Fang Jiacheng shook his head and said, "Fang Ya Fang Qiang, you two should remember that there will always be such a group of people in our China. They are not living in people’s sight, but they are a small number of people at ordinary times, but the energy they can mobilize is often huge and cannot be underestimated."

Fang Ya hurriedly said, "Remember!"
Fang Jiang heart way or sister will win grandpa’s heart, and hurriedly nods "got it" with great education.
"I’m really curious about this Qin Bo, who is about my age. The sea has been changing for so many years. I don’t know that the sea is so big!" When it comes to the back Fang Jiacheng quite some exclamation.
"Grandpa, what shall we do?" Fang Jiang beside said "master is not to say that …"
Fang Jiacheng interrupted Fang Qiang’s words, "The master said that the Feng Shui in the Red Chamber is good, and even he can’t see through it. I always believe that the master said that it would be even worse. After saying this, he had a stroke. You know, the master knows that he has too many open-air machines, so there has always been a solution. I don’t want this to happen after drinking and talking to me at will, so I firmly believe that the value of the land mentioned by the master is far more than what he said."
"But it’s too difficult for us to rob," Fang Qiang said.
Fang Jiacheng nodded and said, "Yes, the difficulty is that this room is owned by others, which means that feng shui fortune is owned by others. If you rob it, the master also said these secrets. Did you know anything?"
Fang Qiang’s eyes were wide open, of course, but Fang Ya thought about it for a while and said, "Grandpa is teaching us!"
Fang Jiacheng nodded. "What is the most important thing to teach you about real estate? It’s not a concept, it’s not a good land, and it’s best to invite the most famous architects to manage these things. You have others and you have to engage in real estate in this place of China. Feng Shui is an incomparable good thing left by our ancestors. You don’t know what has been flying in our family for decades. That tall man is very big! The so-called key decision-making actually has experts pointing out what experts are doing to help us. Because the experts are also members of our family, he is just a genius grandfather, and I am nothing. "
Hearing this family secret, Fang Ya Fang Qiang and his brother were both surprised, but after so many years of western education, especially Fang Ya’s childhood in Britain and the United States, they still have some disbelief in these bones, but they don’t believe it, and they don’t believe it. The master instructed the two to be faithful, or else how can they stand the red chamber when the construction site has been finished? !
Fang Jiacheng knew that they couldn’t finish the letter and shook his head. "Your parents sent you to a foreign country to study prematurely. Now it seems very inappropriate. Fang Ya, what do you think about now? There will be so many in an old man’s house that even you are scared, baby? That’s an old university professor, which actually doesn’t make sense. It can be said that Feng Shui comes from a person’s fortune, which means that at a certain stage, those treasures will always appear in front of him and be obtained at a very low price. I think the truth must be inseparable. "
Not the kui is a ginger, but a great one. Fang Jiacheng is right. Qin Zhenhua’s collection was collected during the Cultural Revolution.
Fang Ya’s eyes lit up, and Grandpa did have some truth from this point of view
How can a retired university professor be as rich as an enemy? ! Is there really a so-called Feng Shui saying that Fang Ya has some intentions, some believe that she still believes in a person’s fate, and Fang Ya asks, "Grandpa, what shall we do?"
Fang Jiacheng twisted his white beard and thought for a moment and said, "I think we have to wait."
Fang Jiang some nasty way "can be waiting for nothing"
Fang Jiacheng nodded and said, "That’s right, but from now on, with this old man Qin, you have to find out everything in the past and now, and you have to find someone to do a good investigation, or that only by knowing yourself and knowing yourself can you win a battle."
Fang Ya Fang Jiang nodded yes.
Fang Jiacheng took the cup and took a sip, which seemed to be influenced by Fang Ya’s words just now. He just felt that Qin Xiang seemed to have a little less flavor than tea, so he put the cup down and said, "If it’s really not good, I’ll have an old guy to talk to this old Qin man."
Fang Jiacheng said that Fang Ya Fang Jiang showed a relaxed expression in unison, because in their memory, they had not seen the master’s injustice.
[Love is one word: ticket! ]
Chapter 13 Tie you to sleep
Qin Zhenhua didn’t come back until evening.
As soon as he entered the courtyard, Qin Zhenhua saw him sitting on a stool and drinking tea leisurely.
This epigenetic is really interesting.
Qin Zhenhua has turned around Zhouzhuang, and his mind is gone. It is not terrible for a lonely old man like him to die easily. On the contrary, he can see many relatives and friends and his lover after his death, so he almost has a feeling of jumping in his heart. This feeling is incredible for ordinary people, but it is normal for an old man who has experienced too much.
"Why is there such a tea here?" Qin Zhenhua’s old sound sounded in the courtyard. At this time, the surrounding excitement seems to have stopped, so the sound is particularly clear
Far smiled and laughed. "Qin Bo, you have hidden this good tea so deeply that I have a hard time finding it."
These two people have known each other for less than a day, but they feel very familiar with each other.
Qin Zhenhua strode over and took a long horse to give Qin Boman a cup of tea. The fact is far away. Now I admire the old man very much. The old man knows that he is dying, but his mentality is so natural and unrestrained. From this, he reminds me of the tangled fear in his heart when he suffered from the incurable disease for fourteen years.
Qin Zhenhua took a swig and sighed, "This is an old friend who sent the real Wuyishan Dahongpao to the central leadership. Of course, it’s good and small. You are good at finding it." Speaking of this, I can’t help but wonder, "Why don’t you give me that tea set? It feels better."
Far smiled and laughed. "I scared away a group of people."
"Oh, tell me!" Qin Zhenhua came to the fun.
Far away, I briefly said what happened after Qin Zhenhua left.
Qin Zhenhua listened and said, "It’s a good thing you’re here when these guys see me leave!"
Yuan said, "Did Qin Bo ever eat it?"
Qin Zhenhua shook his head and said, "Don’t want to eat you?"
Far also smiled and shook his head and said, "I don’t want to eat."
Qin Zhenhua laughed. "Then we’ll have tea. It’s estimated that there will be a moon tonight."
The distant eyes lit up and said, "Good!"
Qin Zhenhua’s eyes twinkled for a long time and sighed, "It is also a blessing in life to meet young friends when you are old!"
Moonlight footsteps gently move as if unwilling to disturb this old and young Tan Xing.
Two people talk happily through the ages.
The accumulated knowledge of Qin Zhenhua’s generation has reached a shocking level in the world, but it is far from bad. There is almost a library in the head, and the more they talk, the more they feel speculative.
The two chatted until ten o’clock, but they still didn’t enjoy themselves. At this time, Qin Zhenhua turned to the topic and asked about it. "Let’s talk about you far away. I see you. Although you are young, your experience is unusual."
If you were terminally ill 14 years ago, you just ran to the mountains like a person and practiced your body at random. Of course, the cultivation experience reached a state far from being mentioned, not deliberately hiding it, but those magical powers are really not worth showing off.
Far tone is plain and modest, but the more so, Qin Zhenhua thinks that this guy has reached a certain level. Qin Zhenhua has seen a master like Mr. Wan. I’m afraid this guy has stepped into the fairy stream one step at a time. Qin Zhenhua thinks that people can only realize it after a life-and-death test. It may seem that his decision is right. Ning Laodao said that he must have a responsible person to report for duty before he went, and he was counted by this Niubi Laodao. Although he is young, he seems capable and calm-minded. He is relieved.
What’s the responsibility? What’s the secret of this old house? I don’t need Qin Zhenhua to say that it’s time to know. This young man will naturally know that what he needs to do is to appreciate every minute of his life.
Seeing that Qin Zhenhua’s eyes are a little nostalgic for the dim color, I finally can’t help but ask, "Qin Bo, can you tell me what you have unfinished?"
Qin Zhenhua looked at the young man’s heart. It turned out that he also knew that he smiled and said, "My old guy is alone and has nothing on his mind. If there is anything, a person will come at ten o’clock the day after tomorrow. She will tell you everything."
Nodded far away, the two white people said little, and for a moment both of them were silent, and the moonlight gently moved in people’s bodies.
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