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"Sister Xia Xue" Ma Liang couldn’t help shouting her name in her ear. The heat blew into her delicate ear as if her soul had been hit. A different feeling spread in her heart.

It’s flirting here, which is not like the former Mengmeng. Her father is anxious to take off his clothes and then just touch it for a while and then move directly when it’s moist.
Xia Xue never cared about it, and silently endured it. When the man finished lying on the side and sleeping like a log, she got up, washed herself and dressed before going to sleep.
Ma Liang is also self-defeating, feeling the reaction of the beautiful woman in his arms and trying it immediately, while Xia Xue directly supported it on the table to stabilize his body.
"Xia Xue elder sister, what’s wrong with you?" Ma Liang also got a fright when she was in poor health and asked quickly.
Xia Xue blushed and shook his head. "I’m fine. Go on."
Then he was too ashamed to look straight at Ma Liang by his own two words.
"Sister Xia Xue, shall we change places?" Ma Liang requested carefully.
"Don’t ask what you want to do." Xia Xue was a little annoyed.
Ma Liang was overjoyed and walked directly across Xia Xue towards the room. It is estimated that the clothes will not be tried for the time being
Although today is the fifteenth day of the month, the original Wan Li sky has accumulated a lot of clouds, and the wind is moving, and the leaves are clattering. With the big beans hitting the ground, it actually rained.
It’s not a big deal for the villagers. Mid-Autumn Festival is a good time to have a good meal. Anyway, migrant workers rarely come back for the New Year.
Some people who are superstitious may worship the moon bodhisattva. In this weather, the moon is definitely out of sight, and they can count on the time when the clouds rise and the moon rises.
Two people have come to the room to see the rain. I am a little worried that Mengmeng and Su Yuyao can be thrown aside again. This is hard-won. When they are alone, Ma Liang carefully puts Xia Xue on the bed. Looking at the white bust and the beauty blushes to the neck, I can’t help but take off my clothes and then lie prone on Xia Xueshen.
"Sister Xia Xue" Ma Liang’s words were stopped by Xia Xue’s hand before he finished, and then he took the initiative to hold his neck and kissed it.
She has been afraid that Ma Liang’s questioning will ruin this asymptotic atmosphere. She is a person who pays attention to feelings.
Ma Liang also seems to be white and no longer ask questions, but enjoy interweaving with the beauty in his arms. Men are self-taught and nibbling at her snow-white skin
It was the first time that Xia Xue felt such a slow prelude, and she was so emotional and twisted that she gradually glowed with a deeper desire.
But Ma Liang was not in a hurry but continued to taste her body.
Once a woman has a feeling, her heart will beat slowly, and Xia Xue has lost her former scruples and actually took the initiative to pull Ma Liangku.
Ma Liang doesn’t want to continue, but feels that it is not enough for Xia Xueshen to see and touch, especially the chest nephrite can’t put it down, eating and rubbing with one hand.
Xia Xue occasionally meets a man’s things, and his heart is always shaking, thinking that if it really goes in, what is it? It feels a little strange, but he is looking forward to it even more, and he can’t afford to get Ma Liangshen’s last fig leaf.
The hot breath is next to her hand. She closes her eyes and grabs it with one hand.
Ma Liang gasped. This sudden attack caught him off guard, but it was also white. He called a light call and then his hand grabbed the edge of Xia Xue shorts
Because the sideways movement is not smooth, slowly pulling is as white as seeing a shelled egg, with a round and touching arc and a pearly buttocks that is simply fascinating.
Xia Xue slightly dint Ma Liang moves more smoothly, and gradually pulls the mysterious place of a woman to retain Ma Liang’s head, which is as excited as it is swollen, but inhibits his own movement.
Slipping along the thigh, beautiful and delicate, waiting for her to lift her little pants slightly and throw them aside. Besides the shadow drawn by the white thighs due to sideways, the mysterious temptation has already been fully displayed to Ma Liang.
He was stunned as if he could not bear to touch the art.
After half a ring, I couldn’t see Xia Xue’s beautiful eyes. I have already seen Ma Liang’s dementia. Some women are more proud of satisfying their original charm or making him like it.
But don’t just look at it? It’s such a fool. No wonder Mengmeng likes his stupidity. Who doesn’t love it? It seems that he has to take the initiative himself
Xia Xue stretched out his hand and took Ma Liang’s hand and let him press himself.
"Miss Ma," she shouted, "Nothing is said."
Gentle as water
Ma Liang feels the same in a dream. He can really be with Xia Xue. He gently divides her legs. Compared with Xiao Jiao, she is quiet and gentle and needs a man to care for her, but she can’t help but have a man who wants to be rough.
Xia Xue’s side face breathing is already messy. As Ma Liang moves slowly, she will finish the last step with this man. The more she does this, the more she feels empty and wants to be satisfied.
When I met her, I couldn’t help but gasp for breath. When no man touched her body for several years, I couldn’t help but want to get close.
Is probably the sound stimulated Ma Liang finally he dint two people together completely, and suddenly also let Xia Xue groan heavily and bow up a sense of satisfaction, body and mind felt her canthus involuntarily slipped through tears.
"Xia Xue elder sister I hurt you" Ma Liang dare not move.