"That’s up to you. Work hard!" Liang Yi smiled and walked towards the outside, and Fengxiang followed him.

The master and the apprentice drove all the way to escape the light and soon reached the exit of Fantasy Fairy City. Just about to leave the city, they saw chaos outside the city gate, and many monks out of the city shrank back.
"What’s the matter? Does anyone dare to make trouble in front of the house of the Phantom Daoist Sect?" Fengxiang doubt way
"Go out and have a look." Liang Yi smiled and came out of the city in a flash, but he saw an old man with a red Se horn and a cow face two miles away from the city gate leading a group of demon xiu with a homicidal bird’s eye view of the passing people in the city. The green rhinoceros was just like a kitten, and more than 30 demon xiu hands were behind the old demon, and each hand was holding a dying demon xiu.
"It’s the Golden Eagle Demon," Fengxiang said in surprise. "How can these people be in the hands of the old demon of the blue rhinoceros?"
"Whatever, the old demon of Eagle Drill and the demon family of Golden Eagle are no longer Xuandao people." Liang Yi sneered to be continued.
The sixth volume Chaos in the spirit world Chapter WuLiuHai encounter
"Green rhinoceros old demon, are you provoking me to be a Taoist priest?" A faint sound of anger and indifference suddenly came from the city, and the figure of an old man in a white robe appeared on the opposite side of the green rhinoceros lich king, which was very strange.
"Master is a real person with thousands of tricks from the elders of the Phantom Daoist Sect," Fengxiang even said.
"Thousand-tactic reality is here, which can be very interesting." A group of monks are getting excited at the gate.
"Phantom Daozong dun technique is really clever" Liang Yi nodded slightly and praised one.
"Oh, it’s a thousand tactic brothers." The green rhinoceros demon king was afraid of Se with a faint smile. "Did Wang kill a few people outside the city to play there?"
"You want to kill those golden eagle demon race? Hey hey, if you’re not in my Phantom Island, you can kill as many people as you like. "Thousand-tactic reality suddenly smiled like a bystander." Kill, kill your demon family. There’s no good thing. If you have something to kill the demon family in genkai Xianzhou, that’s good. I don’t worry about watching you kill each other. "
"This thousand-year-old son is really not a thing!" Fengxiang is a demon family. Although others don’t like the Golden Eagle demon family and the green rhinoceros demon king, they can’t help but be angry when they hear thousands of extreme words from real people.
"How can a thousand real people do this?"
"The green rhinoceros lich king is really a disgrace to our demon race. He ran to the door of others to kill each other." Some demon shaves at the door are also not good-looking, but their strength is far from thousands of people and the green rhinoceros lich king, and they dare to talk a few words.
"I heard that the Phantom Taoist Sect is jealous and hates the demon clan, but the Poseidon Island is just the opposite, and it’s just like dirt to the Terran." Liang Yi shook his head slightly and sighed. It’s actually no wonder that the two major forces, Phantom Taoist Sect and the Phantom Clan, are the leaders of the demon clan alliance. It’s understandable that they are so paranoid about each other’s ethnic groups for thousands of years.
"Thousand tactic sophisticated you don’t have to blarney se" green rhinoceros demon king face se y and n sink a way "this golden eagle demon clan leader stole my treasure to play if you don’t punish it, wouldn’t it be a joke?"
"That you punish sophisticated I see lively" thousand tactic reality is still a pair of good mood straight spirit present demon practitioners secretly grind their teeth.
The green rhinoceros demon king looked at the thousand-tactic real person coldly and turned to the green rhinoceros to be fair. "Isn’t the eagle drill old man here yet?"
"The child has ordered someone to inform me that the old son will be here soon." Green rhinoceros sneers.
People are waiting for a wide time, and more and more people are gathering at the city gate, and soon the whole entrance of the city gate will be blocked.
Soon, a figure flew out of the city and stopped firmly at the entrance and exit. People naturally got the news and came to the Eagle Drill Old Demon. The old man was also very cautious and didn’t get out of the gate.
"What are you going to do, the green rhinoceros demon king? Let my people go quickly." The eagle-drilled old demon looked at one by one and was filled with resentment and hatred in the eyes of the people like chickens. The old demon invited a friend to meet the people in Xuandao, but he didn’t know that his friend sold him directly and handed it over to the green rhinoceros male after receiving the Golden Eagle demon family.
"Eagle drill old son, you dare to snatch two Luo Lingqing bamboos from my family, so you have to be prepared to bear the price." Green rhinoceros sneered at the eagle drill old demon with a wave of his right hand slightly backward, and a fit attendant behind him took a golden eagle demon to repair his life.
"Chief, help us!"
"Chief of the fathers, I beg you, if you go to our Golden Eagle Demon clan, it will be destroyed." Those Golden Eagle Demons who are escorted by the Green Rhino Demon clan are crying for help.
"Green rhinoceros lich king, I respect you for being a lich king, but you can’t be indiscriminate. Those two strains of Luoling bamboo are the first ones I found." The eagle drilled the old demon face, and Se was miserable and wronged.
"You don’t need to say more about the king. You have more than 3,000 mouths of the Golden Eagle demon family in the king’s hands. Now the king gives you two choices. One is to walk out of the city and serve the life of you and your people from the auction of two strains of Luoling bamboo, and arrange a habitat for you in Bailing Island. Second, if you don’t pay, the king will destroy your family." The green rhinoceros demon king looked at the eagle and drilled the old demon in a cold tone, obviously there was no room for discussion.
"Demon King, don’t you dare to slaughter my family and be afraid of being blamed and punished by the Demon Alliance and the King of the Sea?" The eagle-drilling old demon can’t even see things, and offered the banner of the demon clan alliance in the hope of raising some.
"The alliance will not kill a small demon race and blame the king. Now you choose, whether to treasure or to kill your people!" Green rhinoceros demon king looked at the eagle drilling old demon hiding at the entrance of the city gate with indifference.
The Eagle Drill Old Demon was puzzled for a while. This Lao is an ambitious generation, and it’s hard to get mixed up in the later stage of today’s fit. He also dreams that he will be promoted to Du Jie earlier and have a chance to become immortal in Du Jie. If he hands over a large number of yuan Lingshi in his hand and lacks treasures to help the old demon qualify, he will be promoted to Du Jie, which is different from the Arabian Nights. He suddenly finds Liang Yi and Fengxiang not far in front of the city gate.
"Lord Xuancheng, please save our Golden Eagle demon clan. They are your people!" Following the eagle’s praying eyes, many people noticed Liang Yi and Fengxiang in the crowd.
"Xuan Taoist?" The green rhinoceros demon king’s cold eyes also turned to Liang Yi’s master and apprentice. Suddenly, this look settled in Liang Yi’s body, as if he had found something in his eyes. Xi Se passed.
"Eagle drill your golden eagle demon clan destroys the rules of Luoxiao City, which has already been removed from the list. This thousand tactic brothers can be proved, so you can die without the golden eagle demon clan." Liang Yi said indifferently that Liang Yi didn’t want to go to this muddy water.
"Yes, this matter is sophisticated. I can prove that the Golden Eagle demon clan has already been expelled from Xuandao." Thousand-tactic reality smiles at the eagle drill. "The eagle drill is not afraid, so you will stay in the city of Phantom Spirit and the old son will not dare to do anything to you."
Looking at the eagle drilling old demon, he was completely disappointed. Compared with killing people, eagle drilling a large number of Lingshi is what he wants most.
"kill it!" As soon as the sadistic sound of the green rhinoceros demon king fell, dozens of golden eagle demon practitioners died.
A group of golden eagle demon clan died, and the same number of golden eagle demon clan brothers appeared in front of those guards with a wave of the hand of the green rhinoceros demon king.
"It was the monster king who put the Golden Eagle demon family into the creatures."
"Father, save me" A young man with a seven-point resemblance to the eagle-drilling old demon was taken in his hand by the green rhinoceros, and the green rhinoceros demon king took out all the important figures of the Golden Eagle demon family, the relatives of the eagle-drilling old demon.
"child!" The eagle drill old demon couldn’t hold back, and his body couldn’t help moving forward for a while, and then he retreated, which made him hesitate.
"Green rhinoceros is enough!" A Hong Liangyin suddenly came from afar. "Golden Eagle children don’t know the rules. Just kill his parents and relatives. Leave his people alive and don’t let them see the joke."
"It’s the sea monster king!" Someone in the crowd immediately exclaimed
"I didn’t expect the lich king to come." The lich king who covered the sea was a giant pillar of the demon family. Even the green rhinoceros lich king dared not easily disobey him when he spoke.
"Well, since the sea monster king said so, it’s cheaper for you." The face of the green rhinoceros monster king was sluggish and looked back. A fairy died with a wave of his right hand, and dozens of demon lives died.
"Child" eagle drills the old demon in tears, but still dare not step out of the city.
"The eagle drill old son, your clan king will treat you well." The green rhinoceros demon king sneered at the eagle drill old demon crawling in pain at the city gate. "And you’d better stay in the fantasy city for a generation, otherwise, hum!" Say that finish a wave of his hand, a full baizhang long black se flying warships appeared in a flash when the body into the warships, the guards and green rhinoceros and even to go.
"Gee, what a pity!" Some of the onlookers gloated at the pain, and the eagle drilled the old demon road.
"He deserved it."
"That’s right. I heard that this guy got the treasure but was removed from the list of Xuandao owners by himself. If he knew something, he wouldn’t have fallen to this point today."
"XuanDaoYou lively finished watching the old man is not much time. Sometimes, the old man will sweep the couch when he goes to the magic road." Thousand-tactic reality is far away from Liang Yi’s fuels
"If you have a chance, you must go." Liang Yi replied with a smile.
"See you later!" Thousand tactic real smile nodded and flicker into the city.
In the sea, Liang Yi Fengxiang and his disciples each rode a flying mount and flew in the direction of Xuandao. Suddenly, Liang Yi suddenly closed his eyes and his eyes were like she was looking forward.
"Master, what’s the matter?" Fengxiang detect Liang Yi different even asked
"Stop" Liang Yi’s face sank and motioned Fengxiang to stop looking at the imaginary place more than ten miles ahead and shouted, "Who’s in front? Please show yourself!"
"Jie Jie Xuan Island Master is really amazing!" A familiar sound came immediately, and suddenly a change occurred in the virtual space ten miles away. In situ, a warship with a ferocious dragon head and a black Se warship appeared, and the green rhinoceros demon king and the green rhinoceros male Shaqi stood awe-inspiring in their heads. Behind them, there were more than 30 demons in the middle and late stage of the fit.
"I wonder what the green rhinoceros demon king wants to do when he ambushes and stops the seat halfway?" A bunch of people such as Liang Yi is looking at the green rhinoceros demon race without the slightest fear of Se asked.