Small white scourge thunder fire is not a vegetarian. Qin Chu already knows that Rheinhas is very weak now. Small white scourge thunder fire specializes in all soul forces, which have the same effect as their own crystal wall shenhuo, but the only difference is that the number of their crystal wall shenhuo is far less than that of small white, and they have enough energy to spit out massive scourge thunder fire.

The massive punishment of thunder and fire is now in a weak state, and Rhine Hasgen can’t resist it. It is very likely that he will disappear from this world as soon as he is sprayed by thunder and fire.
However, Qin Chu still needs Reinhardt’s cooperation at present, because Qin Chu doesn’t know anything about this celestial world. If he wants to return to the original world, he must go out from this world. Qin Chu must control Reinhardt himself before he can leave here.
After letting Xiaobai be on the alert, Qin Chu immediately took out a large number of jade cards and arranged them around the blood pool. "This ban can be suppressed unless Rhine Haas is strong enough, but according to the current situation, Rhine Haas obviously can’t do this."
Qin Chu not only arranged a ban outside, but also arranged a special array to restrain blood essence inside-a large array away from fire
From the fire array is an alchemy array, which is to produce nine-ignorance true fire, but this from the fire array consumes a lot of energy, and Qin Chu consumes a lot of good quality spar.
After finishing these preparations, Qin Chu will hesitate again.
He asked Xiaobai to prepare a large number of natural punishment thunder and fire. If Qin Chu ordered Rhine Haas to face a large number of natural punishment thunder and fire attacks, Qin Chu people also prepared a gift for Rhine Haas.
Qin Chu will forcibly refine the blood pool.
"Although this blood pool can be big or small, it is just an ordinary magic weapon and … it seems to be a skull." Qin Chu has seen clearly that this blood pool is a monster skull.
For the magic weapon, no one is more vicious than Qin Chu’s eyes, but a glance at Qin Chu can tell from the smell of the blood pool that this skull is just an ordinary magic weapon.
But also a magic weapon for low-level containers. There is no other effect. It must be specially used to place these blood essences.
It is a piece of cake for Qin Chu to refine such a low-level magic weapon.
Qin Chu first asked Xiaobai to vomit a mouthful into the blood pool, and the punishment of thunder and fire was amazing for the soul damage. What’s worse, it was an ordinary low-level magic weapon? A small white bite of thunder and lightning can easily obliterate this blood pool mark. Qin Chu also attached himself to the surface with a trace of Yuan God, and then beat the prepared spirit tactic department.
In an instant, Qin Chu completed the process of stealing the column.
"Give me" Qin Chu pinched the spirit tactic mind move that blood pool quickly narrowed immediately.
"What’s the matter?" Reinhardt finally felt something was wrong in the blood pool. When he was practicing, he actually felt that the blood pool suddenly lost its connection. At first, Reinhardt didn’t react, but the blood pool suddenly closed. Reinhardt finally knew that something was wrong.
"Is it Gaster chasing in?" Rhine Haas was surprised. He suddenly emerged from the depths of the blood pool, only to see a scene of surprise. The little guy who should have become an idiot was intact in front of him.
"Little White" Qin Chu saw Rhine Haas emerge from the inside and called Xiao Bai to start work.
Cried a bite with the breath of destruction, and the scourge of thunder and fire sprayed into Rhine Haas.
Rheinister just got into the blood pool, and it didn’t take long for his body to recover a little. Where can he stand such a tyrannical punishment? A flame of thunder fire almost killed him on the spot.
Qin Chu controlled the blood pool and threw Reinhardt out. Looking at Reinhardt crawling like a pool of rotten meat, Qin Chu felt sick.
"How did you … how did you do it?" Rhine Haas can’t figure out how Qin Chu did it, and at present, he has understood himself and now he has become somebody else’s meat.
"Don’t talk nonsense. I just wanted to turn the old man into an idiot, but now I think about it." Qin Chu maliciously thought of what Reinhardt had just done to himself. Qin Chu was angry. "Now I’ll give you a chance to save yourself. I hope you can cooperate, otherwise I can forcibly start work. You know, now you are very weak and can’t stand it anymore, and I still have a crystal wall fire."
Rhine Haas lay on the ground and smiled bitterly. "Haha, it’s ironic that I didn’t do my best to get there first, but in the end, it’s better to draw water from a bamboo basket. If you want to know anything, just ask my department and tell you, please let me live."
Qin Chu snorted, "Don’t pretend to be pathetic here and tell you to put your little thoughts away. Don’t be trapped like just now. I don’t have the support of volcanic magma. It’s hard to trap me with your ability, and it’s the most tragic scene to look around you and ask you to make a slight change and wait for you."
Reinhardt didn’t expect Qin Chu to see his own eyes. He looked around again and found the strangeness around him. Reinhardt suddenly shouted, "You can imprison me in my divinity?"
Qin Chu ignored him, but said coldly, "Okay, take out the artifact that you just charged Gaster."
Rhine Haas didn’t expect Qin Chulai to want this, but Gast’s things, Rhine Haas, were distressed at all, so he paid it directly to Qin Chu.
"Is his body just one?"
Qin Chu wanted this staff not because it was an artifact, but because he wanted to see where Reinhardt put all his things. He was worried that if Reinhardt didn’t give up later, he might explode some good things on Reinhardt once he started.
Wave is the greatest original sin. Qin Chu has always insisted on saving virtue.
Qin Chu looked at this dragon artifact and then remembered that the dragon god had spoken, and the dragon god breath was attached to his face. He could find out where Rheinhas was if he wanted to take this artifact, he had to erase the dragon god breath completely.
Qin Chu banned this artifact first, and then put it away directly. When it was banned, it was difficult to detect the smell emitted by this surface outside. It was also necessary for Qin Chu to erase this smell.
Rhine Haas looked at Qin Chu doing all this and seemed familiar with it. It should have been done not once, and … He also saw that Qin Chu’s banned method was strange, and the dragon artifact breath was covered up in an instant.
"How did you do it? Incredibly … incredibly can be isolated from all the breath "Rhine Haas stammered.