Too embarrassed. A little guy

Huangfuyi is in distress situation.
At this time, a more luxurious carriage is now moving forward slowly.
I didn’t stop at the entrance of Yi Lou.
Huangfuyi doesn’t think what is.
When the horse passed by, the little one suddenly disappeared
Did you go back to the store or
Suddenly my mind flashed and my heart was frightened.
Just then, Xiao Rong ran from the store and looked around.
Where’s the young master? Where’s Muer? She shouted anxiously.
Almost at the same time, several figures from the chess hall went to recover the carriage just now.
It’s a little futile
Similarly, some strange swordsmen dressed in ordinary people’s clothes quickly stopped those people from chasing these figures, which showed that Mujing guards must have found something for them.
Huangfuyi figure has galloped on the roof.
He has gone after the carriage.
The carriage probably took Muir away.
It is the carriage that drives faster and faster, which is not comparable to ordinary cars.
It happened that one big and one small were talking in the carriage at this time.
Uncle, where are we going? The voice is Muir.
Then an elegant voice came to Wendao to play, and went to a very interesting place with my uncle, okay?
Okay, but I’m going to find dad
What do you mean, confused with dad?
Yes, dad just went to play. I want to play, too. The youthful voice doesn’t look like lying at all.
Er, I’m even more confused. Isn’t Uncle Muer dad? I’m very confused.
Yeah, I don’t seem to understand it.
After a short pause, I asked my uncle what we were going to play.
It’s too good to play as an emperor.
Ah, is it fun
Of course it’s fun. Isn’t uncle with you? You can’t escape even when you’re small.
But find dad to play with, and the little guy is still thinking about his dad.
Good uncle listens to Muer. That’s a good boy.
Hee hee, one big and one small, seems to be quite happy to play. Section 1317 Ending family 4
Suddenly there was a loud bang outside, and the horse came to a halt with a deep hiss.
The voice in the carriage asked coldly what was going on.
At this time, the driver respectfully responded that my car was stopped by a person.
What are the others doing?
Ye, the rest of the people are not opponents, but they are also in danger. The fact is that they fell down without a few moves. He doesn’t know why the people in Beiwan are so powerful or whether they are not simple people.
Cold sweat so fast