Just approaching The Machine, djinn Zhong was almost out of control when he was hit.

"So strong? !”
Muhai was so surprised with a cold sweat that he quickly took back the djinn clock and put it in the ring.
Muhai shook his head.
It’s too risky to change. If Alice finds out that she can escape, it’s really over.
Muhai withdrew his impulsive mood and bowed his head and thought hard.
It didn’t take long for Muhai’s eyes to show off.
Now that you can control the magic grass, bloodthirsty can also control it.
Maybe the restraint is not that powerful, but it should be enough to get this The Machine.
Mind-moving bloodthirsty technique is attached to limbs.
Then the magic element protects the body.
Muhai showed a dignified look and walked step by step to The Machine, a magic grass with a thousand hands
This trick is a little dangerous for the magic grass with a thousand hands.
Seek wealth and danger!
Muhai gritted his teeth and jumped at The Machine with a quick bounce.
He grasped at The Machine with his fists and claws.
"Oh …"
A howl of pain sounded.
Muhai’s fingers are like ten sharp swords thrust into the demon’s heart.
"Bang …"
At the first moment, Muhai’s body hit a wall like a shell and made a loud noise.
"It hurts …"
Muhai covered his chest and his body felt uncomfortable as if he had been displaced.
However, when he looked down and The Machine had ten fingerprints, Muhai got up and his eyes were more excited.
Chapter 163 Breakthrough 【 20 】
"Bang …"
Muhai was hit by a fly and fell into a seven-meat meal.
He got up and his eyes lit up with poverty.
See The Machine again he pierced ten finger holes and some red liquid slowly overflowed.
However, after a few breaths, these ten finger holes quickly closed and recovered.
Muhai was not discouraged by this, and his eyes flashed.
"Come again"