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"Cry if you are paralyzed and cry again. I’ll strip you naked and kill you both." The bald head threatened.

"I’ll leave the black to you. Xiaobao and I will go first." The short hair said to another bald head in front of Haikui.
"Ok, but Xiaobao left me a girl to go back and work hard." Black walked over and said.
When the two girls heard the word "dry", they immediately thought of words such as violence and rape. One of them was so scared that she passed out, and the other one was not stupid and burst into a coma when she learned to dress.
"I’m going to die here, and the old man fainted. Do you want me to give you two a meal in the street?" That girl named Xiaobao dragged the two girls for more than a meter and threw them to the ground. "Lying in the trough is like a dead pig" and then turned to the short-haired youth. "Feather is still better in your girl’s heart."
Ma Mengmeng saw that their two classmates had fainted. She didn’t expect that one of them was really dizzy and the other was fake dizzy, but she didn’t dare to faint. She was afraid that they would really drop her if she was conscious.
"Eldest brother, you see, we are all students who want money and have no money, so leave us alone." Haikui looked at this posture and bowed down quickly. I can’t do this. These three young people may not be able to beat themselves, let alone three, and three of their classmates were caught by them, including a beautiful monitor.
To put it aside, I can make a swindler run away suddenly, but if the beautiful monitor runs away, in case they give him something, I’m not wearing a green hat. No, I can’t let them touch the beautiful monitor.
"We are looking for you. Aren’t you awesome today?" Black slowly walked up to Haikui, slapped Haikui, slapped him loudly and slapped him on Haikui’s left cheek.
Haikui felt a dizzy left face burning and painful, and immediately tears came out, crying and saying, "Brother and Grandpa, please leave us alone."
"Yeah, I’ll let you kneel." Heida shouted at Haikui.
Haikui fell to his knees and cried, "Please leave us alone. I didn’t provoke you. We have no money. We are students."
The black juryman shook his face and raised Haikui’s face with one hand. "Look at you, our brother is scolded by you. You don’t know how to provoke us. Aren’t you a cow at the Kotaro barbecue store?"
Haikui knew the reason and hurriedly said, "Brother, I made a mistake. I won’t dare again."
"Dare to think about it again?" Pa is a slap in the face. Haikui is directly pulled down to the ground and hurts him. Oh, oh, oh, my god.
"Mom than impotence how was scolded by the coward incredibly don’t strike back after a girl’s brain is silly" black swearing said.
Chapter 11 Male Han
Ma Mengmeng was in a hurry and afraid to see Haikui being beaten. She was also very scared. These men were so violent. Now she has no doubt that they will rape themselves later. While struggling, she opened her mouth and bit the short-haired youth.
"Ah," the short-haired youth screamed, "Fuck you!" He said, taking his hand back from her mouth of cutting and looking at the deep teeth marks and oozing blood. Guan Yu was angry and pushed Ma Mengmeng hard to push her to the ground.
Haikui also noticed the movement over there, lying on the ground and looking up, he saw the beautiful monitor being pushed to the ground. He didn’t know where he got the courage to suddenly sit up and shout, "The beast let my monitor go."
Haikui got up from the ground and went to the monitor, but suddenly stopped and turned around to find that the bald man with a juryman face was clutching his clothes and "letting go"
Haikui cut off his birth strength toward his bald arm and hand.
Bald and full of ridicule, he looked at him without dodging and pulled Haikui back hard.
"Ah" shouted, not Haikui this time, but bald young people.
"Black, what’s wrong with you?"
Tell the black youth to hold his arm and squat on the ground in pain and sweat.
Haikui was stunned but suddenly realized that grandma was old, but the immortal was afraid that you mortals would lie in the trough. It was a shame. Just now, you begged for mercy from them.
This Haikui was no longer afraid at once. He mused in his heart, and the true qi flowed away. He immediately felt comfortable and his cheeks no longer hurt.
The true qi is running, and his courage is strong. Before he reaches Ma Mengmeng, he shouted, "You have gone too far, old beauty monitor, and you dare to die."
"Ah Xiao" Guan Yu saw that this little girl not only got black, but also got up immediately. She just knelt down and begged for mercy. Now she accidentally hurt the black girl and didn’t even know who he was.
Guan Yu immediately charged and then suddenly jumped up and kicked directly at Haikui.
Haikui, after all, has never learned kung fu, can’t dodge, and can’t return to recruit the true qi. His arms moved forward to block Guan Yuling’s foot, but Haikui found that the true qi was actually different.
But after Guan Yu kicked him hard, he pushed back seven steps and finally sat down on the ground.
Guan Yu, seeing that he kicked this little one out so far, sneered, "You don’t know who you are when you hurt Brother Black’s arm by mistake. Today, you take care of Grandpa to let you know what pain is, what memory is deep and what nightmares are late."
Guan Yu said as he walked towards Haikui.
Ma Mengmeng has slowly got up and understood Guan Yu’s aggressive attitude towards Haikui. She said in a big hurry, "Haikui runs quickly, but you can’t beat them."
Haikui has been depressed for a while, but how do you know that I can’t beat them? Just now, the beautiful monitor saw me begging for mercy. Hey, I’ll tell you later that I’m actually showing weakness in the art of war!
He hasn’t seen any art of war at all. He’s just imagining things.
Haikui straightened his waist and said to Ma Mengmeng, "The monitor is not afraid that I am a man. How can you three girls run first?" And he made a Bruce Lee sign at Guan Yu and shouted, "I’m going to die since I was a child."
"You are paralyzed" Guan Yu is blue in the face. Now don’t say that because Yang Chen called them to teach him a lesson, this little boy wanted to tear his body and flesh bite by bite, so he provoked himself. He hasn’t met him for years.
Xiaobao also ignored the two fainting girls lying on the ground, turned around and walked beside Hei and patted him on the shoulder. "Hei, are you okay?"
"It hurts a little. Did this little mistake reach any acupuncture points in my hand?" Black is still very painful grind said
"Black, I’ll avenge you. If you don’t waste this little brother for him today, I’m sorry for you and impotence." Then he patted the black shoulder and motioned for him to rest assured, and then came behind Haikui.
"Haikui be careful there is another one behind you." Ma Mengmeng saw Haikui and another one appeared behind him and immediately woke up anxiously.
Haikui turned to her side and immediately found herself caught between the front and back.
The two had a tacit understanding. Instead of cleaning up Haikui immediately, they circled around him, causing psychological pressure on Haikui and threatening that "if you don’t put some blood on you today, you won’t know why the flowers are so red."
"I’m afraid of you, you social scum, human scum and animals. I’m going to punish you on behalf of Altman today." Haikui is not only a big scold.
His body is full of qi, and he feels that he has inexhaustible strength to know that he doesn’t have to be afraid of two people. He looks confident than he feels like a different person.
"Where to mix?" Guan Yu asked angrily.
"Grandpa, I’m in Class Two, Grade Three, Mengtai High School. My name is Hai Longwang, and I can always come to take revenge on Grandpa after remembering his name." Hai Kui smiled and signed up for a real school class, but he signed up for his mixed number.
"Hey, hey, this little guy claims to be grandpa feather. I’m afraid he’s still wearing crotch pants when we come out to mix." At some point, the little leopard suddenly slapped Haikui in the head and kicked him in the stomach at the same time.
Haikui can see clearly, but he can’t avoid it. He hasn’t learned kung fu, and the number of close combat is less. When fighting in groups, several people are blocking a scratching, and there will be no evasion.
The two actually smoked in the head and kicked in the belly.