"I don’t know why this disciple is a secret. When he was taken captive, he couldn’t even talk or wear clothes. I don’t know what the weirdest thing is to look at the West every day. I will drink blood and eat nothing when I am hungry … My temperament has also changed, and I often feel like a person … Hey!"

Hou Huan sighed and looked at people’s face rain or shine. If it weren’t for a mantle, he would have given up.
However, in his whole life, he only saw that when he was taken captive, he refined the realm of God. In less than a year, he has reached the realm of refining God and achieving great success. This kind of practice is fast and fierce. Even people like Hou Huan who have seen big waves will be shocked.
At the same time, Hou Huan also gave birth to a strong interest, even ignoring the monk who came to the net at the beginning, and he was bent on cultivating him into a talent. It is expected that two years will be enough.
It’s a pity that the disciple’s body suddenly went out of order. Hou Huan’s detailed inspection also made him confused. He frowned and had some doubts in his heart.
Moments later, Hou Huan’s eyes were frozen, and the young man’s wrist was cut open with a small mouth, and the left hand grabbed a blood line and jumped out, and strangely poured into his palm and condensed into a ball.
Hou Huanji applied himself according to the law, then took out a dark old shell and put two balls of blood in it. As soon as he observed his heart, his face suddenly changed.
The fourth volume Gan Kun copulation Chapter four hundred and seventy-one Beyond recognition
For the time being, Hou Huan, a master and apprentice in The Hunger, said that in less than a year, the Tibetan province was turned upside down and the mountains and rivers were unrecognizable, and a scene of continuous war was seen.
The dreamy double screen enchantment has been reduced by 10% to 6%.
The elders and brothers of the Kunlun Sect gathered here to jointly deal with the monster beast outside the territory, and they have not stopped today.
A large number of monks have fallen, and some brothers have become famous.
Southern Xinjiang sent the first magic road, and some sects, the devil, and Sanxiu also gathered in Tibet Province.
The good and evil sides do not invade each other. On the one hand, they encircle the monster beast outside the territory from the east and northeast, and on the other hand, they hunt the monster beast outside the territory from the west and northwest. In other directions, there are various factions and there are also many people who have not practiced.
The Kunlun Sect, the South Xinjiang Sect, the Shanmen Sect, and the border of the Tibetan province are also the first targets of the monster beast. The two rows of palms are worried day and night, and their minds are also the same. That is to quickly eliminate hidden dangers or change later.
At present, 40% of the monks in the fix-true world are in Tibetan province, so it can be said that the two factions have done a great job in teaching.
This 40% monk includes most of the forces of China, not counting overseas monks. If the situation were better, it would be a great event alone.
Recently, it is rumored that some people have found the ancient treasures by chance, and some people have been chased by monster beasts and accidentally broke into the underground magic house for many years, and some people have obtained the secret book of immortals from it
I don’t know if these rumors are true or not, but some people are tempted to break into nearly a thousand people in just one month, but few people come out.
Some people are worried about this situation, some people gloat, some people smell it, some people plot to stay away from right and wrong, and some people plunge into the world regardless of life and death, and regard Tibet as a huge gold mine.
However, after the initial panic, the senior leaders of China made a decision to seal the password. On weekdays, the media in public places were not allowed to talk about offenders, and troops were sent to guard Tibet Province to prevent idle people from entering.
Other countries also happen to coincide to hide this matter, but in the eyes of a willing heart, there are people who have cultivated truth behind these changes.
Nowadays, the whole fix true world is filled with a cold atmosphere, and when we meet on the way, we are no longer smiling and saying a few words in a hurry and passing away.
Nowadays, the number of people in the fix-true circle is greatly reduced, but the overall strength is high, and the fighting and killing things are even more soaring. In the past, it was a far cry from living a simple life.
In the right way, if the monks don’t get some monster blood in their hands, new friends and old friends will involuntarily feel a little contemptuous when they meet and talk.
This makes people fall into a strange circle, and the number of monks going to Tibet is increasing.
Yi plunged into the Tibetan province and revisited the mountain range near Wucheng, only to find that the whole mountain range had been cracked seven times, and the cracks were several miles long and dozens of miles long, and a fierce pale black Gangfeng was blown out. The scene of flying sand and stones, man and beast disappearing was like Shura hell.
And the boundary temperature is extremely low, covered by light gray ice, and the Gangfeng wind is especially violently mixed with several sizes of gravel, which will seem to be penetrated if it is not protected.
The boundary of nearly a hundred miles has become like this. Don’t say that the friar looks around. Just say that the fierce monster who is not afraid of death is afraid to get close to half a point.
You Yi always thinks about this place to explore and retreat with it.
He broke into the west and found a mountain with a monster beast. After a little cover-up, he rushed into the mysterious curtain and slaughtered it.
Abusive and bloodthirsty emotions affect the brain, sometimes clear and sometimes distracting.
He knew that this was the result of the mysterious evil spirit’s self-attack, and he wanted to absorb a certain amount of Jingxue, so that his soul could suppress the evil spirit by external force.
It’s easy to experience the mysterious curtain from time to time, and it’s not so bad. I’m not afraid that it will escape from the palm of my hand, and the dragon pillar of fire can hold him down
However, it is not happy for Ganyang Jingyi’s heart. Although he is dissatisfied with this "idea", he also somewhat agrees, so he reluctantly came to Tibet Province to eat JingXie and soul with the help of Xuanhun’s curtain.
Otherwise, the dragon pillar of fire will be sacrificed in the early floating pagoda, and even if there is a big event in the mysterious curtain, it will be trapped by cling.
Yi still has some doubts. Situ Xuan said that thousands of years ago, Xuan Hun Shen Mu Bao was able to forge a dragon pillar of fire with the kindness of the patriarch.
But these recurring things don’t say that the dry mirror also has the effect of restraining the mysterious curtain. I haven’t heard that this treasure was arrogant thousands of years ago.
But when I think of it, when the pole can’t hit the second floor of the floating pagoda, it’s easy to realize that the altar in the virtual world is combined together, and there are many doubts.
The monster beast outside the territory is the lamb to be slaughtered for the mysterious curtain. No matter how important it is, it can’t compete with the strange speed of flight extinction and the impenetrable blood.