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This picture is lifelike, three people. It seems that before this picture, I went back to Archaean times and saw this great war on the spot!

But three people’s eyes are still confused by numbers.
Sue ink looked.
This picture still says four small words-protoss invasion!
See these four words read march mind a shock!
Su Mo and Extreme Fire also stood on the spot.
Two people and consciousness to look back to the first picture.
Connecting two pictures will reveal too much information!
After a short silence, Extreme Fire tried to say, "Is the so-called land of God just like a desolate land?"
"It should be"
Su Mo nodded. "The vast edge of the universe is like a wild continent, and the world doesn’t know how many."
That is to say, the protoss root is not a wild mainland creature!
But a real outsider!
In this way, there are many things that can be explained clearly
The protoss blood method is very different among all races in the wild mainland.
After the protoss blood awakening, it is born to derive a blood vision!
Linglong Fairy Tales In Archaean times, it was a fierce race that did not include the protoss, and it was precisely because of the protoss’ original roots that there was no wild continent!
The strange characters in the protoss bag killed by Sumo Kunlun Market Town are protoss characters!
The protoss man’s memory of the world should be the mainland of God!
I looked at the cave with colorful brilliance in the second picture and said, "So it seems that this cave should be the tunnel connecting the wild mainland and the godland!"
"Only through this can the protoss enter the wild!"
Sue ink nodded and continued to look.
The third picture is still the deep canyon, but it is calm again.
Zi Cheng and Jin Cheng snuggled up and sat in the canyon.
There is an egg lying quietly in two arms!
On the other side of the canyon, there are some protoss who are far away and back in a panic.
The third picture still says four words-the birthday of God.
Extremely angry, he said, "It seems that this purple bottle was taken care of day and night by this golden bottle, and some protoss seized the opportunity to cross this canyon and enter the wild."
Su Mo nodded.
Through these pictures, it is easy to connect some things that happened in Archaean times.
The three men moved on and looked towards the fourth picture.
The fourth picture finally lost the canyon.
There are many creatures painted on the surface, besides the protoss, there are also the dragon Kun clan and the other fierce clans!
Not only that, there are two more horrible monster beast breath gods in the fourth picture!
Taboo dragon phoenix!
Taboo Kun Peng!