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Looking at this thousand-year-old clam Yuanzhu, the scene of killing herself came to mind, and Wu Gui didn’t know what a mood he was.

However, if Wu Gui is really grateful to Ji Xiaotian for giving things away casually, even people like Wu Gui can’t do it, but Ji Xiaotian can do it so easily.
Maybe Xiaotian doesn’t know the value of the thousand-year-old clam pearl.
"Master-no, Xiaotian, don’t you know that if you talk less now, you can increase your skill and real strength for a hundred years? Don’t you want to give me Xiaotian if you are not tempted?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
It may take a long time to put Wu Gui’s words in someone else’s place, but it can be put in Ji Xiaotian’s place, which is to finish different things. Because of the considerable skill in the past 100 years, it is necessary to plan Xiaotian to develop a second-generation catalyst equivalent to blue fluorite, and everything is not a problem
By comparison, it is nothing to make Wu Gui, a scattered fairy, truly return to the root of a thousand-year-old clam Yuan Zhugen from the heart. After all, it is not impossible to find a thousand-year-old clam Yuan Zhugen carefully, and a scattered fairy master Ji Xiaotian’s strength is not casually collected now.
If it weren’t for the time, place and situation, it would be beneficial to plan a small day. No matter how powerful the super brain is, it is impossible to collect Wu Gui.
Therefore, Ji Xiaotian replied very firmly, "Wu Lao, you are joking about a thousand-year-old clam Yuanzhu. Are you still afraid to grab a new baby after you are here?"
Ji Xiaotian has no taboo to rely on Wu Gui’s place in the future. This is what Ji Xiaotian is going to do. On the other hand, he also said this to let Wu Gui know that there is no need to haggle here after Wu Gui knows that there is a glowing place.
Meter Xiaotian said Wu Gui couldn’t refuse to appreciate a look at the meter Xiaotian quickly put away the thousand-year-old clam to Yuan Zhu carefully.
"Someone is coming, it seems to be two people and two acquaintances!"
Suddenly, Wu Gui’s ears trembled. Obviously, I heard some different sounds. This movement naturally came from the two men, the copper furnace leader and Mao Erzhen, who chased each other for a long time and finally turned to the island where they were located.
Wu Gui hate repeatedly told me that I haven’t been able to listen so far. Another light suddenly flashed in my mind, and I quickly gave a formal order to meet the leader of the copper furnace and they left. "Wu Lao, I hope you won’t look at me at random."
There is no way that these two people are enemies of Wu Gui, whether they are the copper furnace leader or Mao Erzhen Jun. Although Wu Gui was rescued from Mao Erzhen Jun by Ji Xiaotian at the moment, he did not eliminate even a little hatred for them.
Since Ji Xiaotian told me to come to Wu Gui, there was still a thousand reluctance or promise. After all, this was the first official order that Wu Gui took refuge in Ji Xiaotian’s mouth.
"I don’t know if Xiaotian can promise me that the old bull’s nose in the bronze stove will be handed over to me to clean up even if Mao Erzhen Jun?"
But after Ji Xiaotian explained, Wu Gui also knew that the main enemy of Ji Xiaotian was the Maoshan Sect. If the Maoshan Sect believed that there was still a chance to clean up, I think this is what Ji Xiaotian would like to see.
This is the lowest concession of Wu Gui. Although he can’t know what’s going on in Ji Xiaotian’s mind, Ji Xiaotian is more hostile to the two people who come here. Wu Gui can still feel clearly with the help of the servant’s seal.
Plan small day natural don’t have any different opinions a promise.
What he wants to do is to win over a blow. It is impossible to go with all sects. There are also some friendships between the Danding Sect and the Laoshan Sect. Otherwise, the ancestors of Laoshan would not have those pills
If it is possible, Ji Xiaotian very much hopes that the Danding Sect can send itself or exchange some Dan medicine, and it is better to recuperate the meridians that the ancestors of Laoshan have not healed for many years, so it will be even more wonderful.
In this calculation, the copper furnace leader came to them first, and Ji Xiaotian, as soon as they met each other, looked as if there was a road in front of them, and the copper furnace leader, who was chasing behind, resigned and stopped without saying a word.
"Where are you going to escape this time, Chief Copper Furnace?"
Mao Erzhen still didn’t know what had happened, and he was still desperately chasing there until he rushed to his eyes and didn’t react. He also didn’t want to think about it. If he hadn’t suffered an unimaginable blow, the copper furnace leader would give up and never run away.
When Mao Erzhen arrived near, people were almost with the copper furnace leader. This guy found that the situation was wrong and disappeared before. Master Roshi and another middle-aged man glared at each other in a positive and negative place.
"Master Roshi? You you are-"
Mao Erzhen-jun just hewen halfway, but he hasn’t come yet. The gold zombie hates him very much. His Wu Gui figure flashed and rushed over early and punched him hard.
"Bang, bang, bang, bang" Even if Wu Gui’s injury has not yet recovered, dealing with a Mao Erzhen gentleman who has consumed a lot of strength alone is simply a handy punch after punch. It seems that the former Wu Gui was beaten by a golden zombie and deliberately punched Mao Erzhen’s body until the meat was strong.
There is no gold zombie, no black gold pillar, and the Maoshan Sect’s stunt of becoming famous has not been put into use. Mao Erzhen Jun is not necessarily much stronger than others. Wu Gui, a master of scattered fairy level, can’t bear it if he is severely beaten.
This hard beating just beat Mao Erzhen-jun all over the bones and fell apart, and his real strength was not much.
"It seems that the copper furnace leader is in collusion with them."
Mao Erzhen watched the copper furnace leader there without any intention of starting work, and he didn’t want to escape at all. He naturally didn’t think it was the other side’s conspiracy. He didn’t look at it with his strength weak, but he didn’t know that the key figure was the copper furnace leader and others who were stupid.
At this point, Mao Erzhen didn’t really want to throw his life here. Although he didn’t come back for the time being, he still didn’t give up after being punched so many times by Wu Gui.
Even when Ji Xiaotian was sure to throw his life here, Mao Erzhen heard Mao Erzhen suddenly roar and gush out a red light, which spread like blood fog and actually wrapped him up.
Wu Gui’s dark call is not good. I really want to use my great magical powers to trap Mao Erzhen, but where can I see this guy’s broken arm to turn into a red light on the spot?
"Blood dun? Mao Erzhen-jun has used this trick for ten years, and he will never recover! "
Xiaotian people haven’t said anything yet, and they don’t know what tricks Mao Erzhen Jun is. There is a copper furnace leader next to him, but it is like introducing him to the situation. Mao Erzhen Jun is forced to escape blood.
"Oh, what a good Mao Erzhen gentleman. It’s really hard enough to be cruel to others and to yourself."
This is tantamount to self-destruction and escape. At the level of Mao Erzhen Jun, I don’t want to escape with one hand. I just hope to catch or kill Mao Erzhen Jun. I don’t mind so much if I don’t achieve my goal.
When that chief of the cop furnace was honest here and had no idea of escape, he knew that his real goal should be achievable.
"Go ahead, do you covet my puppet art? If so, you will die. I don’t think you can go out, even if you just saved my life and I offended Master Roshi more."
Compared with Mao Erzhen, the leader of the Bronze Furnace is obviously much more square. If he dies, he won’t care about anything. Everything he says is hard, and it’s just a word to collapse outside.
"You are looking for death!"