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All the monks of Fengyun shook their bodies, and Zhenyuan involuntarily poured out and poured into the ship array.

At this moment, the monks have an illusion that they have become a magnificent giant, and a muscle has poured out a force to rush to the streamer sword of the ship array.
Corleone’s body suddenly tightened, and he shrugged his hands forward, and suddenly leaned forward and leaned forward. His mouth roared forward, "Go agarwood …"
Sun Hao once fought the Dragon Family Dragon Boat.
The agarwood force once scattered large white clouds.
At this time, the agarwood sword with Sun Hao’s determination to win burst forward again.
This sword carries Sun Hao’s awareness of winning the magic army.
This sword brings together all the monks of Fengyun.
This sword has Sun Hao’s highly condensed spirit.
This sword is Sun Hao’s sword stab and Jian Rushan’s two kinds of swordsmanship stunts, and at the same time, the sword runs through the sky, the sword collapses and the mountain collapses.
It is bound to break up the black fog and leave most of the magic army.
Streamlined agarwood sword blessed a huge ship array. In the true yuan energy, a streamer suddenly cut across the sky, and a black fog dragon boat quickly appeared.
But at this moment, Sun Hao felt that agarwood sword had changed unexpectedly.
The speed has reached the extreme, and the weight of the agarwood sword has reached the peak. Sun Hao is confident and determined to collapse a large piece of black fog. At the same time, he suddenly realized that the agarwood sword is so light at this moment.
As light as a feather!
And the speed is faster than the agarwood sword. Sun Hao’s knowledge perception has also become unhurried and light.
Corleone heart slightly surprised instantaneous and white.
This is a sword feather
I have been practicing for hundreds of years, but I have not been able to make a sword and feather.
At this moment, Fengyun’s ship array blessed and pursued the magic repair key, and at that moment, it defeated a large number of magic repairs by itself. In its determination, it finally inspired the agarwood sword, the fourth kind of imperial fencing.
Then let these demons cultivate their own agarwood swords and become swords for imperial defense! ~^~
Chapter DiYiEr79 Sword thousands of feathers
There are heavy and heavy swords, and the front of the sword can collapse. The mountain sword has heavy polarization feathers. Our royal sword is light and has wings and thin hidden machines … Our godsworn sword turns into feathers, and hundreds of billions of cold light rushes to the town of Xinghai.
Sun Hao heart quickly flashed sword feather tips.
Sword feather cultivation to the extreme can turn feathers into hundreds of billions of cold light and rush to Xinghai, the town of Yulanglang Feixu.
But now Sun Hao can do it just to the point of lifting weights easily.
In Sun Hao’s knowledge, the agarwood sword was so heavy that it became a light feather.
Sun Hao seemed to see the light agarwood sword flying out of the feather-like sword light.
Another shock sent out a sword of light.
In the state of sword feather, Sun Hao shook the aloes sword for five times in a row and sent out five batches of sword light. Only then did he feel that his spirit was relaxed and the aloes sword was exhausted, and his gods rarely felt a little tired.
Boom a Sun Hao body a slight shock fell out from the sword feather state.
The whole state quickly returned to normal.
Then Sun Hao followed his brother and witnessed his own sword feather coming out for the first time and killing the enemy for the first time.
Just now, the state seemed longer than the magic, but in fact, it was just a moment when Sun Hao fell out and just saw the agarwood sword erupt.
Like a meteor, it flies over the agarwood sword from the black fog dragon boat and flashes gently.
As if it were unreal, the aloes sword shook one, two, two, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four
The sword shadow quivers as if every sword is a real sword. The agarwood sword core is a fan and flies away to the black fog.
The flying agarwood sword flowed through the place, and the black fog layers collapsed and melted, and the ships appeared.
Ship inferno warrior panic expression also show out.
If it’s not shocking that the agarwood sword disappears and melts the black fog, then the next scene will make all the monks of the two ethnic groups tremble.
Huge inferno ships together with the ships, the inferno monks don’t dodge their faces, and they are frightened. In this way, the inferno monks, together with the sea ships, have lost their aloes and swords.
Quickly turned into emptiness
It seems that the monks and ships are made of fine sand, and the strong wind blows and is instantly blown away layer by layer.
There is no flesh and blood flying without screaming, and the inferno ships and soldiers melt layer by layer in the sword light.
A wave of sword light went more than a mile, and as soon as the sea surface was clear, even the sea water was plunged into the sword light and deeply melted by more than ten feet.
Los three driving faucet to indent the depths of the black fog, but the heart is shocked.
Sun Haosun agarwood, a great naval battle skill, should be beyond the category of lighter, and I don’t know how to describe it.
For a little while, Luo San also looked at the sea where the sword feather just broke out, and my heart was suddenly surprised.
The agarwood sword in front sends out the first wave of sword light and then shakes the blade again.
The second wave of sword light dashed again.
Is almost attached to the third wave, the fourth wave, The 5th Wave attack successively to the black fog dragon boat.
And watching the monk’s eyes is Sun Hao directly launched a powerful lighter to launch a big siege of the inferno.
The graceful agarwood sword incarnated in thousands of moments to form a sword regiment, and after killing a large number of demons, it once again formed a huge Wan Jian sword light, which enveloped a large sea area in the black fog dragon boat.
Sun Haoqing rang out, "Go sword and feather!"
The agarwood sword body takes the lead and incarnates thousands of feathers, and the streamer has enveloped a huge sea area and rapidly tilted.
Black fog melts when the time passes.
Ship fly ash at the time of streamer passing
Time flies, demons are terrified.
Time flies over four or five miles, and the sea surface in Fiona Fang swings.