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On how strong she is, this yin fire has been extinguished and pulled out from her yuan god, and she is already in the realm of immortality, and she is also disheartened

Ink burn is dead, what is worth her more suffering?
Empress Qingfeng’s defense line in her heart was completely removed at the last minute, and then she was trying her best to occupy her Yuan Shen Yin fire and suddenly ignited it without any effort.
Empress Qing Feng sent her life, and after the last piercing scream, she was completely soaked in the pan-black blood beach.
On the verge of runaway, the Emperor of Heaven miraculously woke up in the last piercing scream of Empress Qing Feng.
When she saw Qing Feng Empress lying motionless in a pool of blood, she suddenly panicked, took a few big steps and flashed in the past. She picked up Qing Feng Empress’s body and shouted, Feng Er Feng Er, wake up, wake up.
When I see that her stunning face has turned into a stiff color like ashes, and her body becomes stiff and dry in the shortest time.
He knew that he had succeeded in searching for souls and refining bones.
Qingfeng has been willing to pay for being erased by him, and the blood in his body has also been refined.
From today, there is no such person as Nuwa Qing Feng Empress in this world. It will be a puppet with no name to vent her desires.
He should feel his heart, but what? What is he not happy at all now?
The Emperor of Heaven held the stiff and ugly body of Empress Qingfeng tightly. At this moment, it was still bright, but it was already dark in the back hall. No one could see the Emperor of Heaven. His body was shaking violently.
Nobody saw it.
Meanwhile, Donghua Taizi Chendian Donghua Dijun sits in the side hall on weekdays.
Emperor Donghua is trying to instill his divine power into that small mirror with dark red feathers hanging down.
He has been sitting here all night since he got away from the seventh forbidden area.
And because he entered the forbidden area, his divine power consumption is also very high. If he really wants to practice, he should reply to his divine power as soon as possible at this moment.
However, he has come to ignore himself.
Getting out of the forbidden area and hearing the sentence "Go away" at the last minute has made his mind pay attention to the mirror.
In addition to his incompetent father, Yuan Tianzun, there is only one person in the world who knows his name is Kun.
That man is Mo Huang.
Thankfully, Xie Hongjun, the bodhi old zu Mohuang, is still alive, but he is imprisoned in that forbidden area.
He didn’t go wrong and didn’t go late. He looked back and thought that if he hadn’t turned back at the last minute and gone deeper, he might never have met again.
This is something that Donghua Emperor is dying to be thankful for now.
Because it is so close to losing the farewell distance, the feeling of rejoicing and being afraid of losing it makes him care for himself first, and he also needs divine power to save Mo Huang’s little knowledge of the source.
After all, he has been in there for so long, but he can’t tell the words clearly, let alone one day or two for so many years.
However, even today’s ink burn is not far from the solution of the war to vanish.
If we don’t consolidate him quickly and forge a new body for him, his last knowledge will disappear completely in a hundred days.
Therefore, Donghua Dijun mixed into the calculation of the situation of Tiandi when it was doomed to be impossible for one hundred days.
In his view, he still has the strength to compete for hegemony in heaven, but if he doesn’t give Gu a good word about Mo Huang first, he will definitely regret it.
Chapter 444 Preparation
This is often the case when the world is desperate, but there is always an opportunity waiting to see if a person can stand firm.
Mo Huang’s mind is firm, even though he suffered so much, the physical Yuan God was forced to separate and imprisoned for so many years, and he never changed his belief in a glimmer of hope for survival.
He made it to the rescue of Donghua Dijun.
However, Empress Qingfeng has been strong for so many years in vain, but at the end, she gave up her last wish to ban her own gods and put them into the dark fire to form a puppet doll knot.
I have to say that this is a very regrettable thing. Even if she can strengthen it for one or two days, everything will be completely different.
It happened that she didn’t, but her ability was strengthened for one or two days. Although she still couldn’t go through the pain, she could definitely get through it.
Xiao survived, and her family finally got together. Unfortunately, the final regret was unavoidable.
And all this happened at almost the same time. Tourmaline Chai Wanying didn’t know that it was from this moment that they had lost the common mother of Empress Qingfeng.