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The bearer is Yang Haolong, the owner of the Yang family.

Beside Yang Haolong, there is an expensive western woman arm in his arm.
A middle-aged woman dressed in a beige cheongsam with three-dimensional facial features in the west combines the beauty of China and the West into her body, which makes her have a western face and an oriental temperament
She looks 30 years old and has a great temperament.
She looks like Yang Wen is seven points similar.
She is Yang Wen’s mother Myra, whose Chinese name is Sun Jiesu.
There is a young man behind Mr. and Mrs. Yang Haolong.
This male Yang Haohu looks somewhat similar, but his face is not so sharp and he looks a little handsome.
"Yang Gui!"
See this person MuHai eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
Yang Gui, Yang Haohu, the son of Roche, is very close. If it weren’t for his matchmaking, Yang Haohu wouldn’t have contacted Roche.
Yang Wen’s parents couldn’t have jumped to their deaths.
"Mr. Mu’s presence is really splendid!"
Yang Haolong said as he walked.
Soon came to the front of Muhai.
Muhai got up and Yang Haolong shook hands. "Hello!"
Then Mu Hai also took the initiative to shake hands with Sun Jiesu. "Hello!"
"Hello, Mr. Mu, I’ve heard Xiaowen tell me about you." Sun Jiesu speaks fluent Dragon Chinese, which is very standard, just like an authentic Dragon Chinese.
Yang Gui went to Mu Hai and held out his hand and said, "Hello, Mr. Mu!"
It was Muhaigen who ignored him. He sat on the sofa and didn’t take Yang Gui seriously as if he were thorough.
Yang Gui embarrassed there is neither sitting nor looking pale to the extreme.
Yang Gui’s head is full of magic thoughts, rolling rapidly towards Muhai.
Seeing this, Yang Haolong was also stunned, but he recovered quickly.
He smiled and Sun Sujie sat opposite Muhai together.
Yu Yang Haohu’s father looks pale and sits next to him at last.
"Mr. Mu, thank you so much!" Yang Haolong smiled and said.
"Yes, if it weren’t for Mr. Mu’s fear that my Xiaowen would be killed," Sun Sujie said.
"You’re welcome. I’m a friend of Yang Wen’s. I should make moves." Muhai said lightly.
Yang Haolong’s displeasure flashed when he heard this, and then he smiled again and said, "Mr. Mu, if you weren’t afraid that I would still be lying in bed."
"Mr Mu, the elixir you gave me is like elixir. I haven’t had a headache since I took it," Sun Sujie said.
"You’re welcome. It’s a piece of cake. I don’t thank Yang Wengen," Muhai said.
It took Yang Haolong a long time to calm down and say to Muhai, "Mr. Mu, I want to discuss something with you."
"But say no!" Mu Hai said
Yang Haolong smiled and said, "I don’t know if you gave Xiaowen Dan medicine again?"
After hearing this, Muhai frowned slightly and immediately wanted to understand everything.
Muhai has always wondered how Yang Haolong could be so enthusiastic about himself.
It turned out that it was because of the marrow-washing Dan!
Although the marrow-washing Dan is not a good thing for himself,
But it’s definitely a treasure to others.
But how can Muhai take it out and give it to others?
If it weren’t for Yang Wen’s sake, Yang Haolong would like to eat pulp-washing Dan, which has two words-dreaming
No wonder Yang’s family treated themselves so warmly. It turned out that they were trying to wash their marrow!
Chapter 295 Turn hostile
"You said it was pulp-washing Dan?" Mu Hai said
Yang’s four people looked at Muhai together, and their eyes showed off.
That kind of eyes are full of poor desire.
"Sorry, no" Muhai said with the wave.
Hearing this, Yang Haolong’s four faces showed a sad look.
"Can’t you refine it?" Yang Haolong asked don’t give up.
"This is what my master got from the ruins, and the whole world has those two," Muhai said.