The next day, Sue came into Su’s house and all the employees greeted her.

Sue night mood nodded and walked into the ladder with a smile.
Lu Haolong, who just entered the office, knocked at the door and said it would be in ten minutes.
Sue nodded at night to show that she knew.
On the first day of the new year’s class, each company will have a regular meeting to summarize last year’s work situation and arrange this year’s work.
I walked into the conference room and sat in a room full of people.
Sue looked at it for a long time, but she didn’t see a girl struggling whether to go back and move a chair or have a meeting.
Section 351
"Evening love here" Bai Jiao got up and called her to take the chair folder next to her.
Sue late mood smiled and walked to.
Everyone in the meeting room looked at them strangely until Sue was seated, and she could still feel the hot eyes looking at her.
She reached out and touched her face. There was something on her face or she was wearing the wrong clothes today.
The clothes should not be wrong, otherwise Liu Yichen would have told her.
There shouldn’t be anything on your face. Breakfast is cooked by Lu Yichen at home and you don’t get anything on your face.
But what are they looking at?
Su Kang came in wearing a formal suit and Lu Haolong followed him.
While sitting, Su Kang took a look in the direction of Su’s late love, and then he would
The meeting was still the same old story, that is, the implementation of pb project, and that the five small projects should be unified construction the day after tomorrow.
Sue wan Qing has a smile on her lips. He can’t wait, can he?
Five projects are being built together. Has he ever thought about how much money it will cost to start at the same time?
Isn’t he worried about having money in his hand?
Sue night feeling with painting on the surface after the meeting and with people out of the meeting room.
"Ah, I didn’t expect Mrs. Lu to be a playboy."
"Yes, I felt that it was a job for her to approach Bai Jiao before, but now it seems not necessarily."
"Ha ha …"
Although the discussion behind him is very small, it still enters and walks in front of Sue’s ear.
I’m still a little ugly when I hear such words on the first day of work.
Shrugging one’s shoulders may be holiday syndrome. These divinatory symbols have not been returned to the soul class.
After returning to the office, Sue was immersed in her work and put what she had just said behind her.
Desk phone di Rinrin rang and looked up and saw that Li Ailing was surprised.
Isn’t she sleeping at this time? She is busy picking up "Hello Aileen"
"Late love affair is not true, is it?" Li Ailing asked sitting in the toilet holding a mobile phone.
"What’s the matter with the net?" Sue asked while thinking about the web page.
"You see," Li Ailing said and hung up.
She just came to the toilet and used to brush her mobile phone, but she brushed it to Sue. She was busy calling her to listen to the gossip. She didn’t know about it.
I don’t know what manager Lu will think when he knows.
They just made up, so please don’t let anything happen again.
Sue took a deep breath when she saw a photo on the Internet.
No wonder everyone looked at her strangely early. No wonder they heard people talking about her like this when they came out of the meeting room.
But who sent these photos?
6: 00 p.m. 2 p.m.
☆ 11 Seal to declare the Lord
Self-love, calmness and then love.
Sue’s frown and staring at her brain are pictures of her having dinner with Zhuang Weiren and buying a car.
These photos were shown to her by Lu Yichen at that time. Lu Zhengying must have forced them to find someone to take pictures when they divorced, but now what will flow to the Internet?
And what is the purpose of the person who sent these photos?
At the same time, Jiang Zhuomu looked at Liu Yichen’s reaction at his desk in Liu Yichen’s office.
Although there is no inappropriate picture for children in the photo, there is still an ambiguous atmosphere.
A normal man would be very angry, right?
After reading the photos, Lu Yichen quit the webpage and told Jiang Zhuomu in front of him, "Let people get this net."
"My words are hard to understand?" Liu Yichen raised an eyebrow slightly.
Jiang Zhuomu immediately straightened up and "white my horse to do it."
After Jiang Zhuomu left, Liu Yichen tapped his fingers on the desktop and then got up and strode towards Liu Zhengying’s office.
The sales director is reporting to him, and Liu Yichen is waiting at the door.
Reporting the completion of the sales director’s sliding door, Liu Yichen was startled to see him at the door.
Busy greeting "manager Lu"