduce you to one." Zhan Nan immediately said, "This is Gu Yan Qin Yu, two very good friends of mine. This is Jin Yu. Stop. Hehe, Daxing is Qin Yu’s friend."
"Hey, hello, hello!" Aunt immediately polite stretched out his hand at the people say hello.
After everyone got to know each other for a while, Xiao Yan naturally sat next to Jin Yu and walked over to chat with her and Zhan Nan’s daughter-in-law.
"Silly B, this is the opportunity you created for me, isn’t it?" Gu Yan squinted and asked, "Why don’t you call your grandmother?"
"I didn’t know she was coming back so soon."
“……!” Gu Yan gas liver pain twist a head looked at exhibition nan aunt suddenly silent.
"Oh, it’s time for dinner. You can ask her out to talk about it later." Qin Yu sipped tea and said, "I think it’s very interesting to meet you when the golden rain stops."
"… you also have a bad brain?" Gu Yan looked at Qin Yu and said, "Are you stupid? Can’t you see that the golden rain stopped today? I asked you out! "
"If she asks me out, I’ll just ask you out. What are you panicking about?"
"I his mama can not panic? ! You asked me out, I asked Zhan Nan out, and then he asked his daughter-in-law to take his aunt out. I really fucked you. Tell me what this game is. How to drink this wine? !” Gu Yan fidgety lit a cigarette and looked at the three women again. Then she turned her head and rushed to Zhan Nan to comment, "But it’s not bad to say that your aunt is still good."
“? ? ?” Exhibition nan leng immediately low to lambaste "fuck you big ye are you crazy? ! Do you still have humanity? I always give you that play. Can you believe it? !”
"Didi Lingling!"
Qin Yu’s cell phone rang when Zhan Nan and Gu Yan were talking nonsense.
"hello? What happened to Chengdong? "
"Where are you?" Lin chengdong words concise asked 1
Qin Yu paused. "Oh, it’s nothing. Shall I have dinner with Gu Yan and Zhan Nan?"
"… drink? Is there an outsider? I went there? " Lin chengdong asked 1
"Ah?" Qin Yu was a little unresponsive at the moment because Lin Chengdong was not too short when he got along with Gu Yan, but he never took the initiative to ask for such a party. Qin Yu was a little surprised.
"Is it inconvenient? Then I won’t go. "
"Ah, there is no stranger. Come here. Let’s have a clear water Lanting." Qin Yu immediately replied.
"Ok, then I’m going that way now."
Say that finish two people ended the call.
"Who is it?" Gu Yan eating dried fruit freely asked 1.
"It’s Chengdong," Qin Yu replied. "He may be idle and want to come and have a drink with us."