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"The identity of Xuandu is really surprising!"

Looking at Yi Ang’s wind Zichen’s eyes is still unbelievable.
How can he be Xuandu?
Later generations said that it took tens of thousands of people to worship the mountains, rivers and mountains in Xuandu, the Chinese people, and almost all the famous mountains and rivers were worshipped.
But Xuandu’s qualifications are too stupid. Even though he has worshipped the famous mountains and rivers, the great magicians still look no, he refuses to accept others.
Only the Taiqing sage, moved by his perseverance, personally came to him and accepted his brother.
There are many creatures with great chances and great wisdom in the wild, but those with great perseverance are rare in the wild.
And Xuan is a person who has little perseverance in the wild.
Perseverance can’t be highly savvy or uplifting, but it represents a firm mind to seek Tao.
The road ahead is long and there are many obstacles. If you want to come to an end, you must persist and persist!
It doesn’t matter if my brother doesn’t have wisdom, but it doesn’t matter if his brother doesn’t have a chance.
He can’t do anything about perseverance.
Perseverance, which affects people’s hearts, is the most difficult thing to ponder, even saints can master the law completely
Perseverance, looking at yourself and outsiders can inspire you.
What the Qing sage lacks is a brother with great perseverance, which is exactly what Xuandu has.
But what’s going on now?
To say that perseverance is there, but it is far from the degree mentioned.
It can be said that the only thing worthy of praise is that Yi Ang is unlucky, otherwise he wouldn’t get the nine-turn elixir.
"Forget it. Think so much."
"History has been revised. Who can tell?"
I can’t figure out what Yi ang is, but Zichen just doesn’t want to. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if he figures it out, which is a good thing.
"Ha ha!"
"Congratulations, friends!"
Laughing, Zichen stepped forward and came to Yi Ang’s side. Congratulations from the heart.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-seven Congenital two instrument sword
Yi Ang, the only brother of the Taiqing sage, is destined to become a great avatar in the future.
If one day Feng Zichen had an accident, Yi Ang’s is the last guarantee of Terran.
On the other hand, when the terran encounters a disaster, it can always keep a trace of it, and a ray of fire will not go out.
"Yi Ang has seen you!"
Seeing the wind, Zichen Yiang made a slight bow.
On his identity, if it changes, he will always be a person.
That is, people must salute when they see Ren Huang.
"My friend, you have proved that it is a blessing for our Terran to pick Jin Xian. I will give you this innate two-instrument sword as a gift."
After Yi Ang’s help, Feng Zichen took out a natural Excalibur interwoven with black and white light and handed it to him.
This is the innate treasure-the innate two-instrument Excalibur.
In those days, Feng Zichen got two pieces of congenital spiritual treasure from the ruins of Tseng Taikoo.
Those two innate treasures are both innate treasures, one belongs to the light path treasure and the other belongs to the dark path treasure.
However, the breakage of these two congenital Lingbao is too serious to be seen and it is more troublesome to repair.
According to Feng Zichen’s calculation, the cost of repairing them can already pile up a pick of gold fairy, which means that they have no repair value at all.
The wind Zichen took advantage of the chaos outside the body to melt these two pieces of congenital Lingbao.
Chaotic gas evolution innate yin and yang qi supplemented by self-understanding innate two-instrument wind Zichen’s opposition between light and dark evolved two-instrument theory.
It is hard to refine these two broken innate spiritual treasures into one innate spiritual treasure and sublimate their quality, transforming them from light and dark attributes into innate two-instrument attributes
However, Feng Zichen already has a Zichen sword, and it doesn’t make much sense for Wan Jian to keep this innate two-instrument sword in his hand.
Just as Yi Ang’s witness didn’t take advantage of Lingbao Feng Zichen at this time, she simply gave him this sword.
On the one hand, it is to congratulate him on breaking through the pick of the golden fairy, and on the other hand, it is to give him a decent spiritual treasure to keep up appearances.
Otherwise, it’s like going out without even a congenital treasure.