Even the month slowly shook her head. At this time, the situation was too strange. She experienced the method analysis in the base. What caused the 6 Can to fall into a coma?

"It’s very complicated now …" Lian Yue carefully organized a language and said, "How can I put it? Now it’s like a house without a master …"
Xiao yue and Moqiu were stunned for a long time, but they didn’t understand the story of Lian Yue very well. In the bitter cold, few people knew the story of soul. Because it was an extremely backward place, and because it was in the celestial world, there was almost no exhibition history, which is what the current situation understands about the metaphor of Lian Yue, Moqiu and xiao yue.
Yao Guang’s face turned white after hearing it. If he can roughly recognize the meaning of a month, a room without its owner is a dead room. With its owner, it is a normal world.
"Is there any way …" Yao Guang asked half a sentence and shook his head. If there is any way, even the month is definitely not the expression now.
Even after a month of silence, it seems that I have made up my mind. Pay attention to my body shape and write on the table tea. I’ll find Liancheng to help me!
Maybe even if Liancheng comes here, it will be dangerous to expose Liancheng, but even if she loves Liancheng very much, she can’t consider these things at this time. In her mind, the concept instilled by sages, elders or bases is above everything else. If she is allowed to choose Liancheng life and 6 can lives, she will choose 6 can lives even if she loves Liancheng very much. This is the terrible power of brainwashing.
Yaoguang nodded slightly, although he didn’t know what 6 Canlian City was, but since 6 Canlian City entered the base, everything has been 6 Canlian Horse, which is more important?
A quarter of an hour later, Liancheng appeared in the 6 Can’s underground room and saw the bed in a coma. 6 Can’s Liancheng was more horrified than a base. People would be in a coma inexplicably and listened to the introduction of 6 Can for months. At this time, the soul was not there, which made the worship of 6 Can tremble a little.
Even the month gently shook Liancheng’s hand, and she could feel Liancheng’s feeling. In Liancheng’s mind, 6 Can has long been an idol. Seeing her idol lying here and losing her soul, this teacher younger brother must be very complicated.
"Come together … you can do it! Aren’t you going to overthrow the ambassador with the elders? Come on, you can do it! " Liancheng takes a deep breath, calms his mood and slowly releases his knowledge.
Even the same as the month, Liancheng didn’t find the soul of 6 Can in the mind of 6 Can Dantian.
See Liancheng as pale as a month at this time and close your eyes in despair in the beast city. Liancheng is already the strongest in the bitter cold. If Liancheng has no choice, it will be doomed.
The water mountain in the human world
Zeng Feng, Qian Swift, Xiao Feng and others gathered at the door of a hidden house behind the Jianzong Hall, looking somberly and nervously at the door.
After a long time, Ninghai Tang slowly walked out of the house.
"What happened to Master Gu?" Qian Swift hurriedly rushed to nervously pull begonia arm and asked
Xiaofeng also wanted to rush forward, but she hesitated when she saw Qian Swift rushing forward. She still retreated to the back sadly, but there was no need for fewer people to be nervous in her eyes.
At this time, Ning Haitang’s beautiful face was full of gloom. Seeing Qian Swift’s question, she sighed and shook her head. "How did this happen?" Qian Swift suddenly collapsed to the ground.
Hundreds of years ago, after learning of the death of 6 Can, the hatred of the Jianzong Sect was bleak, and the expansion of three continents and six islands was stopped, and the fairy and her party successfully got out of trouble from the ancient battlefield site. Although they bought several magic weapons, they did not bring any joy to the Jianzong Sect.
Try Jianzong can say that it was formed by 6 Can’s personal strength or charm. If it wasn’t for Ninghai Tang Qian Swift and others, they had been hiding 6 Can’s death. They were afraid that try Jianzong would fall apart after destroying the Zhuxian Jianpai.
The little fairy is full of remorse, blaming herself for being unable to shut up and cry every day for hundreds of years.
Not long ago, the sudden appearance of 6 Can’s doppelganger surprised everyone, and it also made the almost dead fairy recover. Since 6 Can’s reappearance, the fairy has been almost sweet and greasy.
However, a little fairy was suddenly comatose in her room at 6: 00 p.m. respectively, and almost everyone tried their best to find out the cause of the coma.
"Let me go in and see him. He won’t leave me like this … He can’t leave me again … He can’t leave me again!"
The little fairy cried and jumped in from the outside. Mo Qingyi looked sorry behind the little fairy. I was afraid that the little fairy could not bear the blow. Everyone kept the little fairy a secret for six months, but at this time, the little fairy was almost inseparable. It was not long before she came running crazy.
Seeing the little fairy Ning Haitang and others who almost cried dizzy was also full of sadness. If 6 Can died once and they were no longer around to help, this time 6 Can was in a coma in front of everyone, but everyone who tried Jianzong had no way.
"It’s not the way to treat at random like this. Think about what special things happened to my younger brother or what special people he came into contact with before he fell into a coma … only when he found out the cause of his coma and then got the right medicine did he have a chance to get his soul back …" Ning Haitang calmed down after a long period of sadness and said.
One sentence attracted everyone’s attention, including crying. The little fairy also raised her cheeks full of tears and said, "The last time I saw Cancan was at noon. He said he had something to go back to his room, and then when I saw him, he was like this …" Here, the little fairy began to cry again.
Ning Haitang patted the little fairy on the back and looked back. People fell to their knees outside the house. Speaking of these people, they are not people, but the newly recruited brother of Jianzong who is responsible for the daily life of important people of Jianzong.
"Who was the last person to see the patriarch?" When it comes to major situations, Begonia ningbo is the backbone of all the swordsmen, which seems a little too immature compared with Qian Swift.
"Report back that the elder is the younger brother …" A little girl in the then period said trembling. "When the patriarch returned to his room, he told me with a big smile that he had something important to study. Let me tell others not to disturb him …"
Ninghai Tang nodded. A little girl in the golden elixir period should not have let 6 Can fall into a coma. The strength of the soul is not seen.
"Maple said when you are now the patriarch …" Ning Haitang looked at Zeng Feng who stood aside.
Zeng Feng 6 Can’s earliest followers-Although the strength of the sword Sect is not first-class at this time, he is still in charge of most things of the sword Sect. At ordinary times, the size of the sword Sect is appropriate, and he has completed the negotiation with thousands of swifts. His status in the sword Sect is very high.
Zeng Feng is still gentle and said, "The patriarch once gave me an order to find the news of the war clan. If there is news of the war clan, I must report to the patriarch at the first time …"
Qian Swift nodded slightly, although I didn’t know that 6 Can was suddenly interested in the war clan, but 6 Can was given this command to Qian Swift and Zeng Feng.
Zeng Feng continued, "I got a message from the YuZhan clan this morning, and I wanted to leave it to the patriarch, but my patriarch didn’t reply, so I boldly explored the gods into the house. Now the patriarch has fallen into a coma …"
Ning Haitang organized everything into a coma. It seems that it is not a person. On the one hand, at this time, the protection array of Shuiyun Mountain is a master of Luo Tianxian, and it is also a breakthrough. At this time, there are hundreds of Luo Tianxian or robbing scattered immortals. There is absolutely no one who can sneak into it, let alone the strength of 6 Can. All the clues seem to make 6 Can fall into a coma. The reason seems to be 6 Can himself!
Thinking of this, Ning Haitang suddenly flashed in her heart, pointing to the little girl who finally saw 6 Can, and asked, "Just now, you said that the patriarch had something important to study, and you said that you wouldn’t be disturbed. Do you know what it was?"
"This ….. I don’t know …" The poor little girl just joined Jianzong and soon encountered such a thing. At this time, she was scared and trembling.
"Do you know what caused 6 Can to leave …" Asked Ning Haitang to the fairy.
The fairy was lost in thought, and 6 Can came back from the dead and made her ecstatic. She could no longer suppress hidden feelings. After the previous confession to 6 Can mirror, yesterday afternoon, the fairy confessed to 6 Can Zun again, and they exchanged tokens of love.
"Pledge token? !” The fairy suddenly started to ring. Yesterday, she gave 6 Can herself a necklace that she wore around her neck since she was a child. 6 Can was very excited at that time. This was a surprise for the fairy after her confession, but now that I think about it, it seems that the mood of 6 Can at that time was very strange.
"Maybe it has something to do with my necklace …" The little fairy said that the last time 6 Can died, she felt that she was out of responsibility. If 6 Can was in a coma this time, it was because of her innocent and pure little girl.
"Necklace? What necklace? !” Ning Haitang’s eyes lit up and seemed to find the hidden clues at that time.
"It’s … this … I’ve been wearing it since I was a child …" The little fairy moved an unreal necklace and appeared in front of everyone.
The ordinary metal thin chain pendant is a small disk. From the virtual shadow, there is nothing special, but the owner can be sure if he doesn’t see the real thing.
Ning Haitang’s powerful knowledge suddenly scattered, and the cabin where 6 Can was located was completely shrouded in the powerful knowledge. All corners of 6 Can’s house were searched, and the necklace was not found in the shape of a fairy.
"All people and gods will search Shuiyunshan and find that necklace!" Ning Haitang commanded dozens of powerful stories to rise at the same time.
"No, the necklace is missing …" The little fairy turned pale and tried the sword. Her spiritual knowledge is the strongest. Even a mosquito can clearly tell how many hairs it has, but there is no trace of the necklace in Shuiyunshan.
A moment later, Ning Haitang and others ended their search and turned their eyes to the bed and fell into a coma. Because they didn’t show the necklace, a necklace wouldn’t disappear by itself. There is a possibility that 6 can refine the necklace, which is the only reason why the necklace disappeared, and refining the necklace may be the reason for 6 can’s coma.
As soon as the lively fairy moaned and fainted, she completely endured the pressure.
The courtyard where the head of the celestial beast city Haotiancheng is located.
Liancheng searched for an hour and still didn’t have the soul of 6 Can, but Liancheng didn’t choose to give up like Lian Yue. It was almost a conscious thinking Liancheng believed that a person’s soul would not disappear for no reason, especially a powerful person like 6 Can.
Liancheng made an action that he didn’t even think of when he explored the abdomen and his mind. Liancheng gods explored the other parts of 6 Can’s body along the meridians in the abdomen, and even Liancheng himself didn’t understand what he wanted to explore other parts of 6 Can’s body.
Sure enough, a moment later, Liancheng was in the wrong place in 6 Can’s left arm. There was a cross mark there, which was visible to the naked eye, but in the knowledge of gods, it was indeed a white light filled with the mysterious essence of life. Liancheng just got into it and almost got lost in it.
Liancheng cold hum a god knowledge from 6 can pop-up look depressed, just a moment Liancheng god knowledge was strongly impacted and hit hard Liancheng! "Even the month hurriedly auxiliary collapse together.
Liancheng gasped violently for a long time before he regained a little strength and said intermittently, "The arm … leads the arm …"
There is some tacit understanding. After a moment’s hesitation, I will understand Liancheng’s meaning. This time, Liancheng’s goal for the month is 6 Can’s arm. However, due to Liancheng’s serious injury, I didn’t make it clear that Liancheng’s mistake for the month put God’s knowledge into 6 Can’s right arm instead of Liancheng’s left arm.
"Five discs! There are five disks in the commander’s arm! " Even the month was surprised to say that the magic weapon of refining is often turned into energy and lies in the body, but at this time, there are clearly five discs in the arm of 6 Can, and five discs are scattered with special energy to form a cycle.
"Disc? What disc? " Liancheng one leng, he just didn’t have a disc now.
"Five disks have five kinds of special energy. Let me see …" Even the moon spoke a few words of god knowledge and carefully thought about five disks to explore.
A detonation explodes in the depths of the soul of the month. Five discs of scattered energy are instantly and flagrantly countered by the lifting of the knowledge of the month. Just be careful to test it. If the knowledge of the month has been hit hard, the bright red blood will flow out along the 7 th month of the month, and it will collapse in the arms of Mo Qiu. "Are you … sister? !”