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In a place like Antique Street, almost 90% of the things are fake, and very few of them are real. Lu Fei even found that there are several antique shops where the east and the west are fake, and there is not even a real thing, but the business inside is surprisingly good.

After visiting several antique shops in succession, Lu Fei couldn’t help but feel disheartened.
Although he didn’t have much hope for it, he still had a chance to touch what he needed one day.
I didn’t find what I needed, and I didn’t want to make a trip in vain. I wandered around for two times. Liu Fei finally stopped at a roadside stall and glanced at a pile of "antiques". Liu Fei was surprised to find that there were actually two things in this small stall!
A green ebony pen holder slaps a big inkstone. These two things, Lu Fei, have sensed a little faint aura in their bodies, which makes Lu Fei very curious. After starting with these two things, they all give people a sense of humidity as if they had just been dug out of the ground soon.
"How much is this?" Liu Fei fixed color pointed to the inkstone asked.
"Huh?" The stall owner glanced at Lu Fei with some surprise and said "100,000!"
"A hundred thousand?" Liu Fei was not the only one at the booth, and two other customers gasped at this.
"Think crazy about money, don’t you dare to sell 100 thousand if you break the inkstone?" Originally, I chose two customers at the booth and turned around and left on the spot. It seems that I was scared by the price quoted by the stall owner.
Instead of leaving, Lu Fei took a meaningful look at the stall owner and smiled, then pointed to the green ebony pen container. "What about this?"
The stall owner suddenly said, "300,000!"
"Huh?" Liu Fei slightly narrowed his eyes and said, does he know that these two things are true?
In order to verify his guess, Lu Fei pointed to a fake green vase next to him and asked, "How much is this?"
Lu Fei casually pointed to another "what about this?"
"One hundred and fifty!"
Sure enough, Lu Fei’s conjecture was confirmed, and the stall owner really knew that those two things were true, and all the others were false.
In that case, it is obviously impossible to want to pick up the leak in his booth.
So Liu Fei smiled politely and then turned around and left.
I didn’t think about the stall owner, but I quickly stopped him. "Little brother, can I borrow a step?"
"Is this boss knowledgeable?" Liu Fei stopped and looked at the vendor with a face of surprise.
"Ha ha-little brother’s eye is like a torch. Where do I have anything to teach?" The stall owner smiled and then said, "Little brother is a real knower at first sight. As the saying goes, good goods have to be sold to real knowers. I have seen little brother in the market for several days, but what are you looking for?"
"Huh?" Liu Fei was a little surprised and nodded at the vendor and said, "Yes, I am really looking for something."
"I wonder if the little brother found it?" The vendor continued.
"Ah-"Liu Fei smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "If I found it, I wouldn’t be hanging around here."
"I can help you find it if you don’t mind," said the vendor with a sincere face.
"oh? Do you have this way? " Liu Fei has probably guessed this person’s identity.
"Let me tell you this: 90% of the things in the whole antique street are fake, and less than 10% of them are really me." The stall owner’s words are amazing, but they don’t seem to lie.
"Are you? That would be great! " Liu Fei a face of excitement way
"Then I wonder what good things you have in your hand?" With a try attitude, Liu Fei talked with the stall owner.
"Good things can’t be laid on the street. If little brother has something, he might as well come with me personally and have a look." The stall owner sent an invitation to Liu Fei.
"good! No problem! " Liu Fei nodded his head. It seems to be a good choice to go and see with him when he is idle.
Maybe you can really find something good, not necessarily.
"Then let’s go!" Liu Fei seems to be more impatient than the vendor.
"This ….." The stall owner’s face is a little difficult.
"The boss might as well say what he wants."
"Actually, I can take you there, but you have to prove to me first that you have enough money to buy something."
"So?" Lu Fei nodded his head to show his understanding and then asked, "Is that as evidence?"
"You need at least one million assets, a house, a car." The stall owner explained with a face of apology.
"Okay, no problem!" Lu Fei took out a bank card from his wallet. "There is one million in it."
"This is a short message from the bank a few days ago. If you don’t believe me, I can immediately call the bank and ask them to confirm it." Liu Fei took out his mobile phone and directly turned over the record of Wu Junxuan’s transfer of one million short messages to himself a few days ago.
"This-"the vendor has a hard face.
"That’s still a conversation …" The stall owner was about to ask Lu Fei to call the bank to confirm. Suddenly, his eyes lit up with a surprise and he pointed to the short message on his mobile phone. "Little brother and his uncle also have business contacts?"
"Uncle?" Liu Fei’s face flashed a puzzled look and immediately smiled with relief. "You mean Bo Gu Xuan Wu Junxuan?"
"yes! That’s him! " The vendor hurriedly nodded his head.
"Well" Liu Fei nodded "sort of"
Think of yourself and Wu Junxuan in "business" Liu Fei corners of the mouth can’t help but slightly raised a few minutes, even his arms xiaoxiao can’t help but "whoa" called two.
They did have business contacts twice, and both times Wu Junxuan was cheated by him.
[77] Dan Ding
? "hey! Tell me earlier! Since the younger brother knows Wu Sanye, what financial certificate is needed! " Then the stall owner returned the mobile phone to Lu Fei. "I will take you directly!"
"Depend! This guy used to be so famous? "
Liu Fei didn’t expect this guy Wu Junxuan to be so famous in the antique world. Even people who set up stalls in the antique market have heard of his title.
Because Lu Fei had a "business" with the famous Wu Sanye, the stall owner immediately dismissed the idea of asking him to call the bank to confirm the payment, and soon put away the stall and led Lu Fei out of the antique market.
After a long road and several alleys, the stall owner led Lu Fei to the door of a room.
After looking around for a few eyes to make sure that someone was following, the vendor knocked on the iron gate.
"Bang bang-"
"coming!" There was a quick response inside, but instead of immediately opening the door, he asked the door through the gap, "Who is it?"
"Small three yes, it’s me. Old Huang has a new customer." The stall owner shouted respectfully through the crack of the door.
After determining the identity of Lao Huang, the iron gate was "crunched" and pushed outward. A slender young man in a brown jacket appeared in front of Lu Fei.
Young people wear a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, and their skin is slightly pale, giving people an image of being weak and weak.
The young man first took a wary look at Liu Fei, and then handed his eyes to Lao Huang.
"Little Third Master, this is Little Brother Liu Fei. He had business dealings with Little Third Master before," said Lao Huang hurriedly.
"Oh?" Hearing this, the young man’s eyes suddenly lost a lot of vigilance and nodded at Lu Fei with a polite smile. "It turned out to be his uncle’s friend. Please come in!"