Even though he put in many efforts.

The results have not changed a bit. The results
It’s like fate is a special river
No matter how the flow direction to tributaries changes on the way.
All rivers will eventually converge at the same destination …
This cruel reality
Makes his heart quite complicated.
Especially after thinking about what happened to your own heirs.
He couldn’t help daydreaming.
Did you personally promote everything?
Or is everything an inevitable result, and it will happen as usual whether you intervene or not?
And then
Mysterious, he slowly looked at his fallen heir-[yarbrough Shaer]
Look very calm toward the coffin department will be imprisoned each other frankly tells.
"You just calm down inside …"
After warning each other
[Adam] closed his eyes
Toward the sky toward the world high call way
"Great [Creator] …"
"Can’t" almighty "…"
"Please send heaven to punish grace and wash away this ruined land defiled by evil …"
Smell speech
I feel that the other person is farting [yarbrough Shaer] has not been ridiculed again.
But suddenly out of the corner of his eye, he saw a striking silver light flowing.
Then he was amazed and saw the sky or the star collapse.
First, cracks appear in
Then there is a lot of silvery white water flowing wildly from it …
Exhausting the silvery white water …
The sun was doused.
The stars were washed down.
Clouds and birds are also implicated …
"rumble ~"
When those waters fall to the ground,
[yarbrough Shaer] Heard the sound of a huge explosion.
But he knew it wasn’t an explosion.
That’s what happens when too much heavy water hits the hard ground.
Go on.
The impact disappeared.
It was also submerged by the impact
The silvery white water in his eyes will sound, shine, and all things will be drowned.
Town Demon Museum
Birds and beasts …
Because fish and all kinds of aquatic animals that should live in water are submerged.