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And the magician and fix true person is different, he also has two probably know.

That is, wizards manipulate the aura of heaven and earth to ensure that their spirit is strong enough to stop the magical elements scattered in heaven and earth (a kind of aura is more pure than aura, such as pure earth aura and pure water aura)
And fix true person is to put the aura in the body and then let it out.
It’s hard to tell which is stronger and which is weaker. If the wizard’s spirit is inexhaustible, then it must be the wizard who has the advantage.
However, the spirit is to practice through the body, so it can be a beautiful fantasy to think endlessly, just as the person who fixes the truth wants the body to have endless truth.
Yang Xiu also practiced the spirit from Aymond to meditation, not to mention the fact that the spirit increased much faster than when he practiced Been Earth Tactics, almost nearly three times.
However, of course, Yang Xiu doesn’t want to make the same mistake as those who practice magic and martial arts, and practice alone, so he is trying to figure out how to add meditation method to the achievement method of Been Earth Tactics perfectly.
Although he has added meditation method now, it is almost twice as much as usual to practice in a big week, so there is no difference between this and the two, so it needs to be improved
For magic, because he is both earth and fire, Lucy and Aymond are pure light and pure water, so he can be taught some low-level and intermediate earth and fire spells
For example, soil pricking, swamp, rain fire and so on. He thinks that these primary spells make Taoist spells have many similarities, and they all control aura through certain rules.
However, after mastering magic, he is faster than Taoist magic, and it also makes the aura of heaven and earth not consume the real element, so he prefers to use magic when it comes to magic
Therefore, he is looking forward to getting more advanced earth magic and fire magic in the future
"By the way," Yang Xiu suddenly remembered getting those magic crystal cannons from Lin Yifeng, so he couldn’t help asking Aymond, "Do you know the principle of magic crystal processing?"
Aymond is gone. A few days ago, he was depressed and finally adapted to life now. Smell speech shook his head. "The principle of magic crystal processing has always been held by magic guilds and light churches. Even if it is sold to those kingdoms and aristocratic families, it has a very detailed record that ordinary people can’t touch it."
"If I give you an object, can you study it?" This magic crystal gun is still big after him, but if we can’t work out the principle of the magic crystal gun, then one of those magic crystal bombs will be missing, and finally there will be a pile of copper and iron, which is certainly not the result he wants.
Aymond carefully said, "I’m not sure about this. Although I’ve heard that some countries have successfully studied it, it’s all done by several great care teachers, and there are dharma saints and dharma gods involved. My research field has little connection with the magic circle."
Aymond studies the scroll system.
"Well," although the bottom of my heart is a little disappointed, I don’t expect the other party to do anything, but the bottom of my heart is more and more admired for Lin Yifeng’s ability to make it.
Just as he was about to take the opportunity to study Lin Yifeng’s magical notes of the undead, he suddenly saw that Field was outside the courtyard door and shouted, "Yang Xiu, your old friend Field has come to see you."
Hitman, second watch)
Chapter three hundred and ten The elders
In the living room, Field saw that Lucy, the great leader, was like a human being, and suddenly there was a flash of extraordinary splendor when the old tea came into the water.
Yang Xiu sat in his hand and looked indifferent. After seeing Lucy go out, he asked directly, "I wonder if Mr. Field is here for something important?"
"Oh, Yang Xiu, didn’t I tell you that we are friends?" Field looked complaining. "Since we are friends, can’t we come to see you if we have nothing to do?"
Yang Xiuwen gave up laughing and didn’t talk.
They only had a few business contacts before, saying how familiar they are, let alone friends.
Moreover, when the Red Dragon Ni Corps came to attack the courtyard that day, he saw this "friend" also watching the scene!
Field is not embarrassed to see Yang Xiu so. He suddenly lowered his bass with a mysterious face and said, "Yang Xiu didn’t expect that you could even solve it in blade master Golrey, but you kept it from me so hard."
"Lucky" Yang Xiu knew that the other party was going to get to the point, so he waited for the other party to say it.
"However," Field suddenly changed his temper. "I heard that you summoned an undead assassin that day and this matter has already gone to the church."
Then he took the cup line on the table and took a sip of it. No more words.
If the assassin who can summon the scabbard to kill the undead in blade master is known by the Light Church, it will certainly attract great attention, and perhaps even send a "heresy inquisition" to come to trial.
However, Yang Xiu is not particularly worried that he has no roots in the undead, and he is not worried that the church people will be abnormal
"But what’s the purpose of Field’s coming to talk about it at this time?"
Although there were some doubts in his heart, he did not show the curtain, but smiled gently and shook his head. "Hehe, I am a local magician, even if the church knows, what is there to worry about?"