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It’s so tragic to revolve around life and death every day.

They looked at each other, but at the same time they were surprised, because they had a fancy for this one, which was really different.
He is no longer afraid of physical illness, but the price is that he gradually forgets Su Ye.
It’s just like the great flood is still far away. At this time, a strong river dam has been built everywhere in body and mind, and it’s a crack in the dam at night. As soon as I think about it, the dam will be in danger, and my body and mind will be in great pain again in killing these two big swords.
Repeatedly and endlessly tossing and turning, the night shadows in the distant heart gradually fade away.
If you want to see Su Ye again, you should forget her and realize this before. This is explained in your letter to Su Ye. It seems that this is a self-saving method that you have long realized subconsciously.
In the past year, the Fairy Cave has not changed much, but the department has become cleaner. Vegetables have been planted far away where there is soil outside the fence gate.
Naturally, the vegetables are brought from Brother Feng San. The temperature here is suitable for growing all kinds of vegetables in spring, summer, autumn and winter. He is afraid of his lack of nutrition. More importantly, he is not rich enough, so he has to earn his own living.
Now I dare not say that I have glimpsed the true path, which is a preliminary confidence building.
I know that I’m not qualified to think about people now, and I can’t think about people for a year to finally pull up a team in my sick body.
Cancer cells are a little bit more powerful and destructive, but they can’t be dominated by themselves. This vicious army will be wanton in the body until it is finished. In the face of this situation, it is necessary to pull up its own team first, and the offensive and defensive sides are evenly matched, and dare not slack off and continue their own cultivation.
There is a heated discussion on the exhibition of indigenous people in Gezaoshan, which is far away from the first anniversary of Yuanlai Xianren Cave.
Mantra chanting practitioners say this is the way to go.
Far away, I miss Su Ye, but I can’t get out. It’s all because of the vibration in the sound outlet of Indra, which naturally has the effect of regulating the internal organs. What’s more, the word "Su Ye" is of great significance to the distance, and its spiritual courage is closely linked. The louder this sound is read, the better it can resist the dramatic pain of the body, and when it is read to the extreme, the whole person can think about it and settle down well.
Many indigenous people in Gezaoshan agree with this conclusion, but some of them don’t think so. They think that going away is actually too forgetful, that is, when they are too forgetful. According to the psychological ripple analysis of far away, he actually realizes this point. Now he has no night in his main consciousness, not even his subconscious, but there are still some remnants in his seventh consciousness, so that his body will gradually get better if he is hurt by seven emotions again.
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Chapter 9 Size Sunday
I spent my second year in the mountains without suffering from illness.
In the first year, the pain of dying is huge, but some people are not very awake at this time, which offsets some of the pain in disguise, but the disease is different. Most of them are awake, and the pain is clearer than the body, so it is very clear how to pass it. Therefore, it is often seen that some patients cry out because of illness.
In fact, many people are not afraid of death at this point and are looking forward to it.
People are very poor animals, and many people will suffer from such pain when they are old and difficult, which is mostly because they lived too long when they were young and didn’t know how to keep fit.
The far physical condition is that the offensive and defensive sides are evenly matched. At this time, the far-flung professional waved his specialty. He thought that if both sides did not move, it would be a dynamic balance.
Balance is actually quiet and peaceful, but it is far from satisfying this situation. After he has accumulated his strength, he will frequently attack the party who is ready to kill him. This attack is naturally a fight, and he will immediately turn upside down and faint again and again, and then he will regain his strength and then attack again and again.
Like waves and rocks, things are loose until the back is like a rock, but they are far from being relaxed. The situation is back.
It’s so hard to move forward. Finally, after half a year, I no longer feel so severe pain, but my body reacts.
After vomiting and diarrhea for up to four months, I was far too thin, but my spirit really improved. I continued to meditate and adjust my breath, and then I added some nutrition. Finally, after a day, the remaining cancer cells stopped moving.
Far from realizing that this is actually a very strange situation, because cancer cells have not been completely eliminated, there are still a considerable amount, but they seem to be detoxified, as if the virus was taken away by scientists and left with a transparent shell.
At this moment, he has forgotten Su Ye and everything in the secular world.
This is sitting and forgetting. Simply put, sitting and forgetting.
Don’t forget or die. There’s no other way!
At this time, I feel that I have been sitting here since I was born, learning from Dan.
It can be said that the door of monasticism has opened in the distance, and the ultimate world of agility and eternity is slowly unfolding. What could be more attractive to a person who is destined to suffer from life and death and love to leave?
Yuan Qian subconsciously recognized that he would one day appear in front of Su Ye in a very cool fairy sword, so he went on his third year of repairing the truth.
Generally speaking, Taoism says that it takes three years to cultivate alchemy and nine years to build a foundation, and it takes nine years for Dharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, to achieve his goal. These nine years, also known as nine years, generally refer to the point of refining the spirit and returning to emptiness.
It’s not that after so many years of practice, you must achieve something. It’s really for those who have a monastic relationship and are willing to work hard for thousands of reasons. But how many people are there in this world? In particular, some contemporary material comforts can’t even be imagined by the heavens. How can ordinary people resist these temptations and have such perseverance? Far away is such an accident.
Come out from the sea, he will either come out of the hospital or die or accept his fate! But the moment I came out, I took the initiative to wave a powerful sword at the ferocious fate.
This is a sword of great wisdom and courage, which is cut off in an instant and bloody, showing his courage to cross the rubicon. His courage is far away, and he finally violently resists his fate. From that moment on, he has gone a way that belongs to him.
The elimination of the disease has greatly increased the confidence of Yuanyuan, and it has become more and more clear in the process of meditation again and again.