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"The arrival said the department has fallen? !”

Little Xuan Xi ‘e looks at each other like a dream, but his mood is stirring. This life is expected to reproduce the humanistic glory of the late ancient times!
The three great gods made the devil king double-body, and the Buddha came to the world in the future. feng du read the body and said so much that his fighting power was wiped out in an instant, which is hard to imagine.
"I don’t know what it means to be a car."
Gao Lan lightly brushed the sword body and took the sword flower, and all kinds of blood were scattered.
She stepped on the top floor of Fengtiantai with a sword, took out all the powerful mutilations and placed them as if they were slaughtering animals before the sacrifice, which made everyone hold their breath.
That’s great power, but it has become a sacrifice like cattle and sheep. The contrast is too fierce
"Say that offering sacrifices to people is the rule of heaven!"
Gao Lan’s eyes are bursting with strange light, and Ren Huang’s sword, with a wave of his hand, rushed to the sky, and the whole Jinxia penetrated the sea of clouds and went straight into nine days.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-five People’s humanitarian system is near the road.
The Doomsday Boat in Changle, Zhou Dynasty, is horizontally sealed and the rooftop stands tall, rendering the sky forever.
Jinxia shines all over the place, and Ruicai rolls on. One person said that the corpse of Mighty was regarded as a sacrifice and turned into lotus flower, which was integrated into various altars and projected in one fell swoop.
That vast and tall person is the virtual shadow of the nine heavens in the celestial world; Dirty, evil and strange people, nine mysterious magic shadows, one by one, put the real world in the middle as if it were a trinity, and want to return to the chaotic face of Archean.
"Heaven and man are co-masters of the three realms …
From today on, this day needs a sound.
Shun me and prosper.
Those who oppose me die!
Heaven and earth are exclusive! "
Gao Lan’s negative hand holds its head high, the air pressure is high, the world’s heads are hanging heavy, and the feet are deep. Christina’s air is floating and turbid, as if the ancient emperor was magnificent.
For a moment, her right hand slowly drew out the golden body of Ren Huang Jian, and the front of it was engraved with the various forms of the sun, the moon and the stars, and behind it was the creeping hilt of the demon Buddha, and there was a prototype of farming, fishing and animal husbandry.
The light of generate’s Ren Huang sword has become vaguely revealing its own humanistic brilliance, and it has rushed into the virtual shadow of the nine days like a wave.
Boom! The virtual shadow of the whole cloud nine is solidified as if it were really formed, stably connected into a channel, and the real world communicates together to set an anchor point.
"heaven and earth see each other and we will succeed."
Shao Xuanxi ‘e whispered that the boat stood at the end of the day and said that it was natural to feel extraordinary. Every universe they linked changed, reflecting the same node changes.
Humanity rules heaven!
Influenced by the real world, all the new heavens and all the worlds have this ultimate node, and the heavens formed in the past have also changed into this great event. Ren Huang cut all the enemies and unified the heavens to seal the gods.
And with one exception, success is doomed to success, so it is God’s will!
Ananda’s face is crazy in the depths of Lingshan, and the fundus is transpiration with dark red, which seems to be hooked up with something, guided by the breath of the celestial handle of ascended heaven.
Gao Lan’s eyes are getting deeper and deeper, and the beautiful mountains and rivers in front of him are clearly linked to the territory, making the depths of the earth dull, low and soft.
In the Central Plains, the Southern Wilderness, the Western Regions, the grasslands, the East China Sea and overseas, there are puffs of earth and air, and the brown coptis has become a Long Mai that has spread all over the Zhou Dynasty. They have come alive and rushed to Changle to seal the roof.
At this moment, the tremor of cloud nine suddenly stopped, and the dark red shape changed into irregular and chaotic whirlpools, like a terrible and indifferent eye.
Surrounded by air, the turbid air in the Fengtian platform, the clear light and gas transport in Long Mai will fall apart with chaos.
The monster of heaven appeared, and she was once the Emperor of Heaven, and she was able to reject and be stimulated by this kind of seizure of her own body.
At this moment, the nodes of the heavens and the earth have changed, and there has been a diversion. With the model lake, the scenes are unclear, and it seems that failure is about to be born, and accidents may be more than chaos.
"The other big shot! The humanitarian system has really forced such a field. "Little Xuanxi ‘e is surprised that the real providence field is rare, but worse, this node is very abrupt."
Gao Lan is still calm, even raising Ren Huang’s sword has not fluctuated at all. It is God’s will that all obstacles in front of my general trend will be broken and destroyed.
In the virtual shadow of nine days, the Buddha’s light spreads like waves, ups and downs, and spreads to solidify everything, like occupying the past, the present and the future, making the Tiantai stable and all the chaos and evil things become”
"The bitter sea turns back to the shore!"
There seems to be a statue of pure white glazed giant Buddha in this instantaneous height. The lake is unclear and covered with dark gold robes. It is full of vicissitudes. When it appears, it has an ancient meaning flowing all over the long river and crushing the world.
Seeing that she stretched out her right hand, the five fingers became bigger than the palm of her hand, and the golden woman blossomed into a flower, a world, a leaf and a universe covered it. The universe was born, and the heavens and the earth were born. Every layer of the universe was filled with Buddha, Bodhisattva and King Kong Lohan.
Boom! At the moment, the dark red layers of explosions were dispersed by degrees, and the sense of madness and confusion was also suppressed and flattened in the Buddha’s light. The swirling eyes of the glazed Buddha’s palm were pressed, and the knuckles would be picked up as if they were in the palm of the town.
Even a certain connection of ascended a cloud was blocked and immersed in the sea of light and air billow.
"The wind is blowing!"
Gao Lan’s Ren Huang sword, in a big drink, flashed into the sky in an instant, and soared for nine days, making heaven and earth discolored and dark. Not only in the real world, but also in the ancient world, the universe was in the same state.
Then a golden light was sprayed from the rooftop to nine days, dyed blue, purple and pure white, and lit up the celestial world.
Humanity rules heaven!
On the third floor of the cloud nine, the Yaochi is vast, and the halo is undulating and expanding, as if something is resisting against the humanitarian force of sealing the roof.
There are high-spirited eyes overlooking from the Yaochi in the past, which further stimulates the monster of Heaven, making it mean not to roar, as if it were expanding to regain what it had lost.
Xuantianzong Jade Emperor Mountain’s sparkling long knife suddenly trembled, reflecting a series of pure white light. In it, there was an ancient seal and a virtual shadow tumbling, and then it crossed the river of time and broke free from the shackles of years. It was going to fall into the ninth heaven to revive and change the handle to stop humanity from unifying heaven.
"I am the only one in the world." Papman opened his eyes and sat in a poor height. His body seemed to reflect the arrival of the WTO, and it generally bloomed with white light, the purest light, the purest light, nothing else and no impurities; With one finger, the sky will stand on cloud nine and touch the ground with one hand to crush the monster of heaven.
She stood in the center and became a true Buddha. When generate penetrated, everything was created and an era was established. Everything was her own.
The eye power of Yaochi was immediately torn and beaten back to the past; The monster of heaven has also been stifled and truly isolated, and it has become a description of a piece of tissue paper left in the water in the mirror.
At the same time, the dark red beads in her hand flew up and turned into pieces of reverse dark red characters, each of which performed different tricks, and the Tathagata’s reverse palm and horizontal pressure blocked the mouth from flying to the front of Jiutian Ancient Seal.
"Be honest before you are born."
Papman coldly glanced at each other time knife XuanTianDi Tathagata reverse palm force will strike the whole back into the blade.
Xuantiandi’s vast consciousness rippled slightly, and after all, it was doomed without him.
In a calm world, there is only one Buddha’s light left. The real Buddha’s light renders everything and clears all obstacles in the road to heaven.
Then the chaotic Long Mai returned to normal and climbed the rooftop to make up for the destruction of several floors in the center and the surrounding outer walls, forming a floating dragon.
The heavens and the earth are going to split and restore peacefully again, return to’ established success’ and continue to advance.
Visible to the naked eye, there is a majestic and solemn god around the rooftop, which attracts the purple light. The star owner is in charge of the thunder, the ancient god is surrounded by soldiers, and Xuan Nv is surrounded by thousands of stars.
Really, the projection of the brand of the gods in the ancient heaven has condensed out one handle after another, symbolizing the inscription of the real name, which also means that humanity and heaven can no longer be completely successful!
It’s done!
Ren Huang’s little Xuanxi ‘e couldn’t help but shout. This is a humanitarian tradition. Oh, my God, Ren Huang didn’t accomplish a feat in the past!