Every player will look down when he gets it and then go in.

Because this is based on the different tactical requirements of each player in different positions.
For example, the tactical requirements of strikers and defenders are different, even if they are both strikers, center Villa, wingers Reyes and Ronaldinho, the tactical requirements are also the same.
Both wingers, right winger Reyes and left winger Ronaldinho, are different. In this game, the main attacker on pancaro’s side is right winger Reyes and left winger Ronaldinho, mainly to suppress Cafu from threatening Valencia’s goal easily.
Of course, in the game, the two wingers will switch positions, which does not mean that Reyes can move on the right and Ronaldinho can move on the left.
These detailed and meticulous tactical requirements are all the achievements of the winning coaches.
Although everyone knew it at yesterday’s tactical meeting
But now I still have to give them that one. They forget it and look at it again when it’s okay to deepen their impression.
Chang Sheng, though a passer-by, knows the two wonderful games between AC Milan and La Coruna, and also knows that La Coruna finally reversed AC Milan, which was three goals ahead of them.
He can also analyze the tactics of both sides by watching the game, but he doesn’t know what Irueta has done behind these tactics and this game.
He can try his best to make his preparations the best and most meticulous, so as to ensure that in case of failure.
There must be a lot of unknown sweat and effort behind a game victory, especially an impossible victory. It is absolutely impossible to say that the head coach fired a cannon fifteen minutes before the game, and then the team won like chicken blood.
You know, preparing for a game is from the end of a game.
This is the deepest understanding of the head coach by Changsheng after the rebirth of the head coach.
Think about it. When he was just born again, he was the head coach of Real Madrid junior team and shouted a few times on the sidelines. It felt particularly good. It seemed that he was already a qualified head coach …
Compared with him now, he was really stupid and naive at that time.
Valencia players also realized the importance of this game, and no one sneered at what the assistant coach handed them.
Everyone is watching carefully even when eating.
No one chatted casually, and the atmosphere in the restaurant was a little cold for a while, which made the waiters here uncomfortable.
In the afternoon, when AC Milan stars are enjoying afternoon tea, Valencia players wake up from a nap and then go to the hotel gym for simple physical strength training led by physical fitness coach Elias Dominic to keep fit.
Every Valencia player is competing with the equipment in the gym. No one is lazy. There is a fire burning in everyone’s heart. This fire has been burning more and more in the last two days. What the head coach has done has made them full of confidence in the future. Now they want to hurry up the game so that this fire can burst out!
At 5: 30 in the afternoon, after a simple dinner, the two teams boarded their respective buses and set off for the Mestalla Stadium.
Valencia players saw many fans along the way.
When they see the bus in Valencia, they will give out excitement, cheers and shouts. The fans of the bus are desperately honking their horns, and the fans can’t tell whether they are holding up the slogan of cheering for Valencia and giving them a thumbs-up sign.
Even if they lost badly in the first round, these Valencia fans will still come to support them.
This is a lucky thing …
"After these fans, you should also teach AC Milan guys a good lesson at home," Chang Sheng said. "Think about the schadenfreude we heard in the stands of the San Siro Stadium. If you feel uncomfortable, then the fans in the stands who followed us to the away game in Valencia must be equally uncomfortable … not worse than us. We can make money and be famous when we play football, but what can the fans get if they support us? There are joy in victory and pain after defeat. They are a hundred times more happy than us, and they are a hundred times more miserable than us. But even so, they still haven’t given up on us, guys. Who is more loyal than the fans in professional football? If you encounter difficulties in the game later, please think about these fans. They will be our driving force! "
The players turned to look at the fans outside the bus window.
The fans who touched them before have disappeared, but so fans can be seen everywhere, singing, patting, shouting slogans and holding high slogans.
Or take a bus or ride, but their destination is that same in either way-Mestalla!
It’s the holy land of Valencia
Perhaps not all of these people, not the vast majority, believe that Valencia can be reversed, but this is even more commendable, and they still regret that the team will be eliminated.
Who else can the fans fight without them?
With fifteen minutes left before the game, Chang Sheng issued a final mobilization order to his team in the locker room.
"Close your eyes and think about it, guys. Think about the humiliation you suffered at the San Siro. Think about the voices you have heard in the past two weeks. They said,’ Valencia will lose’,’ AC Milan will compete with Real Madrid for the final’,’ AC Milan will advance to the semi-finals of the Champions League before’ and’ Valencia will eliminate AC Milan unless a miracle happens’ … So let’s show them a miracle now!"
Chang Sheng clenched his fist with excitement, and his face turned a little red. He was making the players feel what had happened in the past two weeks. Looking back on the past scenes, he felt the anger of the club, the quack and the wrong person, and Vicente was injured. After the score, the enemy laughed at him and talked about whether he would stay or not. He felt anger and drew strength from it.
"In the past two weeks, we have endured the insults of the enemy, disbelief in others and ridicule. Some people really hope that losing in the Champions League will cost us the league title, but we have survived. We have won two consecutive victories in the league and are still six points ahead of Real Madrid! But no, if you can’t eliminate AC Milan, then we will always be labeled as’ losers’! "
"Now, if you are upset by failure, if you are eager to fight back at those who mock us … it’s time! What is three goals behind? Three goals behind, we can still eliminate them, which proves our ability! There is no more suitable stage and opportunity than now! "
In the AC Milan dressing room, it’s another scene. Ancelotti didn’t inspire the players to fight. The players chatted casually in the dressing room and were still playing and waiting for the game.