Seeing this, he quickly withdrew his knife and looked at his long knife gap. "What a strong body!"

Beside the array has been gloomy "originally … is that uber? Hum ~ you are no match for me. I advise you not to mind your own business! "
Obviously, she has seen that the pretty golden lotus in front of her eyes is what the Yin ruins have turned into.
But at the moment, although Qiao Jinlian got a knife abruptly, it seems as if nothing happened.
She stuck out her sweet tongue and licked the blood from her lips. She was quite intoxicated and said, "Well, what if I have to take care of it?"
When the Dao Emperor shook the long Dao and his rage flashed across the blade, the gap was restored.
He growled, "That will make you … scattered in the nether world!"
After taking his word, he made a sacrifice to the Xuan array and cut the soul shadow together. Obviously, it is necessary to kill Qiao Jinlian in front of him quickly and quickly to stop Luo Yu.
And they naturally know that the pretty lotus in front of them is just the soul of the Yin market, and the powerful body looks tough, but its strength will never exceed their best.
Otherwise, once they join hands, they will exert all their efforts to cooperate with each other. As a result, Qiao Jinlian’s decline has been hit hard!
"Death ~!" Knife emperor in anger.
Knife and shadow hunting, fierce fighting, strangling and killing Qiao Jinlian were instantly hacked, and their clothes were torn and bloodied. Finally, after being driven out, the remnants of the body were rolled back and smashed several feet behind them, and the mountain road was cracked like a giant pit.
Seeing Qiao Jinlian, this uber is so vulnerable, the knife emperor turned his blade and disdained to hum "Go!"
Say two people are ready to cross the dusty pit to catch up with Luo Yu three people.
Can let two people didn’t expect is.
Hee hee hee ~
Laughter sounded strange again and showed a bit of malicious crime.
"It’s not dead!"
It’s hard to believe that the knife emperor is afraid
At present, a red shadow in the dusty mountain pit is staggering with blood.
See Qiao Jinlian’s bare and scarred shoulders hanging high and low.
She seems to be the first to hang her head, but her eyes are red like a demon’s lips, and her blood is dripping. She still smiles like a crazy beast and stares at them.
The tattered and tattered red tea hanging from the jade hand is already red, and the five fingers have four more starlight leaves!
"Spirit Ye!"
After the battle, I saw that the four spiritual leaves in Qiao Jinlian’s hand quickly grabbed the knife emperor who wanted to make another move, and looked at the red shadow in the fog with a little vigilance. "You evil beast should leave when you have four spiritual leaves, but you are still stupid and dare to be my main enemy?"
As said after the battle, this spirit leaf of Stellar vine is very important to Yin Ruins. It needs refining and refining. When this spirit leaf reaches a certain amount, it can get rid of the original ugly appearance, and Spirit’s personal strength can be restored to its peak.
However, once the Yin Ruins are refined and refined, they are comparable to the fairy. If it is too empty, she can still hinder her travel and even have the qualification to cultivate into a fairy!
It can be said that the star vine is not only the godsworn’s fairy fate, but also the only good fortune of the Yin ruins.
This is the reason why she has been dying in this vast underworld for all her years, even if she risked her life.
At the moment, I feel intoxicated when I see Qiao Jinlian twist the four leaves in front of her nose. "Hey, I’m so unlucky. I’m risking my life to stick to those two stars and vines for years. Now I’ve got Jiro’s pity for the gift, and the spiritual leaves are reborn. Even if you are a dirt, you’ll be grateful. I’ll be able to stop you both with energy efficiency."
Now she will have four spiritual leaves, which is exactly what she said. This spiritual leaf is a gift from Luo Yu.
Luoyu has two pieces, and Mozhuang deeply regrets that he accidentally injured Luoyu, and he is ashamed of his past confidant, so he quietly gave Luoyu the remaining two pieces of spiritual leaves.
Of course, there is another purpose that Mozhuang unequivocally gave Luo Yu, that is, Mozhuang knew that his roots could not be endowed with the second generation opponents, and Luo Yu received great benefits from him. Then Luo Yu, half of Mo’s family, had a bloody feud and naturally had to shoulder his shoulders.
So Luo Yu has four leaves.
And these four pieces of Ye Luoyu, who haven’t covered the hot spirit, gave Qiao Jinlian. That’s because Huang Lao passed through the Yin market. Although they are virtual beasts, they are between the mountains and the mountains. They are wandering between the two worlds, looking for stars and vines to thoroughly remould themselves.
So he gave Qiao Jinlian four spiritual leaves in his hand to raise his own strength.
After all, now his identity has been exposed and he has fallen into a passive situation. Only in this way can we greatly increase our own strength.
At the moment, Qiao Jinlian has greedily sucked the four leaves of Xing Teng Ling and instantly melted the burning star into the body.
Suddenly, the "buzzing" starlight and brilliance overflowed around the bright Milky Way light waves.
Qiao Jinlian’s body is covered with radiant splendor and scarred, and the speed of recovery is visible to the naked eye, and the new skin is as crystal clear as jade fat, and the face is as beautiful as flowers and moons.
It can really be said that "the star red silk is gorgeous and the moon is graceful."
After seeing this array, he disdained to say, "I didn’t expect … you this Uber to get four spiritual leaves? It’s a pity that … If there are five pieces without one or two, you may be able to restore your past strength by ninety percent, but … "
However, her voice did not fall, Qiao Jinlian had stood in the pit and made a step like a dragonfly towards the two of them.
This step is called the collapse of the earth and stone, and the fission side is unexpectedly turbulent!
A strong breath has come to my face, making people feel suffocated!
Just like … It is the peak of Yin Ruins that will have a strong momentum.
Seeing this rolling pressure, I was shocked. "How can it be …!"
At the same time, Qiao Jinlian has been coquettish and funny. "You are wrong. I have refined two leaves since I was a child. Now it is … six leaves."
Psst ~
After the array, the knife emperor gasped almost at the same time.
The moment before the red shadow trance in front of the field of vision has become disappeared!
After being caught off guard, the knife emperor’s chest sagged almost at the same time. In front of him, the ghosting of his palms cracked violently, and the sonic boom rolled back and smashed wildly.