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Although the Vientiane family has a great cause, there are only a handful of experts who have reached the realm of Yuanying. Now, after one death, one is missing.

"This is a misunderstanding!" Took a deep breath, and the deputy door owner suppressed his anger from the bottom of his heart. "You let Elder Chen Yuanying go and I’ll let you leave safely!"
"Misunderstanding? Ha-"
Hearing the word "misunderstanding", Liu Fei couldn’t help laughing on the spot and then looked cold. "What did you do just now? Why didn’t you say it was a misunderstanding when I was chased by him just now? "
"Now come here and tell me that this is a misunderstanding? You lied to a three-year-old child! " Liu Fei a face of aggressive stare at vice door main drink a way
You!’ For a moment, the deputy door owner was speechless, but he couldn’t help but flash a hint of malice. "Young people leave everything on the line so that they can meet again in the future. It’s not good for you to distinguish right from wrong so clearly!"
"Ha ha … leave a line?" Lu Fei laughed wildly and unconsciously flashed a touch of madness. "I’ll keep your sister!" "
The words sound just fell and Liu Fei’s hand slammed it and wiped it, crushing the elder Chen Yuanying on the spot and turning it into a piece of light rain, which slowly dissipated in the air!
Murderers always kill!
In the early days of Yuan Ying, the senior deacon of Vientiane Gate was so stunned that he died in the hands of Liu Fei.
[215] Fu Wang Weiwu!
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Watching Liu Fei crush Elder Chen Yuanying’s deputy door master suddenly flew into a rage, gnashing his teeth fiercely, and slapping his hand toward Liu Fei’s chest!
Without the threat of the elder Chen Yuanying, the deputy door master naturally has no scruples.
Liu Fei still dares to crush the elder Chen Yuanying in front of him, which he regards as a provocation, not only to him but also to the whole Vientiane Gate.
If this is not in addition to the majesty of Vientiane Gate?
And watching the other side slap Lu Fei quickly, he didn’t take his time and didn’t avoid it at all. It means that he suddenly shouted, "Smelly master, if you don’t show up again, you will really hang up!"
"Smelly little! So you knew I had come! "
Lu Fei’s voice just fell, but it was not a stalwart. On the contrary, he was awkward and suddenly appeared behind Lu Fei. This person was none other than Lu Fei’s master Fu Wang Chunyin!
Are you kidding? If I hadn’t known that Master had arrived in Luffy, I would have dared to crush Elder Chen Yuanying. Even if he doesn’t cherish his life, he has to think about Xiao Xiao and Li Ge, right?
In fact, as early as when Liu Fei left Fang City, he felt vaguely wrong. Plus, he felt that even if he was lucky enough to leave here, he would eventually be able to keep Crystal Source in undiscovered talent Yanjing!
Therefore, just in case of one thousand, he did not hesitate to crush the pure yin and leave it to him!
Pure Yin was shocked when she received Liu Fei’s news. He got here as soon as possible and made a "Wan Li Trace"!
Don’t underestimate such a small charm seal, which is a rare treasure from ancient times and extremely rare. Pure Yin was accidentally obtained in an adventure and has been studied for decades, but it has not been able to solve the mystery.
With the help of "Wan Li Trace", Chun Yin almost arrived here in a moment.
As early as when the old man in Tsing Yi appeared, the pure yin had actually arrived, but he also wanted to see how strong Lu Fei can be now and never showed up.
And Liu Fei really didn’t let him down. He single-handedly killed Elder Chen at the early stage of Yuan Ying and even captured him!
Speak with a sword of light is by the hands of pure Yin maser out before a clap a palm toward the vice door Lord chop away!
Feel the sharp edge of the sword light, and the deputy door master couldn’t help but get a fright. He hurriedly took it back and "swish" it and took a few steps back behind him!
Pure and cold, I snorted a kind smile when I first faced Lu Fei. Suddenly, I gathered a gloomy face and said, "Jiang Baolai, you are really getting more and more busy. How dare you bully me!"
"Are you …"
Jiang Baolai frowned, but I didn’t expect the bearer to know himself. He carefully looked at his face in the pure yin body and then changed his face. "Are you Fu Wang?"
Fu Wangchun is famous as the deputy door master of Vientiane Gate. Does he not know the truth? I didn’t recognize him just now because he hasn’t seen pure Yin for decades!
And now pure Yin is a far cry from the pure Yin he knew in those days. Don’t wait for the first person in pure Yin’s spiritual world in those days, but this one in front of him is sloppy and fat …
I’ve long heard that Fu Wang was weakened by the dark turmoil in the first world war, and now it seems true …
"Knowing that I am Fu Wang, how dare you bully my disciple?" Pure Yin glared at Jiang Baolai like a fat hen.
"Hum Fu Wang is really funny!" Jiang Baolai sneered, "Did your eyes see us bullying him?"
"It’s always been him who bullied our Vientiane Gate, okay? He also brutally killed our Vientiane Gate deacon elder, even Yuan Ying never let go!"
"Let your mother fart!"
After hearing Jiang Baolai accuse Chun Yin of flying into a rage, he burst into a swearing sentence on the spot. "If you don’t provoke him, he will kill your elders? This! "
"Well, that is to say, in the king? Why don’t I look at it at all? "
Not far away, except for Lin Muyang, everyone else is the first time to see a pure Yin person. At this time, he was dumbfounded when he heard these words. Isn’t this Nima too subversive of the image of Fu Wang in their minds?
Say good sage like style, three wisps of fairy beard?
"yes! He is Uncle Chun Yin! We Maoshan are proud to be the king! " Lin Muyang excited nodded a face of pride and said
Maoshan’s position in the spiritual world has not been high since the day when Maoshan Zongli Sect was established. When Maoshan’s younger brother walked in the Jianghu, he was often called a deviant.
And all this has been completely changed by the rise of pure yin!
Before the dark turmoil, Maoshan once became the first sect in the practice world, and the pure Yin people were honored by various factions. Wang Cheng was truly the first person in the practice world at that time!
Jiang Baolai, who heard pure Yin burst into swearing, couldn’t help being angry and gloomy. "Fu Wang, please respect yourself. If you don’t give me a statement about Vientiane Gate today, no one will leave!"
As soon as the words sound just fell, Jiang Baolai’s body was fierce, and a powerful coercion broke out, and he went straight to the pure yin and crushed it.
"Out-of-body period!"
Feel each other to strong coercion Liu Fei suddenly face big change, although early know Jiang Baolai will be more difficult than just tsing yi old man, but he didn’t expect Jiang Baolai to have crossed the threshold of yuan baby directly into the OBE period!
This is a big level higher than master now!
Thought of here, Liu Fei couldn’t help but worry about looking at the pure Yin.
With a cold hum, I took a faint step forward as if I hadn’t been influenced by the other side at all. I sneered, "It seems that I have been so low-key these years that I don’t even care about cats and dogs, do I?"